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If you suffer from a deviated septum, your doctor would have suggested a septoplasty surgery as a cure. Below I will provide a list of homeopathic medicine which is freely available as over the counter medication in most pharmaceuticals. Arum Triphyllum: Use for soreness of nostrils and obstruction of the nasal passageway which forces breathing from the mouth. Euphrasia: If you hate the indoors and always feel better and can breathe easier outdoors then use this medication. Aurun Mettalicum: This medicine is to be used, if you suffer from a painful, obstructed, swollen and congested nose. The above are the list of medication which you can make use of for symptoms related to a deviated septum. To find out the essence in the world he started to study philosophy, but after 3 years it was clear for him that he could not find the true meaning of life there. Jan started to study medicine as he thought that in man, the highest form of life, the essence of life might be found the most.
In 1982 Jan finished his last year of medicine and decided to become a general practitioner. Building on the foundation of the old masters in homeopathy and his teachers, Jan started to search for new possibilities. The thinking in groups or classes, was so successful that Jan applied it to the whole Periodic table, the table of elements or atoms that is the basis of chemistry and the Mineral Kingdom. While septoplasty is the best currently available treatment for a deviated septum, it has many side effects. The best part is that it is proven to have zero side effects.  Homeopathy is a holistic form of treatment where the entire body and mind of the patient is considered before treatment. If you feel the need then visit a homeopathic doctor who will take an in-depth analysis of your physical and mental state before prescribing medication.
The study was too much of an intellectual exercise instead of a real desire to find out what life is about. This was a nice job, but after 3 years he hadn't earned any money yet, so he concluded that it was a hobby instead of a job.
In the beginning years he also used acupuncture, but he realized soon that it was better to do one thing well, than two half as well, so he focused completely on homeopathy. Jan knew that the more remedies available the better chance homeopathy had to cure more patients, which can be concluded from the law of similars. The picture of Calcium is extracted from well-known combinations such as Calcium carbonicum, Calcium phosphoricum and Calcium sulphuricum. He discovered the pattern behind the periodic table and the essence of the rows and columns in that table.

His interest is in people, in their health and disease, in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect.
After three years he was disappointed with this study, for Jan it was too materialistic, it missed life. He had the impression that not many patients were being helped and many were even worse off. In the meantime he started the study of acupuncture and homeopathy with the idea that those therapies might help people without harming them. In his practice he was confronted with the contradiction between very good results with deep healing and apparent failures.
This law promises a cure when one gives the simillimum, the right remedy, the one that is similar to the disease.
This realization was contradictory with the way homeopathy was being done in those days and the way it was taught to him. The picture of Calcium can then be combined with Nitrogen and Chlorum to form new remedy pictures as in Calcium nitricum and Calcium muriaticum (chloride). That was quite new in homeopathy, before that time most remedy pictures were a list of symptoms without structure. He is in favor of the idea of the a€?Homo universalisa€?, the scientist well known in all fields of science. At the end of the day you get relief from your symptoms without having to go under the knife. So he studied with all the well-known homeopaths in the world to master homeopathy: Alphons Geukens, Jost Kunzli, Roger Morrison, Bill Gray and especially George Vithoulkas and Rajan Sankaran.
The picture of a little known remedy could be extended or completed by looking at the response in the patient. In many homeopathic practices it was mostly so called polychrests, a group of about 50 remedies that were given in almost all cases.
They were like loose sand, one had to learn them by heart without seeing the meaning or understanding them but sciences assumes some order, it only has to be discovered.
Hence an interest in homeopathy, where medicine, psychology, mythology, chemistry, physics, biology and religion come together.
The obvious solution is then to give another remedy, one that fits, but how to find such a remedy when it is little or unknown in homeopathy. What the remedy could cure had to also be the picture of the intoxication as the law of similars says. In Jan's practice those polychrests proved to be valuable, but only in a very small amount of cases. It has made it possible to predict the picture of all the substances in the mineral kingdom.

This way Jan was able to develop the pictures of many remedies further, making them understandable and applicable in other cases.
It has made the case analysis of patients much more straightforward and led to a much higher success rate in cure. His idea of homeopathy as a kind of palliative herbalism had turned around into that of a true healing system. It will help prepare youA for a crisis and teach you how to accurately communicate vital informationA about your horse's condition to your veterinarian. This will, in turn, enable your vet to respond precisely andA accuratelyA to your situation. Securing a safe place for you and your vetA to work on your horse: When and howA to move him, when not to move him.
Is this aA life-threatening emergency, does it have the potential to be life-threateningA ? Examining horse's body for injury,wounds, bleedingA , lameness, heat, swelling, symmetry,infection, colic symptoms, etc.
These remedies will not interfere with meds or treatments your vet mayA administer upon arrival. However,always discuss this topic with your vet prior to an emergency to be sure they approve.A 3. Colic: Prevention, signs and symptoms, different types, listening for gut sounds, performing a sand test, hydration test,vital signs,A emergency management while waiting for vet's arrival.How to avoid making matters worse!
Natural remedies that may be used and will not interfere with any meds or treatments your vet will administer upon arrival.We will spend much time on this since colic is a huge cause ofA deaths and euthanasia for horses. You will also need a watch with a second hand.A Class will be held in the barn so please dress appropriately.
However, this is just a starting point, it is up to you toA practice these skills, learn this infoA to become effective at assisting your horse in an emergency.
It will help prepare youA for a crisis and teach you how to accurately communicate vital informationA about your horse's condition to your veterinarian. Examining horse's body for injury,wounds, bleedingA , lameness, heat, swelling, symmetry,infection, colic symptoms, etc.

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