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Every night, I sank onto the couch and put my feet on an ottoman topped with three pillows. So when my puffiness started a few weeks ago for this pregnancy, I talked to my doctor, desperate for new advice to reduce swelling during pregnancy. One of the doctors in my practice is pregnant and just a couple weeks ahead of me, so she GETS IT.
My husband was already hooking me up with regular foot massages, but this was the first time any doctor of mine had recommended prenatal massage for a medical reason. What if, instead of walking away from your baby shower with 3 diaper genies, 7 copies of Goodnight Moon, and 18 adorable bibs, your friends all pitched in for monthly massages? And if anyone gives you any grief about treating yourself to a massage, just tell them it’s a doctor-recommended remedy for swelling during pregnancy. Check out 8 Ways to Distract Yourself From an Overdue Pregnancy for helpful advice you can use to get through your third trimester and beyond. Having a fit and healthy pregnancy with a nutritious diet free of processed, high-sodium foods and a daily exercise routine will be your best bet in preventing swelling. Adding just a dash of pure lemon juice (not from concentrate) to your water not only helps flavor your water, but can help reduce swelling. Cucumbers are also a natural diuretic, containing sulfur and silicon, that stimulate the kidneys to be more efficient. Dandelion is a good source of phytochemicals that encourage the elimination of excess fluid. Compression hosiery and socks help improve circulation by improving venous blood to the heart.
Grapefruit, Lemongrass, and Cypress essential oils can be used together to massage onto swollen feet and ankles to reduce swelling. While you’re down there with the essential oils, go ahead and give yourself a good foot and leg massage.
Wrapping a cabbage leaf around the swollen area for 20 minutes can draw out excess fluid and reduce swelling. While I’m not 100% certain, I would think that the antioxidants and flavinoids that reduce inflammation are found in the skin, so I’d leave the peel on! Join us and receive exclusive content, interviews, tips for nutrition and exercise during and after pregnancy, the latest news, and MUCH more! Treatment of swelling in the hands and wrist depends in part on the underlying cause of the symptoms.
If swelling occurs during an activity, the patient should stop and rest the wrist or hand, according to Applying a commercial cold pack to the affected area helps to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation, according to Over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen are effective in reducing pain, inflammation and swelling, according to MedlinePlus.

If the patient's swelling is caused by gout, he should limit alcohol, meat, fish and poultry, according to MedlinePlus. The disease is very much related to arthritis, which refers to joint pain and inflammation. Therefore, it is very important to note the symptoms of fibromyalgia, and get the problem treated at the initial stage, to prevent it from worsening further. An individual having chronic pain and tightness in the muscles should not ignore the problem and report to the doctor to get the symptoms diagnosed for fibromyalgia. A person who is not able to sleep properly at night may not have good health, and suffer from fibromyalgia.
At times an individual might feel body stiffness upon waking up in the morning or staying in a single position for prolonged time period.
Digestive disorders like bloating, constipation and abdominal pain may be related to fibromyalgia. A few people might be sensitive to things like noise, odor, cold, medicines, bright light and certain food products. A person having a tingling sensation or numbness in body areas like arms, face, legs, feet and hands should report the problem to the doctor, as it may be associated with fibromyalgia.
A person having the feeling of dizziness off and on should not ignore this condition and get it medically cheeked.
The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments. During my last pregnancy, at the end of a day at my desk job, I looked like the Wikipedia entry for Elephantitis. Swelling or edema in pregnancy is normally caused by the larger amount of blood in the body, which can pool if circulation is poor, especially in the lower extremities. In fact, I had very little swelling through my fit and healthy pregnancy, even though I was puffy and swollen through my first three. Lemon juice is a mild and safe diuretic that will help your system rid itself of excess water. Because circulation slows during pregnancy, the blood and fluid in our body can pool, causing a buildup of fluid. As an added bonus, compression socks can prevent varicose veins in your legs, which can be common during pregnancy.
Add 1 cup of the salt (magnesium sulfate) per gallon of warm water and soak your hands, feet, or your entire body. Mix these with coconut oil and rub in 2-3 drops on the swollen area (it’s best to avoid essential oils in your first trimester).
I used a chiropractor who specialized in pregnancy and these treatments instantly reduced my swelling, the minute I walked out of the office. SIGN UP HERE for my email list and receive more EXCLUSIVE content about healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum delivered right to your inbox!

An injury that causes swelling and deformity needs medical attention, as does redness, swelling, pus or streaking around a cut or wound, according to If the patient must continue the activity, such as typing at work, she should explore ways of changing the mechanics of the movement. Ice applications are appropriate in emergency situations as well as for long-term conditions. Special fingerless compression gloves are available for knitters, typists and others who experience swelling when they use their hands repetitively. If the problem persists on regular basis, it should be reported to the doctor to rule out the risk of being affected by fibromyalgia. Moving and stretching gets the circulation going, reducing the amount of fluid that builds up. While they certainly weren’t the cutest thing in the world, my compression socks helped a ton with swelling. This not only relaxes you and feels amazing, but will increase your circulation and reduce fluid buildup. Chiropractic treatment takes pressure off of vital joints and nerves that tend to be compressed during pregnancy, which in turn promotes healthy circulation to extremities that pool with fluid.
Just a question- do you need to leave the skin on the cucumbers for the benefit or is unpeeled ok too? Swelling from less serious injuries, or from long-term conditions such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, can usually be treated at home unless the patient's health care provider advises otherwise. Wearing a splint on one or both hands, using a different keyboard, adding a wrist support or changing the angle of the hand and wrist may provide relief, according to MedlinePlus. To prevent injury to the skin, the ice should be wrapped in a towel before applying it, and should only be left in place for 20 minutes at a time.
If exercise and massage cause pain, the patient may tolerate the activities better after a warm bath, according to MedlinePlus. Wraps or gloves should be snug but not tight enough to compromise circulation to the fingers.
The disease may spread to various areas of the body over a period of time, thus worsening the condition. After a fall or other traumatic event, the forearm should be immobilized in a sling or wrap to prevent further injury. Fibromyalgia refers to a progressive and cyclic illness associated with pain in the joints and muscles.

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