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The sun is 150 million km from the earth and is 5 billion years old ( so don?t worry about sun death ). The temperature of the sun ranges from 6000 degrees Celsius at its surface to 10 million degrees Celsius at its centre. Originally developed in order to provide electrical energy for space satellites,  photovoltaic energy uses photoelectric cells that convert light into electricity. Solar photovoltaic power or PV takes advantage of the photovoltaic effect in which a solar cell converts sunlight into electricity. In 1839, nineteen-year-old Edmund Becquerel, while experimenting with an electrolytic cell made up of two metal electrodes,  found that certain materials would produce small amounts of electric current when exposed to light. If a photon strike a N-type semiconductor, the electron can escape from its normal position. The only way to find a Hole is by going out from the solar cell, passing through the load ( a bulb in this case ) and taking the wire toward the P-Type semiconductor. The cold oil is moved by the pump, collects heat energy in the solar collector, goes to the u-tube heat exchanger and  transfers some of its heat to the water in the tank. The second circuit, starts in a cold water feed which fills up the thank and pick up energy from the U-tube heat exchanger.
In an industrial Solar plant,  an array of mirrors acts as a parabolic reflector concentrating solar energy onto a focal point ( where the tube with a thermal liquid is installed.  The temperature of the heat transfer fluid, at the focal point,  may reach 3,000 ?C. Water changes into stream and moves a turbine whose  axle moves the generator, producing electricity. Utility rates have been rising in recent years, as much as 15% in some regions of the United States. The following infographic outlines how solar power energy can help to decrease energy consumption while fueling more power that can benefit local communities and conserve resources. MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer. We live in an era where Mother Earth has become weak and unable to protect herself, and no one know this more that scientist and professors working at GE, who have doubled its research and development budget to  $1.5 billion into technology to reduce energy consumption and waste products.
GE – Who manufactures “Ecomagination” Product which range from the first Hybrid locomotive to everyday household appliances. Wal-Mart- Who have taken the appropriate steps on becoming the first superstore to be green. Whole Foods- In 2006 they purchased renewable energy credits from wind farms to offset 100% of their energy use. HP-  Who will cut 20% of their energy cost by 2010, and now are making  all HP Machines recyclable. As you can see investing on Solar Energy cut his by almost 90%, they went from paying $30,000 a year to now in between three to four thousand. But not all solar panels are used for harvesting electrical energy, there are my functions that come from solar panels, for example, at some residencies they use a single solar panel to hear water, it simply converts the solar rays and turns it into pure heat, which saves the trouble of a water heater. Many of us worry about our fuel bills and the environmental impact of our fuel consumption, while a free and clean source of energy is shining down on us all day.
As solar energy becomes increasingly accepted as many people start to take note of the rapidly increasing global warming problems, it is important to weigh both the advantages and disadvantages of this renewable energy source. The first benefit of using solar panels to generate electricity is that they do not produce any harmful greenhouse gases.
Another vital benefit that solar panels provide is that it helps to decentralize production of energy, which leads to a more self reliant society. This benefit is appreciated by people living in remote locations of the world with limited access to the main power lines. Solar power and other green technologies help to get people thinking with a view to be more environmentally friendly. Solar energy strengths cons are generally the number one factor when considering setting up a brand-new system to weigh.
All natural events usually affect mainly solar energy pros and cons, not dissimilar to conventional utility resources. People these days are suffering from the latest round of gas and electricity price increases, especially at the outset of winter.
However, there are a few inexpensive things you can do to reduce those horrendously expensive fuel bills. Plug in thermostat – if your heating system is not thermostatically controlled, you will continue to use fuel after the desired heat is reached. Radiator shelves – a shelf above a radiator bounces the heat forward into the room rather than going upwards like most hot air. Radiator reflector panels – these can be made of aluminium foil stretched over a piece of cardboard or can be bought already made. Sealant – this can be used to fill in small gaps and holes which cause draughts such as window frames and skirting boards. Thick and heavy curtains – these can eliminate heat loss through windows, especially if closed when it gets dark.
You can easily access details about energy suppliers and their tariff charges via the internet.
When cooking, double up with bakery, while the oven is on, eg savoury and sweet pies while cooking the Sunday lunch. Put dirty crockery and cutlery straight into the dishwasher rather than pre-washing in hot water. We’re most likely all conscious that using solar power will help deal with global warming, even if we do not quite understand how. One of the strongest reasons plenty of men and women invest in solar energy panels is simply because they can save lots of cash in the long haul. Your pay back time period will unsurprisingly take longer in case you are a light user of electrical power, in comparison to yet another person who is a heavy user.
