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Now that summer is upon us, and the days are getting warmer and warmer, the air conditioning is already starting to crank up. There are things you can do to reduce your energy costs and whether you own or rent your home, it is a way to cut your living expenses and use your money for more essential goals. They will come up with the obvious as well as hidden reasons you may be wasting your money. Changing air filters on schedule and doing an annual tune-up through your local heating and air conditioning servicer can help avoid bigger problems in the long run.
Determine that all of your non-essential appliances are off-line and not using power when you’re sleeping.
Factory settings are at 140 degrees (Fahrenheit) and are totally unnecessary to provide hot water for washing, bathing, cleaning dishes, etc. The newer energy efficient bulbs—compact fluorescent and LED—last longer (much longer) than traditional incandescents and save you money. As your washer, dryer, air conditioning unit, water heater, heating system, refrigerator, and dishwasher age and need replacing, make sure you purchase energy-efficient models . Doors, windows, uninsulated walls, small openings around pipes…the spots where the warm or cool air in your home escapes are costing you. In colder months, for example, I set my heat around 67 degrees for the times when I am home and awake.
We made sure we had candles, and a flashlight and batteries plus charged cell phones for an emergency. By the way, if you do have a fireplace, make sure you understand how it draws air, set your flue properly, and get the chimney cleaned every so often to insure it works to maximum efficiency.
Over the last 45 years I've worked in retail (department stores and supermarkets) and financial planning.
Unplug all of those power cords for your phone, portable games, tablets, etc left plugged in the eat up power and your cash. Saving on energy is really killing two birds with one stone: save money while protecting our planet.
DisclaimerAll data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. Please note that this site may have financial relationships with some of the merchants mentioned here. Posted in Coffee, Environment, Office Management, Office Motivation, Well Being at Work on November 25, 2015 by Eden Springs. It is of great importance to make sure that every single member of staff, no matter what their position can and will positively interact with any visiting customers. A receptionist will often be responsible for the first impression a customer will have of a business. Have professionally designed (complimentary) stationery with your company logo that can be given to the customer to keep (notepads, jotters, pens etc.). Genuinely engage with customers through small talk so that they don’t feel they are yet again being schmoozed. Adding greenery to your office space, from reception to boardroom, enhances the environment both aesthetically and in terms of mood. It’s Sustainable Energy Week 2015 – What will you be doing to reduce your carbon footprint this week? It’s Avery Green Office Week 2015 – will you be following the daily tips for moving towards a greener office? With World Water Day and Earth Hour both happening this month, there’s no better time to think about how we can be helping our planet. Unfortunately, our continued longing for our daily caffeine fix means that the disposal of coffee cups remains a huge problem. Based in California, environmentally-friendly company Reduce, Reuse, Grow have come up with a unique solution to the waste problem – designing the world’s first plantable coffee cup. With many of us purchasing coffee on the morning commute and consuming it in the workplace, coffee machines are a great way to avoid unnecessary pollution. Don’t obstruct radiators with furniture or desks as this reduces the amount of heat they let out therefore it takes longer for the room to heat up.
Limit the use of portable electric heaters as these are really expensive to run, only use them in emergencies. Make sure you service your boiler regularly as a poorly maintained boiler can increase heating costs by 30% or more.
Try reducing the brightness of lights in the office or in places that are not used as often such as corridors.
Switch off all electrical equipment including computers, printers and coffee machines at nights and weekends. Make sure to turn off computer monitors when they are not in use for instance when you are away at lunch or in a meeting. Is the person who normally drinks coffee in the office on holiday? Switching off the machine reduces electricity costs.
You would be forgiven for thinking that news of a machine that makes water out of air sounds like the stuff of pure science fiction, but Israeli engineers have made this fantastical concept a reality. Primarily intended for military and government use, the machines are finding new applications in the developing world. The system is actually quite simple at its core, using a heat exchanger similar to those found in air conditioning units, to rapidly cool down hot and humid air.
