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Traveling makes it difficult to be careful about what you eat, and consequently, the demands of travel can make you feel sluggish.
For maximum energy, strive to keep your insulin levels stable: An elevated insulin level (which can lead to diabetes) dulls your thinking, can lead to confusion, and slows physical responses. For more information about the effect of protein and carbohydrates on your mind, read the first chapter of the 1998 book, "Managing Your Mind and Mood Through Food," by Judith Wurtman. Managing Your Mind and Mood Through Food is a useful book to read if you tend to be depressed, or are having trouble concentrating on homework. Always eat breakfast, but not a typical American breakfast: Breakfasts consisting of cereal, toast, pop-ups, pancakes, muffins, and other grain-and-sugar combinations make you feel sluggish. When on a trip, consider eating breakfasts that contain a small amount smoked salmon, pickled herring, tinned sardines, or canned tuna on a slice of thin cheese, or eat hummus piled on hard boiled egg whites. Reduce or eliminate sugar: Sugar, combined with fat and flour (think "muffins"), and sugar-based soda are highly addicting. Reduce or eliminate salty snacks: Salt is addictive and makes you want to consume more salty foods, followed by more beverages than you need.
Cheese of any type makes a great snack: Cheese is a high-protein, calcium-rich food that helps keep your insulin level stable when eaten with other foods.
Eat more plant proteins, such as nuts and legumes: Plant proteins (like chickpeas found in hummus, nut butters, and soy products) come from the reproductive portions of plans and help support women's estrogen levels. Eat more fish: Fish (canned or not) will help control your insulin level and increase your consumption of healthy, Omega 3 fats. Snack on apples, berries, cherries, and pears: Low-sugar fruits help stabilize your insulin levels. To add interest to nuts, add a very small amount of raisins and dried berries to your non-salted nut mixture. Don't drink fruit juice unless it is served in a tiny "juice" glass: Eat the whole fruit, rather than drink a 6 or 8 ounce glass of it. Eat fabulous ice cream and street fair smoothies: Yes, there are times when digesting a massive amount of sugar might be required. Eat very dark chocolate: Chocolate with a cocoa content of 70 to 85% is an excellent addition to a woman's diet and you don't need much more than an ounce to feel satisfied! As a traveler, I find that one nice restaurant meal a day is enough for my digestion and budget.
Tim Holley has a creative design of Tio Ghost – a wall mounted light switch system, and a cute tool that would help you teach your kids on how to control energy consumption. Tio shows he is happy and green when household lights have only been on for a short period of time — but the longer the lights are left on, the angrier and redder he becomes — showing he is truly lighthearted and all business at the same time!
If an applied window film can reduce the amount of heat coming through glass by 50 to 70 percent, affecting the need for HVAC, imagine what a dusty, dirty window could do in the winter if you are trying to stay warm. During winter’s daylight hours, penetrate rooms with sunlight to increase warmth in your home. When it is time to re-roof, consider the sunlight that hits your roof and the climate zone that you live in.

Any activity that generates deep breathing through your abdomen will help boost your metabolic rate. Brain boosting activities like puzzles or games can fuel your mind and help improve your memory. If you are a senior living at home or in assisted care, you know insomnia or getting too little sleep can be a real problem as we age. If you are looking for an assisted living community that focuses on treating seniors with dignity and respect, contact us at Village at Oakwood in Oklahoma City. Your Aging Parent Needs Help: Why Aren’t You Considering Assisted Living Communities in OKC?
Rebecca Booth, author of The Venus Week, and I discussed the issue of how women can maintain or increase their energy level while touring exhausting places like New York City (see Venus Week in New York City Is When Women Feel Their Best). I suggest that a remedy for this problem is to munch on homemade snacks throughout the day, assemble a few simple meals in your hotel room, picnic at one New York City's Privately Owned Public Spaces (very pleasurable during the warm months), and dine in a restaurant just once a day. Eating or drinking quantities of these types of foods throughout the day elevates insulin levels. Buy large packages of nuts, then mix and re-package them in small bags to carry while you walk around.
High-sugar fruits and large quantities of dried fruit cause insulin levels to rise and energy to fall.
If so, first eat protein, such as nuts, to minimize the impact, and then, order only small sizes. Regularly dining out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is overwhelming and can quickly lead to indigestion, sluggishness, and the terrible feeling of getting nothing for your money.
If you need to take a nap following a full meal, you've eaten and spent way too much on all of the wrong things.
A good education on energy awareness will help them to be more cautious about the effective and efficient way to save energy. A properly selected and installed energy-efficient skylight can minimize heating, cooling and lighting costs.
Sunlight entering the sunroom is retained using the air of the room and a wall with a high thermal mass, or ability to store heat, which divides the sunroom and your living space.
Get into a good habit of going to bed around the same time each night and be sure there are no distractions. As a long-time traveler and former educator, I am knowledgeable about the effect of food on energy levels.
Wurtman teaches that if you eat protein prior to a small amount of carbohydrates, you'll stay alert. Booth advises that the bars should have at least 5 grams of protein, with less than 5 grams of sugar.
Smoked salmon and pickled herring need refrigeration, but come in easy to handle packages, and canned fishes, like sardines and tuna, are convenient.
If you do become very tired after consuming your treat, relax for an hour or so, or return to your hotel room to take a nap.

Hence, Tim’s brilliant Tio ghost design will be encouraging as an ‘energy champions’ of the home. Here are a few ways you can increase your energy level and get more out of your senior living years.
If you are not used to exercising, start off slowly and wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Try eating more high protein foods like chicken, turkey, fish, beans, nuts and seeds, and skip the products made with white flour like bread, cookies and noodles. If you eat carbohydrates before eating a protein, or overwhelm your meals with carbohydrates, you decrease your alertness and you become groggy.
Eat hummus on flat bread, hardboiled egg whites, or on vegetable chips, such as can be made by slicing apples, cucumbers, and carrots. Once you start adding unsalted nuts to your diet, you'll find that over time, you'll reduce your appetite. To keep your home from over-heating, operable windows or vents to the outside are necessary to exhaust excessive heat during the summer and winter.
It’s important to shut off the computer and television an hour before you are ready to go to bed. Booth's book discusses how eating impacts female hormonal levels (not discussed here), which, in turn, increases energy. The insulated covering can be used during the summer to keep the warm sunlight from entering and heating the house. If you are ready to move on to other exercises, try water aerobics, dancing or using a jump rope.
Any type of lighted screen or too much lighting in your bedroom can keep your body from preparing for sleep.
Before electricity, mirrors were strategically placed in all of the rooms to reflect sunlight; adding them will warm and brighten the room.
Check with your doctor to find out if you have any vitamin deficiencies and ask which supplements are best for maintaining flexibility and healthy bones. Exercise programs may be available for those in assisted living in Oklahoma City like those offered at Village at Oakwood.
For those in assisted living in Oklahoma City, your community may schedule events that fit your interests. For example, the life-enrichment activities and socials held at Village at Oakwood can provide opportunity for relaxation and social engagement.

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