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In a video that went viral on Facebook and YouTube over the weekend, the unidentified woman recites a series of conspiracy theories about the drink. She also points to the "Unleash the Beast" motto on each can as well as the company's supposed used of implied profanity in its marketing.
Many of her complaints about the drink have circulated online before, with some users on the Snopes message board reporting a similar message circulating on Facebook in 2009. The Facebook clip posted by Andrew Blevins this weekend has already been viewed more than 8 million times while the YouTube version posted on Sunday racked up more 1.5 million views in less than 24 hours. Also difficult to explain would be the fact that Monster Beverage Corp., which owns the Monster Energy drink, also owns Peace Tea.
Causing widespread outrage and panic, Orson Welles broadcast of "War of the Worlds" goes down in history as the greatest hoax of all time. A Honeywell-operated Gulfstream G450 that took off Friday night from an airfield in Morristown, New Jersey and landed seven hours later in Paris became the first aircraft to fly from North America to Europe on a 50-50 blend of biofuel and petroleum-based jet fuel. Honeywell, which is a leading licenser of the HRJ technology, noted that the jet closely followed the route taken by Charles Lindbergh’s famous first solo flight across the Atlantic, seeking to underscore the historical import of the flight. HRJ can be made from many different feedstocks–and debate is certainly ahead on which choice is most environmentally friendly, and whether the indirect land use impacts are cause for concern. A number of large air carriers around the world are eyeing the possibility of integrating the new plant-based fuel into their fuel mix.  High oil prices have been a drag on the industry this year.

Siemens Corporation has announced that it will launch a number of new and a€?innovativea€? initiatives to help fight against climate change and carbon emissions at this yeara€™s World Future Energy Summit.
The summit, which will be held from January 18-21, in Abu Dhabi, has become the flagship place for companies to present new concepts and solutions for energy and green technology for the future. In a press release from Siemens, Dehen plans take part in the Plenary Forum a€?World Future Energy Industry a€“ Challenges and Solutionsa€? on the first day of the WFES. The summit comes less than one month after world leaders met in Copenhagen, Denmark for what had been hoped to be a watershed climate change summit, but instead the leaders left without an agreement on how to fight against carbon emissions and global warming. In 2007, the portion of the global population living in urban areas exceeded 50 percent for the first time. Specifically, the notion that the "M" in the "Monster" logo is really made up of a Hebrew "6," repeated three times. She has more clues, such as claiming the line through the "o" in "Monster" is really part of a cross, which represents the Antichrist. However, when these religious claims have surfaced in the past, others, including members of the Christian community, have pointed out that the so-called "number of the beast" is not three sixes, but 666 -- as in six hundred and sixty-six -- which would not be represented in Hebrew by a six repeated three times. Louis in 1927, but a corporate jet today completed a trans-Atlantic flight that is an important first in the effort to reduce aviation’s dependence on petroleum.
The flight comes on the eve of the aviation industry’s huge Paris Air Show, and just after Hydrotreated Renewable Jet Fuel (HRJ) received its much-awaited initial certification from the standards-setting body, ASTM International.

The biofuel in this flight was derived from the oily seeds of the camelina, a relative of the mustard plant that is grown in rotation with wheat. Although biofuel at the outset will certainly be expensive, it could be competitively priced if production ramps up quickly enough. Abu Dhabi hopes to help push technology forward that will enable the worlda€™s nations to combat this growing problem.
She says that when someone drinks from a can and tilts it upside-down, the reversed cross represents witchcraft.
And in Europe, regulations that will force aviation to reduce carbon emissions are looming.
Today everything’s cost are becoming high then its natural to increase the rate of biofuel.
Conurbations already account for 75 percent of worldwide energy consumption and 80 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. According to Honeywell, the trans-Atlantic biofuel flight saved about 5.5 metric tons of net carbon dioxide emissions compared to a similar petroleum-powered flight.

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