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Cold sores (or oral herpes) are not so cute, and they always seem to appear at the worst possible time. Use Zilactin ($9), or another form of benzyl alcohol the minute you feel even the slightest itch on your lip. Wear a lip stain like Benetint — it stays on all day, and the rose color is similar to that of a blister to help camouflage it. Yes, lip balm and sunscreen are definitely a big help if you're going to be out in the sun for long periods of time. I'll get a cold sore a few times a year and have always used Abreva which works really good for me. So, I developed a system that worked, Neosporin and an alcohol astringent from the first tingle. Also pharmacist told me that some people take L-lysine vitamin daily and it helps reduce the number of sores that occur.

The herpes virus that causes cold sores cannot reproduce while you are on Valtrex; this helps treat the sores. To add insult to injury, upward of 70 percent of the general population (some estimates range as high as 90 percent) carry the HSV-1 virus that causes cold sores, but some people are asymptomatic, so it's difficult to explain to them that a virus they almost certainly have as well is causing your little problem. Menstruation can help trigger a cold sore, so while you're visiting dear Aunt Flo, just remember to take a little time out for yourself and relax. The green counteracts the red of the sore, neutralizing the color so that it doesn't call attention to itself. The only other things I've ever used that worked really good (for me) are precription Valtrex and Denavir Cream. So, I developed a system that worked, Neosporin and an alcohol astringent from the first tingle.Since I wear an SPF 40 lip balm, I never get them anymore. SHasta and despite the 50+ sunblock on my face I got super sunburned (pale skin + high altitude + sun refelction off of snow).

Never fear, though; there are lots of ways to control, cover, and prevent the little buggers. Anytime I ever tried covering up a fever blister, it seemed as if the blister spread from just one blister to as many as five.
I only put Denavir on my fever blisters because I haven't had good luck with anything else. But these are definitely some interesting comments about how different people deal with these unslightly and aggravating sores! Ask an Expert: Drug Comparisons of Cymbalta and Lexapro Escitalopram (Lexapro) vs other antidepressives - comparative.

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