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For those who are living near the equator, experiencing days of hot sunny weather, you can start saving energy by closing your curtains and blinds as this will keep the temperature of the house cool.
There are available portable air conditioners that you can buy that is less expensive compared to other cooling appliances while still giving the same cooling effect with less expense and energy consumption. For your shower, there are a lot of energy-efficient showerhead that conserves much energy without water pressure effects. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0You can leave a response, or trackback. Every building should be considered from a 'whole system' perspective and designed using an integrated systems approach. The Quad-Lock church is largely cool outside due to the efficient walls and efficient windows. It’s amazing how a few small changes can have a big impact on your electricity bill and add up to big savings over time. Energy efficient appliancesWhen buying appliances, choose one with a high energy star rating as they use less energy and can save you a lot of money. Jacana Energy retails electricity to more than 85 000 customers across the Northern Territory, an area of more than 1.3 million square kilometres. Through properly maintained plumbing system, one can save a lot of money and energy without buying other gadgets and appliances. Replace as soon as possible fixtures with leaks since dripping taps can waste as much as 9000 liters of water each year. This fluorescent light bulb consumes less electricity and would usually last ten times more than incandescent bulbs.

Adequate air exchange in very airtight buildings must be ensured, typically using mechanical ventilation. Another benefit is evident during power outages, when the interior temperature of ICF buildings takes days to change instead of hours.
The conventional building's walls are almost as warm (light) as its windows - they are heating the environment and we can almost see the dollar bills being thrown out the windows. To help you keep your bill as low as possible, here’s a series of simple everyday tips that will help you cut consumption and costs. When turning off these electronics, power down using the power strip to prevent stand-by mode from drawing electricity unnecessarily. Not only does this help save and protect Earth and its environment, but it also saves us a lot of money. Also, when you have fans in your kitchen or bathroom, turn it off to prevent the pulling of coolness or heat from the room. To save energy on your current plumbing at home, start by marking your calendar for regular maintenance at least every 3 months. Regular cleaning of your light fixtures allows maximum light output and prevents the buildup of dust.
For the exterior of the house, one might want to consider planting trees since it provides a good source of shade cooling with no energy consumption at all. Also, immediately react and repair things at the first sign of leakage such as dripping faucets. There are also a lot of lighting devices that help lessen and control the consumption of energy such as motion sensors, automatic timers, and dimmers.

Sleeping under a doona can increase the running costs of your aircon by up to 30%.Instead, set your aircon between 24?C to 27?C and use your ceiling fans.
If you are to wait for the leak to be repaired, the damage might get bigger and more difficult to fix. Another lighting appliance that helps improve light focus without the additional expense on electricity bill is a halogen lamp. For those who have a water heater or boiler installed in their homes, which is as expensive as air conditioners, inspect all visible connections around the water heater since this is where most problems start to occur.
The light output of a halogen lamp is the same as a regular incandescent lamp but uses up less 40 percent of energy. Every extra star can reduce running costs by up to 30% a year - the more stars, the more you save.
With a few simple steps you can reduce the impact that this has on your electricity bill.When buying a new washing machine, choose one with a high energy star rating. Hanging your clothes on the washing line or on a frame under a ceiling fan rather than putting them in the dryer could save you lots on your electricity bill.When buying a dryer, choose one with the highest star rating possible.

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