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A person can have herpes and never know it, so passing it to others goes unnoticed until the outbreak occurs. If you do find yourself informed they have herpes, although no full cure are available for the virus, you’ll find effective medical, herbal and treatments designed for the condition which will allow you to prevent and lower the seriousness of outbreaks.
Herpes simplex virus, the virus that causes genital herpes, belongs to the same family of viruses that cause cold sores, chickenpox and shingles. Many people with genital herpes are unaware that they have the virus because they have few or no symptoms, or mistake the symptoms for other conditions such as yeast infections or allergic reactions to detergents.
Individuals with symptoms may experience a tingling sensation or itching in the genital area within two to twenty days of having sex with an infected person. After the sores heal from the first attack, the virus goes into a dormant stage but outbreaks can occur. In both sexes, the sores will usually occur at or near the site where the virus was transmitted.
The main health effects of genital herpes consist of pain and discomfort, but the virus can also cause emotional and social problems. Transmission of the herpes simplex virus from an infected mother to her child during pregnancy or birth is rare. About UsThe Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre uses a multidisciplinary care model for the delivery of specialty health care providing expert, state-of-the art diagnosis and treatment of chronic infectious diseases and related conditions (including addiction and pain management), with a focus on HIV and HCV infections. New science shows that teenagers today are less likely to have been exposed to cold sores growing up and therefore may be more vulnerable to genital herpes when they become sexually active. Let’s start by thinking back to the awkwardness of middle school sexual education for a second. In this study, researchers with the Centers Disease Control and Prevention looked at the prevalence of antibodies for the herpes virus in Americans between the ages of 14 and 49.
Between these two periods, the researchers found that the overall number of people with antibodies for type 1 herpes in their blood declined by 7 percent, while type 2 stayed steady.
The researchers think this may be because parents are more informed and careful not to pass the virus to their children through kissing or skin contact when they have sores.
That means they don’t get cold sores as elementary schoolers, but it also means when they become sexually active, they don’t have immunity to help protect them against the virus in… other regions of their bodies. The authors mentioned that because of the success of public awareness campaigns about HIV, they believe that many people falsely believe that oral sex is safe. In the study, published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases, scientists call for more research on the herpes viruses to better ascertain the changing risks.
Type 1, as I understand it, is generally known to return to the place it was originally contracted?
Herpes returns to the same general area, which is why we have repeat attacks in specific areas, such as the mouth or genitalia. Yes, the purpose of research is to pose questions, but those would best be posed to professionals and not the general public, who for the most part are uneducated when it comes to STDs. I totally take your well-made point that some cannot understand information even when presented in laymans terms.
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My genital herpes… yes, I am one of those unlucky teens, was cleared after using viradux-ColdSore lip balm. The point is that if someone has oral or genital herpes, they can transmit it to someone else and it can manifest as either HSV-1 or HSV-2, depending on the point of contact. I have to agree that the article is seriously misleading as it seems to suggest that a teenager might protect themselves from genital herpes by contracting cold sores, a terrible idea!
The article is certainly not suggesting that teens should intentionally expose themselves to cold sores in order to develop HSV-1 antibodies. The article does not suggest this, but the figures show that they are more at risk from genital herpes.
I have several reference books I can recommend if you’re interested in educating yourself about herpes.
The comments condemning this article seem to be stemming from the idea that Type 1 and Type 2 herpes simplex are defined by the point of contact, ie any herpes on the lips is type 1, herpes on the genitals is type 2.
This is not the case, as a couple of readers and the author have tried to point out in responses to these comments.
This common misconception is perfectly understandable, as a lot of STD literature refers to the two types in this way, referencing them only as to areas of manifestation. I have been suffering from (HERPES) disease for the last four years and had constant pain, especially in my knees.