The process doesn’t stop there either, as water in the air may be polluted by contaminants such as particles of dust or dirt which clings to the microscopic water droplets. Depending on the levels of water vapour in the air (humidity) and the outside temperature, the Units are capable of producing anywhere between 250 and 800 litres of drinking water per day – enough to change many people’s lives for the better. Closer to home, we provide fresh drinking water to offices around the UK – check out our selection of water coolers, providing the ultimate solution to your employee hydration needs. Danish designer Ulrik Rasmussen innovated the instant coffee world recently with his revolutionary disposable coffee machine, giving caffeine addicts across the globe the possibility of access to quality coffee on the go for the very first time. If you’re as intrigued as we are by this feat of engineering, behold the beauty of the Grower’s Cup right here.
Open the top of the Coffeebrewer from one side to the other, then pull out the red string and shape the bottom of the bag so it’ll stand upright. Widen the Coffeebrewer’s pour spout and simply pour your gourmet coffee into the receptacle of your choice.
It’s clear that this disposable coffee machine has redefined the term ‘instant coffee’, and now that coffee this good has been made this easy, we can safely say that Ulrik Rasmussen makes one mighty fine cuppa.
At Eden Springs, there’s nothing we love more than eco-efficient coffee solutions – and this Coffeebrewer certainly fits the bill. It’s Sustainable Energy Week 2014 – What will you be doing to reduce your carbon footprint this week? The term “carbon footprint” has been a major buzz word in recent years, with growing pressure on both organisations and individuals to reduce their environmental impact. There are numerous apps already on the market which provide advice and tips aimed at reducing your carbon footprint based on your activities.
The data is then presented back to users in an easy-to-understand graph, showing users exactly what impact they are having on the environment.
One nifty feature of the Oroeco app is the ability to offset your carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offsets at the touch of a button.
With apps like this becoming more readily available, and more prominent in the mainstream, we’re happy to see that society seems to be taking a welcome step into the world of green living. At Eden Springs, we take our commitment to the environment seriously, which is why we were the first Carbon Neutral certified water cooler supplier in the UK.
If you’re on the hunt for eco-friendly office products with the power to minimise your own carbon footprint, Eden Springs can help. Our ContributorsEdward Leaman is a branding and design innovator who has worked with a number of global retailers such as GAP, Nike and Giorgio Armani. According to a survey from Statistics Canada, Canadian households consumed 1.4 million terajoules of energy in their homes in 2011, up four per cent from 2007. Changing your thermostat to a programmable one allows you to control the temperature in your home at different times of the day without you being there. According to BC Hydro, lighting in your home accounts for five to 20 per cent of your total household energy use.
In many cases, showers can be the largest single contributor to overall hot water use in a home, accounting for 15 per cent of total household energy use.

The average North American home has 25 or more products that use standby power — devices that are consuming electricity 24 hours a day. This temperature-sensitive timing device modifies your home's temperature throughout the day.
Payback Period: 5 monthsIf everyone in the country made one small change -- to replace standard lighting with energy-efficient alternatives -- we'd shave $8 billion from the nation's electric bill, according to Energy Star statistics.
Payback Period: 11 monthsHigher efficiency home furnace units not only reduce energy usage, but pollution as well.
Hiring a professional to design and create a beautiful landscape for your yard never is cheap. Energy production and consumption will vary greatly from state to state, and can even be different from county to county. In addition, saving energy will help in saving our planet by using less, polluting less, and keeping our own personal carbon footprint on the smaller side.
Whether it’s paying off debt, saving up an emergency fund, investing, or some other goal, it will be more productive than making your utility company more profitable than they already are. There are now reusable (washable) air filters available that will save you $20-$40 a year because they do not need to be replaced as often. This means not burning lights or running your appliances overnight and making sure your power strips for TV, stereo, and computer are in an energy-saving mode or even turned off when you’re asleep. In fact, 140 degrees may actually allow your hot water to reach scalding levels and be a danger. They may cost more upfront but you’ll save by replacing them far less often as well as by using less electricity. There are inexpensive ways to keep drafts out and energy inside your home both in winter and summer.
By adjusting your thermostat up a degree or two in the summer and down a degree or two in the winter, you can save about 2% on your energy bill which adds up over time.
