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People over the age of 45 who enjoy moderate physical activity can probably stop worrying about increasing their risk of developing knee osteoarthritis. Study participants who engaged in the highest levels of physical activity – up to 5 hours a week – did have a slightly higher risk of knee osteoarthritis, but the difference was not statistically significant, according to a news release from the University of North Carolina Health Care. Those findings taken together are good news, said Joanne Jordan, MD, MPH, senior study author and director of the Thurston Arthritis Research Center in the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. Moderal physical activity includes exercise like rapid walking, which produces some increase in heart rate and breathing, said Kamil Barbour, corresponding author of the study. The results are based on an analysis of data collected from 1999 to 2010 as part of UNC’s long-running Johnston County Osteoarthritis Project, a prospective, population-based study of knee, hip, hand and spine osteoarthritis and disability in African Americans and Caucasians, aged 45 years and older.
For over 4,000 years, the people of China have looked to Gung Fu as a way to develop self mastery and achieve the personal power to win in life! I am Sigung Robert Jones and I am the owner and chief instructor at Warrior Spirit Martial Arts Academy. You will find yourself increase daily, as you consistently train, in confidence, energy, and spirit!
In other words, when you use the discipline of Wu Shen Pai to conquer your own fears, that same discipline bleeds over into all facets of your life! Again, more than any other activity, Wu Shen Pai Chua€™an Fa Gung Fu gives you the capacity to explore your own innate powers. These are just three of the energizing values that you will experience as you grow in self mastery within our Black Sash Training Program.
Powerful Self Control: You will refuse to give in to the old patterns of behavior that resulted in getting nowhere in life. Improved Focus: You will learn what is needed, along with the critical skill of concentrating on the critical task at hand. Fearless Self Confidence: You will build the courage to open any door that life has to offer.

Contact me for more information on how we select our students and to discuss our Evaluation Program!
A new study finds that this level of exercise, up to two and a half hours a week, did not increase the risk for a group of people studied over a six-year period. This project is funded by the CDC and the National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal, and Skin Diseases. I know of no other sport or physical endeavor that does this better than Wu Shen Pai Chua€™an Fa Gung Fu.
You learn to take on the challenge of learning the more difficult Wu Shen Pai forms and techniques.
He discarded all books and the opinions of others, carefully thought about it for himself day after day, until unexpectedly he felt an "insight" about it that created a surge of energy unlike anything he had ever experienced. He sensed enormous inner freedom, a new kind of intelligence, and a significance to life that he had never felt before. He began to talk about it with his friends, family, and coworkers, however it became quickly obvious that it was not something people could readily accept or understand.
Eventually Templeman kept it to himself, stopped talking about it, and did not explore it any further. The energy he had once experienced began to fade until it seemed to disappear altogether.A  A In 1998 Templeman accepted work as a latent fingerprint examiner with the City of San Jose, became a senior fingerprint expert, taught classes, and, for fun, designed a mathematical model for fingerprints (T-Model). He studied the works of Frances Galton and Karl Popper, and in particular, he appreciated the work of Richard Feynman, a colleague of Bohm, who emphasized the need for careful and honest experiment to learn about things, the importance to approach life with doubt, and how he felt he knew nothing with absolute certainty. Templeman worked at San Jose for 15 years, and the energy he had experienced years earlier was a distant memory.A  A In 2013 Templeman retired from San Jose, and found himself with an abundance of free time. He initially began to focus on his physical health, and learn about diet and exercise from notable authors including Ray Kurzweil and Sanjay Gupta.
He also started to take regular long walks, which renewed his love and appreciation for nature.

He spent hours carefully thinking, reflecting, and contemplating everything that he observed and whatever ideas came to mind. Most importantly he spent long hours in meditation, which was a meditation that did not involve any system of thought, but instead was a way of looking at things without the filter of thought to distort the observation. It brought with it a similar energy he had experienced before, however it had greater depth and intensity. Templeman described the energy as follows:A "The field of vast, immense energy comes and goes on its own without warning. The body was well rested, relaxed, and seated upright in a hard cushioned chair, comfortable, but not too much so. The whole movement of thought was finished and as a result the brain was free to watch and listen. Outside there were the sounds of passing cars and a gentle breeze was blowing the tree branches and leaves.
The room was bathed in soft shadows and the morning sun slowly creeped into the East windows. It seemed to force all bodily senses, the eyes, muscles, breathing, to freeze in awe, wonder and unspeakable humility.
The intimacy, the immense, infinite other, whatever it was, remained for an unknown period.

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