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Specialist Hanse Haus architects practice MJS worked in conjunction with BE and the client, to produce an outstanding new home which reaches Code for Sustainable Homes level 4. The prefabricated design of a Hanse Haus produces outstanding energy saving properties that translate to minimal heating costs and maximum home comfort.
Building Energy is teaming up with SES SMART Energy Solutions, a leading rental power provider in the MEA region, to develop the first on-field temporary hybrid plant, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.
The Italian independent power producer from renewable sources said the 14 MW diesel-solar plant, which is expected to be completed by July 2015, will produce 54 MWh per year from solar energy, saving diesel fuel and reducing CO2 emissions. The energy produced from this project will be sold by means of a five-year Power Purchase Agreement. This technology was developed to allow isolated energy-intensive industries, such as mines for example, to meet their temporary power needs, integrating green technologies even in rural areas, where no other energy infrastructures are available. For the realization of this project in Saudi Arabia, Building Energy’s technology will be integrated with the diesel generator sets provided by SES Smart Energy Solutions.

In Jordan, the company signed an agreement protocol with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources after being selected for the construction of a 50 MW power plant as part of the second round for the renewable energy production program.
And so is the offer of any property with a variety of concepts in any type of housing offered. Building Energy is also shortlisted for other large scale photovoltaic projects in Jordan and Egypt, and is working on a pipeline of projects in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. However, at present, there are over 1.3 billion people who still lack these services because they live in off-grid areas.
Choose where the soil conditions are dealing directly towards the sun, it is good because it supports everything. Choose the home or building that has a round window that can get in the air and sunlight into the house, because it is good for health and also the air circulation in and out.
And make the light through the roof of the house, with a roof made ??of glass or plastic that breaks light into the home so that it can illuminate lighting in this house can reduce your electricity usage.

Similarly, each room bedroom or kitchen space, because the lighting is very important space, air sirkulation create change every day and also saving from the use of electricity from AC making too.
Building Energy is present with its Dubai offices, from which it manages and coordinates other projects in North Africa as well. So did a lot of expert architects designing homes that concept direct lighting from outside the home, this is very good because it is good for health and also save electricity or energy saving.

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