Greatly reduce or eliminate your electrical usage one day a week in the name of conservation. I have done this activity several times over the years, and not only did it serve me well by saving money (about 17% on utility bills), but it formed a neat protest with others who object to the ever increasing energy costs to our wallet and our planet. We also entertained ourselves with a radio and board games so we didn’t go out of our minds, and even the kids loved it for the few months we did it each year. In addition, I am a shopper, born and bred, who enjoys the challenges of finding the best items for the best prices. My friend just moved into a home with a programmable thermostat and she can’t believe how much money it is saving her. While every caution has been taken to provide the readers with accurate information and honest analysis, please use your discretion before making any decisions based on the information in this blog. In addition, this site may be compensated if readers choose to utilize the affiliate links located throughout the content on this site and generate sales for the said merchant. It is therefore essential that your receptionist is a fantastic ambassador for the company. It is certainly possible to inject some colour and personality into your workplace whilst still remaining professional. Customers will be impressed by innovative technology which gives the impression that you are a forward thinking company. Actively listen to what they are saying and if they offer small details about their lives be interested and remember to ask about for future meetings. Why not place the tips up as a poster or computer desktop in your office to remind everybody to do their bit? Despite the increase in the amount of people that now recycle, waste going into landfill remains a serious problem – with coffee cups being a major culprit.
Over 2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away in the UK every year, with many of them not being recycled, resulting in a massive 25,000 tonnes of waste.
The new creation aims to combat the high volumes of litter generated by disposable coffee cups every year. Your staff can enjoy endless cups of Joe without worrying about the damage they’re potentially causing our future planet.
Also if the heating is switched on make sure all windows and doors are closed to keep in the warmth. Also remember to turn off the heating when the office is vacant a perfect example of this being Christmas break. The company behind the technological innovation, Water-Gen, hopes the technology will revolutionise developing nations by demonstrating a positive impact on communities suffering from lack of clean drinking water.
Water-Gen spokesperson Arye Kohavi has said “we believe that the products can be sold to developing countries in different civilian applications.
This causes the water in the air to condense, forming droplets, which are then collected in a tank inside the Water-Gen unit. To combat this pollution, the Water Generation Units employ a complex filtration system, removing any chemical or other contaminants – leaving behind nothing but clean and safe drinking water. Especially considering that, according to Water-Gen, it costs as little as 2 cents per each litre of water produced – providing perhaps the most cost effective solution to date for charities and governments investing in water provision for those in desperate need. In fact, Eden Springs is currently helping over 1000 school children and thousands of residents in the Kilimanjaro area of Tanzania, providing access to life-saving water sources. We work hard to ensure that our water is both locally and sustainably sourced as part of our ongoing environmental commitment. This nifty new invention combines coffee and cutting-edge design, resulting in a pouch with the power to change the instant coffee game for good.
Described by the man himself as a disposable French press, the Coffeebrewer is made from PE-coated paper and a filter material like the kind used to make rice bags.
The range includes Bolivia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ethiopia and Guatemala, each more scrumptious than the last, and each one boasting its own unique aroma – meaning this offbeat invention makes no sacrifices on the quality front.
We’re committed to the environment, providing offices throughout the UK with eco-friendly coffee machines and water coolers to keep you and your employees caffeinated and hydrated all day long. However, these have received a lukewarm reception thus far, with users failing to use them on a regular basis as part of their daily life.
This means that if you’re in the red one month, you can soothe your environmental conscience by donating your money to carbon negative organisations. With the help of Oroeco’s social media functionality, we should only continue to see environmental awareness infiltrate the public consciousness – and our collective carbon footprint decrease along with it. We care about our planet and admire the innovation of apps like Oroeco, as we’re also dedicated to providing our customers with environmentally friendly products, via our water and coffee solutions. Our range of environmentally-conscious water coolers and coffee machines are the ultimate green addition to any office, helping you to fulfil your commitment to the environment – and stay gloriously hydrated all day long. You've replaced your standard incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), and you turn off the lights every time you leave the room. In the winter, set the thermostat to 68 degrees F or lower when you're at home and 65 degrees F when you're away.
