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The following is an excerpt from the article, Energy recovery offers ways to reduce compressor heat, published in the April issue of Plant Engineering magazine.
Air compressors are a critical component in a wide variety of manufacturing and processing applications across all industries. If you answered no to one or more questions, there may be energy efficiency opportunities to be found within your compressed air system. You can read the full article by visiting the Plant Engineering website: Energy recovery offers ways to reduce compressor heat. As homeowners, we’re all looking for ways to save a little money on our monthly energy bill. So, if you’re looking for ways to save money on your energy bill this season, try these cost saving tips to lower your bill while still keeping your home comfortable.
Set your thermostat to 68° when you’re home during the winter and 78° when you’re home during the summer. When you’re not home, adjust your thermostat to 65° during the winter months and 80° during the hot summer months. Using these smart homeowner tips will help you save money on your energy bill, reduce energy usage, and still keep you comfortable all year long. For monthly tips and information about our promotions, sign up here for our monthly newsletter today! About UsAt Peck Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re proud to be serving the Greater Sacramento area since 1977 and look forward to helping you with your air conditioning and heating needs. Most clothes don’t need to be washed in hot water, so set the temperature on the cold setting. If you have an electric hot water heater, consider wrapping it in a special insulating blanket.

A simple option for saving energy is to reduce the amount of water you use with low-flow showerheads. Set your thermostat on 78 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and raise it a few degrees when you leave the house. While continuous advancement in design and packaging have helped substantially increase energy efficiency in today’s air compressors compared to previous generations, the fact remains that only a small fraction of electrical energy input, around 10% to 15%, is actually delivered as compressed air energy. It seems like every day a new product or technology promises to be faster, better, and more efficient than ever. If you would like to learn more about energy recovery, contact us or leave a comment below. This is especially true during peak energy usage months from July thru September and December thru March. Then when you come home, your air conditioner or heater will have to work a lot less hard to heat or cool your home by only a few degrees. Air leaks are a major culprit that suck your heating and cooling literally out the front door.
We’re pleased to serve both residential and commercial customers; each of our experts is prepared to help you with sales, service and installation of the comfort system that is ideal for you home or business. When you save energy you not only save money, but you are also helping to preserve the earth. Conversely, if you need to wash some extra dirty clothes, select a warm wash instead of a hot one. Planting trees is not only an effective way to cut costs, but it also spruces up your yard. To detect leaks, don’t use any water for two hours then compare the before-and-after numbers on your water meter.

During the day when the temperature rises the air conditioning will turn on again, but you will save a night’s worth of electricity. Something as simple as turning off the water while you brush your teeth can save a substantial amount of water.
Remember that the cost of electricity to power air compressors can be as high as 40% of a plant’s electricity bill; finding new ways to increase energy efficiency has never seemed more imperative.
If the goal is to make your compressed air system more energy efficient by reducing the amount of energy required to produce the end product, then it might be time to take the next step from energy efficiency to energy recovery. If your home has a wood burning stove, this is also a low cost way to heat your home during cold months. Check to make sure all your windows and exterior doorways are properly sealed, not letting any air flow in or out. Also, dry your clothes on medium heat instead of high, and look for settings on both your washer and dryer that indicate “energy saving” modes. Apply some caulking around the windows of your home and you should see your energy bill dip. The simplest solution is to unplug any technological devices when they’re not in use or you can buy a power strip.
If you’re a lucky homeowner with a pool, well it’s obvious that that’s a great way to cool off during hot summer months!
Also if you have floor vents, make sure large furniture is not blocking these vents as this can cause rooms to not heat or cool efficiently.

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