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Paper is obtained from wood processing in factories with the help of numerous chemical agents. In order to avoid damaging of the environment, it is possible to re-collect the paper that we no longer need and give it to recycling. If the current rate of oil consumption is continued, it is estimated that oil resources will be exhausted for 35 years.
There are many items that are made of metal: can of drinks, deodorant bottles, cars, buses, trains, airplanes, refrigerators, stoves, boxes of cream and the like. The process of smelting uses enormous amount of energy and harmful combustion gases are released into the atmosphere. If we recycle glass, rivers and air will be less polluted and energy consumption will be reduced. The recycling of just one bottle can save enough energy to light a bulb of 100W (watts) for four full hours.  The advantage of glass is also that it can be ceaselessly recycled. Our personal contribution could be in the collection of glass containers and unnecessary packaging made of glass that can be recycled or reused. Many EE products consist of chemical substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, beryllium and others. The recycling of electronic waste is very complicated because there are a lot of different materials on a relatively small area.
So, why should we recycle?  At first, we have to save our planet from destroying and do not allow more and more waste on landfills.
20 times more efficient than any other home heating system including heat pump based systems.

The pages of this website provide comprehensive practical advice on how to reduce home energy use. If you find the information on this website helpful please pass it on to friends and relatives. Many of items that we use daily: plastics, glass, ceramics,  paper, cardboard, aluminum, iron, electronic and electrical waste,and so on.
At the same time, old and large forests disappear and there is a great risk of river pollution. Moreover, processing of waste paper uses up to 60% less energy than if the product is received from natural materials (wood). The another problem with plastic is that it does not decay in the land, but it is permanently kept in the environment. Recently,  a special, new kind of plastic has appeared  that is recyclable.  Such a plastic has a sign of recycling on it and they need to be collected and recycled. It includes all sorts of devices that are classified in 10 categories, from small or large household appliances, IT equipment, through the lighting equipment, fluorescent tubes, electronic toys to medical devices. If they are  inadequately thrown away or disposed of in municipal landfills, through the evaporation into the air cause long-term environmental degradation and also may affect the liver, kidney, brain or cause cancer. The recyclable plastic parts is represented with about 4%, and metal parts with about 96% by mass. Secondly, manufacturing of items and products require large amounts of energy, which is usually acquired from non-renewable energy resources. A possible way of destroying can be burning, however, in that case the level of air pollution is increased.

The process starts by mining ore, which destroys or impairs integral landscapes ( hills, mountains, meadows…).
It is necessary to dig up four tons of bauxite ore and consume 13,000 kWh (kilowatt hours) of electricity for just one ton of aluminum.  During process of obtaining aluminum from the mentioned ore,  carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen fluoride are released into the atmosphere.
It is made during the process of melting sand with the addition of some other substances at very high temperatures.
The mass proportion of recyclable components in a CRT display is about 30%, while the ratio of plastic and metal in this part  is 50-50.
We can also save our many trough recycling and more importantly, we can work for future generations  leaving them a healthy and acceptable place for living, the planet Earth.
Some data show that with recycling of one ton of office paper we save 17 trees,  save 4200 kW (kilowatts) of electricity and 32,000 gallons of water. Through exploitation of oil and its processing  into plastic, a fragment of the history of our planet disappears.
This process waste a lot of energy, and large amounts of greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. In addition, it is possible to recycle all types of newspapers, paper bags or all packaging made of paper. If we recycle paper,  many forests, rivers, lakes as well as many other living beings are saved.

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