In the summer, set the thermostat to 78 degrees F or higher when you're at home and 80-85 degrees F when you're away. While the average amount of energy consumed per household edged down from 106 gigajoules (GJ) in 2007 to 105 GJ in 2011, the survey showed only 82 per cent of respondents reported using at least one energy saving practice in their homes. Less than 10 per cent of the energy consumed by an incandescent bulb is used for lighting, with the remaining 90 per cent simply going to waste in the form of heat. An easy way to check for leaks around your home is to wait for a cold, windy day then light a few incense sticks.
Replacing a conventional showerhead with a low-flow model is as inexpensive as $15 and is usually a quick and simple job. Standby power can account for 10 per cent of an average household’s annual electricity consumption.
If you live in an older home or a builder-grade model, chances are your appliances and heating and cooling devices are costing you more money.
After installing a programmable thermostat, homeowners should consider upgrading an older central cooling unit.
New technologies let you set small loads, wash for shorter periods and use less chemical detergent. In the modern age every room has energy needs that must be accounted for, and although most people have a regular energy source the cost may not be consistent. Energy companies in DC will probably have different rates than Ohio energy suppliers, who will show costs differently than Massachusetts energy rates. Sherrod, voted the state’s best 16 times, was admired for his lively style and for mentoring Dan Jenkins and other younger writers.

That’s important to me and my personal philosophy to do so for the benefit of future generations.
Your local water, electric, and gas companies perform these audits year-round and never charge for it because it benefits them as well to have control over their supply costs. You would be shocked to know the true costs of running such things when you are not even available to use them. You won’t notice any real loss of that temperature by switching and it will save you money every day of the year.
Sometimes you can find promotions or rebates on them, and occasionally there are utility programs that give them out for free. Additionally, there are rebate programs and other offers provided by federal and state government as well as utilities which give added incentive to buy such appliances. When I'm not busy saving money or writing here at Super Saving Tips, I enjoy baseball, music, and classic movies. It may or may not apply to your particular circumstances and when in doubt, please consult an appropriate professional. Ensure that he or she is an excellent communicator with good people skills and the ability to multi task. America’s coffee drinkers are also contributing to the pollution, with an alarming 145 billion cups being discarded annually, making it an issue that needs addressing. Not only is the new eco-cup biodegradable, but its walls are embedded with seeds – allowing it to be planted after use.
Water coolers are also an effective way to reduce your staff’s purchasing of plastic bottles.
The concept of air dehumidification isn’t new – however, heat exchangers are traditionally expensive to run, whereas Water-Gen have successfully created an ultra-efficient system, minimising electricity usage. This fantastic five-minute brew is an absolute game-changer for outdoor cuisine, with hikers, runners, cyclists, skiers and all kinds of fitness fans an all-new way to get that caffeine boost on the move. Gourmet coffee lovers might think there’s no way that a system this simple couldn’t possible have superior results – but this one-of-a-kind brewing system preserves your coffee’s natural oils, enhancing both the flavour and the aroma, achieving one particularly beautiful brew. Each bag makes two cups of coffee when using 300ml of water, with the ground beans held in a special filter the water pours through. Since 2007, we have even implemented an ecological program designed to reduce CO2 emissions – and encourage the rest of the industry to follow in our carbon neutral footsteps. CREB®Now is offering up a few suggestions to bring those energy use numbers down, and perhaps increase the number of households doing their part to cut down on energy usage. Research from the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology shows that winter setbacks for the houses tested would result in heating cost savings of five to 15 per cent, with the highest savings coming with a reduction of 6°C.
An ENERGY STAR® compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) uses about 75 per cent less energy than a standard incandescent bulb to produce the same amount of light—and it will last up to eight times as long. Paying special attention to outside windows and doors, electrical outlets on outside walls, doors to unheated areas and around plumbing and pipes, watch the smoke from the incense for signs of a draft. For the average family of three, that could save 26,600 litres of hot water and between $80 and $100 annually on your energy costs. An easy way to turn your electronic devices all the way off, and limit standby power use, is to plug all electronics into a surge protector or power bar that can be switched off when the electronics are not being used.
