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Member company Save Energy Systems, announced a new version of its patented Demand Limiting Controller (DLC).
North Shore InnoVentures (NSIV) is committed to technology innovation and helping entrepreneurs flourish. Gentle reminders, such as stickers on the light switches, help kids remember to turn off the lights when they leave a room.
We operate a technology business incubator to nurture innovative early-stage companies and support sustained economic growth in our region.

Green parenting bloggers weigh in on getting kids to flip the switch and stop wasting energy.
But discovering the lights blazing in an empty room for the umpteenth time is enough to make any parent scream, especially when the power bill arrives. Here’s great advice from some of our favorite bloggers who know a thing or three about kids. Plant is a licensed individual real estate broker in the State of Texas affiliated with Greenwood King Properties.

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