Genital herpes is a sexually pass-on illness that is originated by the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) or herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-II).
Signs of genital herpes tend to develop within seven days of skin to skin contact with an infected person.
Echinacea Herb: This herb is an excellent genital herpes home remedy that has been used since ages in treating the infection. Peppermint Tea: Peppermint tea helps to stay relaxed and stress free, which is very important at the time of genital herpes. When an episode of herpes occurs, there exists often a blister that forms around or on the sex organs and perhaps the rectal area. It is vital to take into account the effects when carrying on certain sexual and reproductive activities in your life. Herpes isn’t the life sentence it was previously, which is now very controllable and manageable while using right treatment. Genital herpes can be transmitted sexually (vaginal, anal or oral sex) even if the infected person has no open sores or other symptoms of infection. A cluster of blisters may show up, which can burst and leave painful sores (often lasting two to three weeks). Some people have only one or two recurrences in a lifetime, while others have them more frequently. There are several antiviral drugs available to help prevent outbreaks and minimize the severity of the infection. However, herpes infection can be life-threatening to the child; in some cases it may result in brain damage or skin lesions. As you may recall, from illustrated diagrams on overhead transparencies, there are two types of herpes simplex virus: HSV-1 (which usually comes in the form of cold sores on the mouth) and HSV-2 (the genital variety). Type 1 herpes can spread beyond the mouth, perhaps because oral sex is becoming more popular.
Not only can the virus cause recurring sores throughout a person’s life, but a woman can also pass the infection on to her baby during the birthing process, which can be deadly for a newborn whose immune system is undeveloped. The point they are making is not that Type 1 herpes gives any immunity to type 2, but that if you have type 1 on the lips, you are less likely to be affected by type 1 on the genitalia.
Not really sure why you are getting so upset about this vacuous article to misquote it and spread misinformation. But are you suggesting that there should be some kind of censorship on information available to the general public? As I’ve said several times, info about something so serious should be clear and concise, not speculative and confusing.
Although in the past, we were often taught that HSV-1 is on the mouth and HSV-2 is genital (as referenced early on in the article) those distinctions are no longer so cut and dry. The virus doesn’t change from one virus to another just because the location has changed. As others have, very patiently, tried to explain to you – THERE ARE 2 DIFFERENT TYPES OF HERPES VIRUS. If you are convinced of this misunderstanding, then you will miss the point the article, or the research, is trying to make. Link to a source that supports your position or you will be blocked from further commenting. During the first year,I had faith in God that i would be healed someday.This disease started circulate all over my body and i have been taking treatment from my doctor, few weeks ago i came on search on the internet if i could get any information concerning the prevention of this disease, on my search i saw a testimony of someone who has been healed from (Hepatitis B and Cancer) by this Man Dr ERO and she also gave the email address of this man and advise we should contact him for any sickness that he would be of help, so i wrote to Dr ERO telling him about my (HERPES Virus) he told me not to worry that i was going to be cured!! When I stumbled upon a website, while I was looking for cure my genital Herpes on a forum that I frequently visited, the first thing that I noticed was that most persons there was testifying and thanking Doctor Okoh and i went through the write up and i read about how doctor okoh has cure them and first i went into doubt but i have to see what he can do for me.
One has to take a cotton swab and dip it in baking soda and then pat this cotton swab on the genital herpes sores which eases the infection and the sores. Intake of a cup of peppermint tea helps to get relief from pain, reduces fever if one has, and in keeping a person relaxed. This genital herpes natural cure helps to dry out the blisters and sores and in helping to get rid of genital itch associated with genital herpes conditions.
One has to fill a bag with crushed ice and apply it on the sores for approximately 10 minutes. Once I started looking into these vitamins and herbs that boost your immune system, I found this product called instant immunity.
It spreads from an infected person to others by vaginal, anal or oral sexual contact, especially when having unprotected sex or if the infected area comes in contact with the vaginal, oral or anal area.
If the blister ruptures, it becomes similar to an ulcer and can be very painful or uncomfortable.

It remains inside body’s system, possibly throughout lifespan from the infected person.
The bad part concerning the stress is that stress would bring on outbreaks more frequently.
Currently, there is no cure for genital herpes; however, medications can help ease the symptoms.
Other symptoms such as fever, headache and muscular pain may occur during the first attack.
In which case, they perhaps they should begin with misinformed comments posted by the anonymous. As described in the study, HSV-1 is becoming an increasingly prevalent cause of genital herpes infections in industrialized countries, now accounting for as many as 60 percent of cases. What you are saying is ludicrous and goes against all scientific knowledge on viral infections. Even the transporter of this infection can spread this disease without him having any symptom of any active infection. The baking soda helps in the drying out of cold sores and the genital herpes blisters to accelerate their process of healing.
Cornstarch is also applied with the help of a cotton swab dipped in cornstarch and applying it in the sores and blisters.
Along with my proper diet and daily intact of that instant immunity supplement, I’ve been ok and adjusting. There might be a recurrence in the blister and ulcer in just a few months with a year or maybe more.
You should learn to deal with the condition that will create some alterations in lifestyle to handle positively using the negative situation. Please don’t take my word for it, I am not interested in being correct, only in trying to correct misunderstandings. The researchers think that an increase in oral sex in the last decade may be one of the reasons for the prevalence of HSV-1 as a cause for genital herpes. The idea that a virus can change from one virus to another based on where it manifests is so ridiculous and wrong but somehow you are convinced that you know better than the entire medical profession. This infection spreads with the direct contact with any infected person either through oral sex or through sexual intercourse. These infections might be painless, sometimes little tender and again at times very painful and tender. Really upset me but the doctor told me it’s possible to treat it, not cure it under the right circumstances. Virus 1 is the thing that usually forms around the mouth available as cold sores or fever blisters. It may keep coming back whenever you want with no notice.The end results of herpes might cause a number of problems for women. Please note that herpes can continue to be transmitted to others, even between recurrences when the infected person has no symptoms.
He told me what i will have to do and after going according to doctor Okoh instruction and i went back for a medical check up and according to the words he gave to me, doctor okoh really did it for me, now i believe him and i telling you, if have been infected either with HERPES, HIV,AIDS, CANCER. Right now i can tell you that few months now i have not had any pain, and i have just went for text last week and the doctor confirmed that there is no trace of any herpes system on my body.
It will not get transmitted from objected touched by infected people like may be a toilet seat. Expecting mothers are tested for herpes as a result of outcomes of genital herpes might have for the child. A teenager, or even an adult, may read this article and think that because they have cold sores they can’t get genital herpes. Glory be to God for leading me to this genuine Dr Olodumare I am so happy as i am sharing this testimony. When the mother had the herpes virus prior to child was conceived or obtained immediately after conceiving, then there could be little danger for your child. The hormonal alterations in women during menstruation would bring around the symptoms at the same time.

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