Added to it being a good financial investment, solar energy is also not harmful to the environment – a huge positive these days. And if you hate doing maintenance around the home, you can relax – solar energy systems can work in the background, without you moving a finger, basically for many years.
One of the best ways to save money is also one of the greenest decisions we can make: that decision is the decision to save more energy. So, with all that on the table, what are the most effective ways to save money using the sun?

Of course, as I’ve written several times here on Cost of Solar, putting solar PV panels on your roof is a pretty sure way to save tens of thousands of dollars (yep, tens of thousands). Use Solar Light Tubes For Daylighting: Solar light tubes allow you to bring in a lot more light (cutting the need for artificial lighting, which sucks up electricity) without the installation of big windows (which leak heat in the winter and cool air from your electricity-needy air conditioner in the summer). Use Skylights: Skylights are very similar to solar light tubes, but as you can see in a basic way in the infographic, the design is a bit different. Buy Solar Hot Water Panels For Your Pool: If you want a more high-tech and low-effort solution for heating your pool, solar hot water panels for the pool are a logical solution. Buy Solar Hot Water Panels For Your Home: Naturally, if solar hot water panels (aka solar thermal panels) can heat your pool, they can also heat the water you use in your home. Yep, there are a lot of ways to save money and fossil fuel energy using the sun than RMI listed. One more energy- and money-saving solution that comes to mind is using the sun to grow your own food. The sun is a star made up of hydrogen and helium gas and it radiates an enormous amount of energy every second and it is clean. When photons strike a  pv (solar cell), they may be absorbed by a atom, so that the energy of the photon is transferred to the electron of the atom that receives that energy. It is called a hole when an electron has left its place, so in P-type semiconductor, there is a positive charge. If the electron is free to move, and as it has a negative charge, it will try to catch a positive charge. An oil circuit in a closed system comprises a solar collector, the tubes and a small pump  ( needed  to move hot oil through the circuit ) and a U-tube heat exchanger in the water tank. This  plant  generates 24.3 GWh per year of clean energy which is enough to supply 6000 households.
Finding ways to save energy is not only financially beneficial, but also environmentally friendly.
Implementing solar power energy now only provides you with tax credits from the State the Federal Government, but creates a 80% cost reduction over coal power. Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies. This is why the GE Company stands out as one the most energy conserving companies in the U.S. From now using 100% energy efficient light bulbs, to taking serious thought about solar energy in their stores. Not only that, but several store locations nationwide have installed solar cells to supplement their regular power. And the answer is very simple, Solar Energy is when we harvest the rays from the sun and convert them to thermal or electrical energy.
In one minute, the sun gives the earth enough energy to meet the earth’s power needs for a year.
Lawrence at VB Engineering for inviting me to attend the South Florida Facilities Expo 2009.
The main aspect of solar energy that differentiates it from other sources of energy is that it is free.
Gas, oil and coal used to generate traditional electricity is usually transported internationally or cross-country. Solar efficiency refers to the amount of radiation that solar panels can convert to electrical energy, which is roughly 20%. Even though there are numerous solar batteries available on the market, these are bulky and costly.
Many governments continue to encourage solar use by providing rebates, subsidies and tariffs. Though the advantages and disadvantages might differ for different people and programs that are distinct as well as locations, some of them is the same. These bad and good points provide a great starting spot for those considering a solar power project for his or her house or business building. Make way for the just discovered way to lower the cost of electric use, to conserve the resources along with to conserve electricity.
Most solar energy systems contain a battery to keep extra energy for just this kind of difficulty. Solar energy systems will reach a stage where most individuals will not be unable to manage them. However, all sustainable energies, other than tidal and geothermal, derive their energy in the sun. In these difficult economic times, wages and salaries are nowhere near keeping up with fuel rises and more and more people are entering what is known as ‘fuel poverty’. A plug in thermostat can be used to set the temperature and will switch off once this is attained. Bleeding releases gases which cause the top of the radiator to be cold and allows the radiator to heat up properly, increasing energy efficiency. TVs are often put into standby mode when not in use and computers, laptops and printers are often left on all day.
It can also provide a certain amount of sound-proofing, useful in high traffic areas or airport flight-paths.
The government are encouraging gas and electricity suppliers to inform their customers about their lowest tariff. Like all other things, there are advantages and there are negatives, and you need to be aware of both before expending any money. Receiving your energy needs from solar installation actually starts to save you cash by not having to pay for electrical power as soon as they are hooked up. A number of administrations offer tax breaks for transitioning to solar energy, which can help towards the price of setting up solar energy panels. It’s clean because there are no emissions or burning the least bit, unlike conventional fuels that contaminate the air with a multitude of gases that are both harmful to the environment and to our health. Obviously, to generate energy in an efficient manner, the panel must be installed in direct sun.
