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Beyond wearing the right shoes and socks, there are a few preventative measures you can take to stop blisters in their tracks. Sprinkle a bit of baby powder or corn starch on your feet before putting on socks to keep your feet free of moisture. Put petroleum jelly, clear deodorant, or even chapstick on blister prone areas to cut down on friction. When wearing new shoes, push on the upper rear part of the shoes to soften up the material.
If you get regular pedicures, make sure they don’t remove any calluses from your feet. If you get dirt or rocks in your shoes while running or hiking be sure to stop and empty your shoes. IF you notice that a blister MIGHT be forming there is treatment—You will need a bandage called TEGADERM. These are used over IV’s and diabetic pump attachment points and are not really visible when applied. IF you find you like this for an insulin pump use you can get these on an RX from your pump supply outfit or if you want a supply OTC use AMAZON or EBAY—the best prices.

If you get an infected wound, and you will be on the trail and not able to reach medical care for a day or more, use a permanent marker to outline the stolen red area around the wound. Once blister has formed, whether closed or open, cleanse, allow to air dry, then use a piece of molefoam to frame and protect the area.
Inspired by my first attempt at sugar skull beads I was back in the studio the next day, but a moment’s distraction cut my torch work short for the day.
After a couple of weeks with bandages and antibacterial cream most of the blistered skin had sloughed off.
Summertime means higher temperatures and lots more outdoor activities…which is a recipe for blisters brought on by friction, heat, and sweaty feet. The first line of blister defense is making sure your shoes fit correctly! Shoes that are either too tight or too loose can cause blisters. When shopping for shoes, take time to walk around a bit to feel for pressure points. Bring your foot to the ground on your toes first rather than slamming your entire foot down.
Hold the instrument in the flame until it glows red hot then wait for it to cool off a bit.
If you’re an essential oil user, All Purpose Healing Salve is perfect for helping a blister to heal.

When you do need to apply a bandage, try to cover the blistered area without touching the blister itself. They are super expensive but they really work and when I have blisters on the bottoms of my feet, they at least allow me to walk again!
I was pulling stringer to use in decorating future beads when I passed my right hand through the torch flame. Use a regular adhesive bandage for small blisters and mole skin or a gauze pad for larger blisters. You want to have a little room in the toe box because your feet will swell as you run. Runners may even want to talk to a running specialist for a gait analysis if blisters are a constant problem.
Hikers should look for a thin synthetic or wool liner sock and a thick synthetic or wool outer sock.

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