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A Long Time Till Dawn, which aired live on NBC on November 11, 1953, was the eleventh episode of the seventh season of the Kraft Television Theatre dramatic series. Written by Rod Serling, A Long Time Till Dawn was produced and directed by Dick Dunlap, and starred James Dean as Joe Harris, a former convict who wants to go straight and become an auto mechanic, but his uncontrollable temper leads to tragedy. Martin Landau, a friend of Dean's, was on the set watching rehearsals and later recalled the day of the broadcast. TCM salutes those who have served our country with this Memorial Day weekend marathon featuring 72 hours of films. Funny Madonna Showing Her Bus Pass Member reactions: Lol they may be bringing it dow to 55 in someareas here, I bet she cant waitGenius idea and mint execution - she looks so happy and natural.
Funny Passed Out Bill Clinton Clinton is found out on the lawn after an all-night Democratic party. Funny Large Cruise Ship Passing By Digital Art Going for vacation on a cruise ship does not appeal to me although I know people who love this sort of vacation. Funny Leonardo DiCaprio Passes 12 Years a Slave Leonardo DiCaprio, lead actor of The Wolf Of Wallstreet, walks past a scene from 12 Years A Slave. From ex-cons to death row inmates, producers and directors seemed to find something in Dean that fit the role.

It had begun in 1947 as simple adaptations of recognized works and in 1949, the J Walter Thompson Agency (the advertising agency who controlled the program) decided to focus on classic literature.
Also in the cast was veteran radio actor Ted Osborn, Naomi Riordan, Robert Simon, and Rudolph Weiss.
In 1953, when he appeared in Rod Serling's A Long Time Till Dawn, Dean was beginning to hit his stride. This gave way in 1952 to shows that were more character driven, and by 1953, the program had morphed into "slice of life" dramas, using adaptations of short stories and novels.
A Long Time Till Dawn would be Dean's first starring role on television, a role that Rod Serling described as an attempt to create a realistic portrait of the tough, modern youth who weren't buying into what their parents were telling them.
The agency began scouting for original stories and toyed with the idea of hiring staff writers who were solely dedicated to the Kraft program.
They were a precursor to the kids who fell into the drug and rock-n-roll culture of the sixties.
Sasha ( AKA The new Andrea)If you are a big Walking Dead fan and you have read the comics you should have realized by now that Sasha has picked up the role that Andrea leads in the comic book series.
By 1952, he had made a name for himself in live television and was now on the verge of film stardom.

Because the producers were working in television, they could create and broadcast these stories quickly, making them more up-to-date than films, which could take years to be produced and released. The ship may need a different source, as the angle of it seems different from the rest of the image. As he watched his friend chew his shirt, Landau suddenly said, "You do that all the time and it's good. It's your mother's tit!" Dean stared at Landau for a moment, said, "I'll see ya'" and ran out of the restaurant.
Some time later, Landau heard the Kraft theme music come over the television in the restaurant.

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