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Over 100 million Americans have elevated cholesterol levels; many of these are unaware of their diagnostic levels and that they are at risk for heart disease.
Knowing the total blood cholesterol level, together with the levels of HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, is an important first step in determining risk for heart disease.
A laboratory analysis will measure the amount of total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol present in a micro blood sample. This combination blood lipid panel is the most complete cholesterol testing method available. For an accurate home cholesterol panel, you must fast at least 9 and preferably 12 hours before the test.
Q: Can I have my results sent to my doctor's or business' address instead of my home address? A: Yes, results can be sent to your doctor's office, or to your business, or to your wellness clinic.
One morning, (and this is kinda funny) I got so angry that I could not enjoy this delicious almond milk that Madelene puts in her coffee.
The phlebotomist, of course, is the medical professional whose job is to draw blood from patients. Managing the risks associated with handling blood (risks associated with blood borne diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B & C). This clearly indicates that those of you wondering where to get phlebotomy certification are definitely on the right track. I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for the TB Blood Test. One thing that I’ve never dealt with personally but am always afraid of is tuberculosis {TB}. Testing for tuberculosis has traditionally been done as a skin test, where they inject tuberculin at the doctor’s office and then return days later to see if a raised lump has developed at the injection site.
You can learn more about tuberculosis and the TB Blood Test as well as find resources and testimonials on the TB Blood Test website!
It hasn't always been this way, though- while I've always dreamt of being a wife and mom, I wasn't quite prepared. From cooking & cleaning to diapers & plastic sword fights, I'm trying to figure it all out to the best of my ability- without losing too much of my sanity in the process!{Read more about me! By using the home cholesterol test kit, you can now conveniently understand your diagnostic levels and risk for cholesterol related heart disease. If your results indicate high risk for heart disease, we encourage you to take action to see a Doctor and discuss lifestyle and health changes. Just because someone doesn't currently have any signs of heart disease, doesn't mean they aren't at risk.
This laboratory service provides the same clinical results that can be obtained from a local laboratory, but without the inconvenience of keeping an appointment and the need to draw blood from the arm. With it, four drops of blood are taken from a micro-nick of the finger, placed in a special collection well to dry, inserted into the special mailer provided, and then sent to a CLIA certified laboratory for analysis.

If you are unable to retrieve your test results, you must call the lab directly at 847-537-9600 between 9am-4pm CST. As I’ve written before on this blog, my father owned a fish market at the South Street Seaport in NYC and brought home every type of fish you could imagine. Studying phlebotomy and becoming a trained phlebotomist is one such career; depending on where you get your phlebotomy certification and what options you choose (we’ll help you with that), you can be a fully trained, fully certified professional in a year or less! In the classroom, expect to address topics like blood sampling procedures, blood cell composition, laboratory safety (expect to address topics like infection, contamination, or cross-contamination) as well as the basics of human anatomy and physiology.
Whether it’s a cold that just won’t go away or something more serious, watching our little ones suffer while we stand by helpless is such a hard feeling. I have had chronic asthma for most of my life so the thought of an infection that mostly affects your lungs is a very scary thought to me. There are so many problems with this method- not only does it take two visits to the doctor {potentially causing children to miss two days of school or parents to miss two days of work}, but false-positive results are common since a “raised lump” can be open to interpretation. The TB blood test is the only method of testing for tuberculosis that has completely objective results- and is easier, faster, and more accurate. I remember I had to get a test for a job in a medical office building a long time ago and the results took 2 or 3 days to get back. Back in the day you had to wait for the test results which took a couple of days to get back. She said she stuck herself with an EpiPen that was in the first aid kit and needed an ambulance. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 15% increase in growth for this career in the period between 2010-2020. I remember when Zac was in the NICU for five days after he was born- although he’d been taken there because he was born not breathing, I was the one holding my breath the entire time he was there.
Even though my kids don’t have asthma, I worry about them getting it, too- I don’t want them to have so much as the sniffles, let alone TB!
Regardless of the patient’s age or immune status, the test only takes a 3ml draw of fresh blood {which isn’t much at all} and you only have to visit the doctor once. We had everything from calamari, clams and spaghetti, shrimp, lobster, crab legs - you name it, we had it. I quickly got an ambulance for her and while waiting, I started to see her face turn purple and her breathing getting worse and worse, like someone with bad asthma. I would only eat vegetables, fresh fish (like sushi, salmon, tilapia, etc.--not shellfish) and meat. Then, whether you’re making sure to nip your own infection in the bud or trying to help a sick kiddo, the path to healing can begin much sooner than with the traditional testing methods. Ever since that day, I feared bees so much that at times if I see a bee hanging around the patio area - that was it - hell if I was gonna sit out there and risk my life. I would take supplements to make up for the lack of vitamins and chose the wrong foods, which led me to gain weight. About ten years ago, my sister started developing severe allergic reactions to seafood - mostly shellfish.

If they can kill with one sting, then that was enough reason for me to fear them with everything I had. I called an allergist nearby and he said to come in and he would give me a blood test and skin graphing for every. Symptoms varied from rashes to face swelling, which is an indicator of a possible anaphylactic shock, which could be deadly. It made my life miserable for years, watching everyone enjoy the outdoors while I stayed inside wishing I was out there.
I asked the doctor why I was getting hives inside my mouth every time I ate bananas, mangos and avocados.
Soon after, I began to notice every time I ate shrimp, lobster or crab, I would get hives inside my mouth -- nowhere else. I remember watching my sisters and friends outside by the pool while I sat inside in the air conditioning wishing I was with them instead.
He said that when people have anxiety, our bodies can mimic a reaction I also asked him why Madelene and I got a severe allergic reaction (face, mouth, tongue swelling) after eating a batch of sushi. He said that it must have been some type of dressing or sauce that they had put on something. Some would assume it was the iodine in certain types of fish that I was allergic too, while others told me to just stay away from it. Last summer, we had a huge bee problem and I couldn’t enjoy our beautiful property or deck. As he went down the list of things I can eat or be around, I felt like I was getting my life back.
I had to stand there all day in the heat giving away prizes and setting people up with new products. I got the blood test and had to wait for one week to get the results and then do the skin graphing. The only unfortunate thing is that I am severely allergic to dogs, which was the one test that had given me welts all over my arm.
Instead, I ate the other stuff, chips, pigs in a blanket, cheese or whatever pasta dish they were serving. I was depressed and mostly angry at myself over the possibility that it was all in my head.
As the nurse pricked and prodded my skin for fruits, nuts, shellfish, mold, pollen, dog and cat hair, I wondered if I would be needing my EpiPen soon. So if you're like me and avoiding certain things that you "think" you may be allergic to ----please go to an allergist and get it tested so you can know for sure. It doesn't hurt at all and when something does react, it's very minimal, perhaps the size of a quarter at the largest.

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