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Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann introduced and systematized Homeopathy as a distinct eco-friendly medical system and named this new system of medicine as “homeopathy” in 1807. He born in Germany on 10 April 1755 midnight and died in France on 2 July 1843. In late 1781, he was appointed as Medical Officer of Health for Gommern near Magdeburg for one year. He realized his own school of medicine was brutal. From Germany homeopathy spreads to Austria in 1816 and then to rest of the Europe. Antibiotic treatment). In the other hand, homeopathy treats susceptibility to illness not the disease.

Treating susceptibility strengthens immune system and improves overall resistance to exposed microbes. Homeopathic view of illness or diseaseThe concept of disease in homeopathy is considering as a disturbance of the whole organism. The specific organs are not the cause of illness (disease); instead, disturbance of the life force (vital energy) of the body is the cause of illness.
Health is defining as a physically painless, mentally clearer without confusion, and emotionally calm. Sign of people with good health is refreshing sleep. Homeopathic view of Cure (Healing)Homeopathic cure define as a rapid, gentle and permanent health restoration in a reliable and most harmless way within its comprehensive principles.

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