Cutting back just a bit on our energy usage could save money (tons of money) for all sorts of better things.
I think all of the solar-related ways to save money (by saving energy) listed below are excellent solutions for the average American, but you can decide for yourself by evaluating the option as it applies to your own home or business.

The below solar infographic from the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) shows 7 more solar-related energy saving solutions.
Incentives for such solar panels are available in several states, and RMI projects that average financial payback time on such solar panel systems is 1.5 to 4 years. That saves tremendously on energy used to transport food around the world and to your local shop, and it also saves a good deal on the energy used to transport you to the shop to buy some food. Stay up to date on the latest news, ask questions, or just see what others interested in solar energy are saying. The positive charges are located in the P-type semiconductor ( below in the solar cell- see drawing ) and although they are attracted by them, it is impossible for electrons to pass the junction ( violet material ) as it is an insulator component.
Saving energy consumption can improve air quality, lessen price volatility and dependence on foreign sources, while improving electricity grid reliability. Now a days Solar Energy is the new way to save enormous amounts of money off of your energy bill, and no one likes this better than big energy consuming  companies.  Here is a short video of a Photovoltaic system (Solar panels) at Shafer Vineyard who have recently started to use 100 percent solar power.
If you install a solar panel in your house, you are tapping into this massive source of free energy, and slashing your fuel bills. The only cost is usually linked to purchasing the solar panels that are then used to capture solar energy. This transportation is associated with lots of other additional costs, such as air pollution and monetary expenses.
However, off grid does not require a connection to state power gridlines, so the home or business being powered will be solely relying on solar power. Furthermore, these batteries are more suitable for small scale solar panels and not huge solar farms. A good example is California, which is a success story of how these measures can really work to benefit the society as a whole.
If the power in your area goes out at the center of the night, your solar system will simply keep on supplying your house with electricity from its battery.
Most laptops etc have a ‘hibernate’ facility which will switch the appliance off after a certain time of inactivity. New homes are now built with good insulation, but older properties can be a real problem to insulate.
Many people are being overcharged for their energy because they have been put on an expensive tariff. No sunlight doesn’t mean no energy though, since a back-up system such as a battery can be put in place.
Solar energy definitely appears to be a great way to go if you want to look after the environment and also save money on energy. Recent studies have found that we waste 61% to 84% of our energy in the US, and that we use 11 times more energy than the UK despite having only 5 times the population. Why suck money out of your wallet using them when you can simply let the sun dry your clothes? Again, in many states, you can get government incentives to help you purchase solar thermal panels.
They are one of the most logical ways to save money and energy with little initial investment.
For example, if you are a person who uses tanning beds to get a crispy tan (solariums, as they are called over here), stop throwing your money away on that and get outside to get a tan. The following series of saving energy slogans provide memorable taglines for encouraging energy conservation. Montalto di Castro in Italy is a good example of how countries are committed to meeting climate change requirements in cutting emissions.
This will benefit those in remote regions since power costs, particularly installation, are usually very high.
Nevertheless, solar efficiency continues to improve steadily and it is expected to rise over the coming years.
That is an exceedingly disadvantageous aspect of solar power, especially during this period of recession where people are struggling to meet their daily needs. You likely will not even understand unless your neighbors mention a power outage there was it.
When buying a new TV, consider choosing a medium sized  LCD model rather than a large plasma. Yes, you wind up with totally free electricity, but your monthly savings, over a period of time, will go towards recovering your substantial up front cost for the solar panels as well as the installation.
Solar energy is sustainable and inexhaustible as the sun continues to emit energy and will continue to do so for a very long time.
Installation will cost a little, but your solar energy will keep them constantly charged gratis. I’ve been using this method for the past 5 years+, but wish I had started even sooner. As the infographic below shows, solar thermal panels make a great supplement to solar PV panels.
Not only do they save you money and cut your energy-related emissions, but they are also easier to relocate as your lighting needs change.
Go to the beach, go to the bark, lay on your balcony, play a sport, go for a walk, go for a bike ride, garden, read outside… do more outside in order to stop throwing your money at a tanning salon. All of this is also better for your health, so it’s a good way to save money on healthcare and to avoid spending time at the hospital! There are TVs with optimised energy saving features on the market (look for the Trust label). RMI estimates an average financial payback time of 2 years for switching to solar landscape and patio lighting. And if you want to see how much money you’re saving, you can try comparing your electric bill to your electric bills from previous months and from the same month in previous years.
I think you’ll find this is one of the most effective ways to save money (a huge chunk of it) by using the energy of the sun.

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