In this slide show, we review six energy-efficient upgrades and the potential savings from each. According to Energy Star, homeowners can reduce annual heating and cooling costs by 20 to 30 percent. You can reduce the amount of money you spend on electricity by installing a programmable thermostat, taking shorter showers, and making sure you have modern energy efficient appliances. Your bill will provide a breakdown of these costs, and if you’re curious about a certain area this information can usually be found online. Even if you are a renter, you should ask your landlord to check any utilities that you pay for to be audited annually. A ceiling fan left running at medium speed overnight in a room you are not using can cost you an extra $35 each year. You can do it yourself with the instructions that came with your water heater or have it done by the home auditor from your utility company. If you’re replacing more than one appliance at a time, bundling your purchases from the same retailer can also save you money (remember, you can negotiate!). If you head out to work or school, you can drop it back down to 65 during those hours and set it to return to 67 just before you return home. We slept in front of the fireplace in winter, bundled on air mattresses with heavy blankets, and in the summer, we kept the windows open and slept au naturel (in our own rooms, of course). Despite many coffee cups now being made from recyclable materials, a large proportion of these are still disposed of incorrectly – and get thrown in with the everyday trash. As well as containing seeds which are native to the areas in which the coffee cups will be introduced, each cup contains at least one tree seed – in the hopes that this will repopulate barren areas of land. Encouraging your staff to be environmentally savvy is cost-effective and a positive improvement for your business.
The Oroeco app uses data from the Mint personal finance app to monitor each user’s spending data and purchases, automatically calculating their carbon impact based on their spending. Users are able to share their carbon footprint with their friends and compete with each other in a “who is the greenest?” challenge.
That means as soon as you install a CFL, you’ll be using a quarter of the energy you used to in that spot and you’ll need to buy only one CFL for every eight incandescent. Where a draft is detected, use weatherstripping, caulking or gaskets to eliminate or lessen the leakage. Purchasing a low-flow aerator for your kitchen sink can save another $25 on hot water costs annually. Certain “smart strips” or current sensing power bars can even shut down all connected appliances or electronics once a main appliance is shut down.
In 1995, the generation of electricity was represented as about two-thirds of the final cost that the user paid. A programmable thermostat alone can save an estimated 10% per year on heating and cooling costs.
Often there is only one electrical provider in an area, but sometimes you can get a better deal if you live where there are competing energy companies. And speaking of those fans, make sure you adjust the switch (or the blades) to cause the air to be pushed down (clockwise) in winter and pulled up (counter-clockwise) in summer. It was a small sacrifice and it taught us all a good lesson of what it was like back in the days of old, and what it could be like in a dim future if we continue wasting energy.
Although planting the coffee cups is the main focus of the initiative, the cup will fully biodegrade in less than 200 days – even if it’s thrown out with everyday waste. See how your business can do its part by checking out Eden Spring’s wide range of eco-friendly coffee machines and water coolers.
Oroeco also plan on running competitions with environmentally friendly prizes to help users further reduce their carbon footprint at home.
For especially difficult drafts, enlist the help of a local hardware salesperson or home inspector.
Although no one wants to be frugal with their showers, water heating accounts for about 14 to 18% of a normal utility bill. As well as encouraging customers to plant the cups themselves, the company are also happy to do the gardening work for them! It may seem counterintuitive to spend more money to save on utilities, a modern refrigerator uses three-quarters less energy than its 1975 equal, even though they are larger and actually cost 60% less. For example, if you do live in Massachusetts and look for Massachusetts energy rates, you may be able to get a good deal for switching providers. As the world’s largest coffee chain, Starbucks are responsible for distributing a huge 4 billion disposable cups worldwide. You'll be surprised how easy it is to preserve your HVAC units, save energy, and lower your bills. In 2014 they faced scrutiny regarding their approach to recycling, admitting they had failed in their mission to get more customers using their own reusable cups.

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