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When a nameless orphan saves the life of an old dragon, she fulfills her destiny as a Dragon Keeper, which forever changes the direction of her life as she, along with the dragon, journey across China to keep the dragon's legacy safe, while battling against dragon hunters and evil villains.
When young waterbender Katara and her warrior brother, Sokka, rescue a mysterious boy named Aang, who is the last airbender and the long-lost Avatar, Katara and Sokka must make sure that Aang fulfills his destiny and saves the world. Held for the third time in Singapore, Very Short International Film Festival welcomes filmmakers to enter their short films and this year, over 170 entries were received.

Anthony Chen (???), one of the local jury for the film festival, shares with Imagine TV Network his experience of turning real life events into material for his short film, Ah Ma, and how producing the short film helped him through the grieving process. Alvin Lee's short film entry was chosen as the Official International Selection and Timeline tells the story of a mother's love for her son and how her inability to express it leads her son down the wrong path.
I never thought I'd get to experience motherhood in terms of giving birth to a child."I've experienced many different ways of how to become a mother because I have adopted children, I have birth children, I have a child through a surrogate.

The only short film to be selected from Singapore, Alvin's short film will be screened within 80 cities in 15 countries.

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