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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It only takes about 15 to 30 minutes to perform lip reduction surgery, plus two weeks for it to heal. The first thing you have to consider if you want to undergo lip reduction surgery is your health.
Before undergoing surgery, it is also important to talk to your surgeon about your expectations. You may also need some blood work performed, which is usually an out-of-the-pocket expense. If you are already sedated, you will be put on the operating table and be given anesthesia. If you are having regional anesthesia, you will be injected between the gums and the lips until the needle reaches down inside your chin to deaden your face from your chin to your earlobes. Ulcers are open sores that can develop on many parts of the body, including interior tissue.
It is important not to share personal items such as towels, face razors and eating utensils when you or someone else has a mouth sore.
Canker sores can be treated with a commercial mouthwash for cleansing and reducing discomfort. Most people have learned to treat their cold sores and canker sores on their own, without seeking medical help. Before going through this surgery, you have to condition yourself about the swelling you may feel. You can't go through this surgery if your health is poor or if you have pre-existing medical problems. Communication is important in achieving your objectives because this way, you can let your surgeon know the results that you desire.
The packet contains a list of medications you should stay away from before the date of your surgery. Removing bacteria before the operation is important and your surgeon will do this by scrubbing your face with Betadine.

To close the incisions, your surgeon will use either a non-dissolvable or dissolvable suture. Your nurse will keep monitoring your vital signs until you are released from the recovery room.
Keep your head elevated by sleeping on two pillows for a week or two, or for as long as your surgeon tells you so.
A spot might appear on the lip and eventually the site of this small spot becomes very red and even blisters. These are not cold sores and they usually develop inside the mouth (not on the lips or the edge of the mouth area). The doctor may prescribe or recommend antiviral medicines to fight the cause of cold sores. But if this type of sore stays around for a couple of weeks you may need to see a physician for some stronger medications or treatment. Your surgeon can employ the procedures while putting you under local or regional anesthesia or sometimes even both.
Talking to your surgeon will help you both understand the goals that can be realistically achieved. You should be strong during the whole thing because before you undergo the procedure, expect to have pre-existing emotional issues. Some of the medications that you should stop taking before your surgery date are seratonin supplements, stimulants and products containing aspirin.
Your monitoring pads will help the surgical team in monitoring your vital signs before, during and after the surgery.
The IVs are important in providing a doorway for medications like antibiotics and anesthesia.
The operation starts by an incision inside your mouth for as long as the size of your lips. At first, a piece of gauze soaked in antibiotic may be placed between your gums and lips, but this depends on your surgeon's preference. The swelling will be worse three days after your operation, but it will subside as days go by.

Talk with your pharmacist or health-store expert about the active ingredients that will be best for canker sores. The young ones who have fat lips, grow up being insecure especially if they are teased by their classmates. You may be enticed to undergo this type of procedure; however, there are complications and risks involved.
In some cases, doctors want to have you under light sleep anesthesia while doing the operation.
As you are brought inside the OR (operating room), electrodes connected to the monitoring machine will enter your monitoring pads. A nurse will insert the needle into the vein and then pull out a catheter or a plastic tube to leave in your vein.
A strip of your skin will be removed from one of your lips, or both, depending on the procedure. Cold sores from the herpes virus are contagious so it is best not to be in direct contact with someone who has such a sore or if you have such a sore. Some studies state that this type of mouth sore can be “jump started” by alcohol, an allergy to some bacteria or even an internal disease like Chrohn’s disease or celiac conditions. Some of the pain and discomfort of cold sores can be reduced with over-the-counter pain relievers.
Since enough time is needed for your facial features to mature, reducing the size of your lips should be done only in your mid to late teen years, or just when all of your facial features are fully developed. To keep your recovery more tolerable, ask for a warm blanket if your nurse doesn't provide you with one. Along with your IVs are saline bags that contain liquid to keep you hydrated during and after the surgery.
These sores on the sensitive tissue in and around the mouth can be uncomfortable and downright painful.

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