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In the heat of the moment, or through the haze of alcohol, unprotected sex can seem ok.  If in the cold light of day you regret your decision to trust to luck, or if you were using a condom that split or came off, emergency contraception can reduce the chances of you becoming pregnant.
In this article we’re going to look at the 3 types of emergency contraception and how effective they are. Although it’s not a serious medical problem, excessive sweating can cause sufferers a lot of misery and upset. The medical term is hyperhidrosis (say ‘high-per-hidd-roe-siss’) and here we’re going to look at what causes it and what can be done about it.
OK, hands up: who wants a reputation as the guy or girl who passed on a nasty disease?  No?  Well if embarrassment and discomfort aren’t your thing, then read this article.
If abstaining from sex isn’t an option, then using a condom is the best protection there is from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs or STIs – sexually transmitted infections).
Well the theory is great.  But what about the heat of the moment?  Could there be any more of a passion killer than raising the subject of using a condom? Here we’re going to look at ways you can protect yourself from pregnancy and disease AND have a good time.
Fungal nail infections affect about 3% of people and are more common in those over the age of 55 years.  Most are toenail infections but it can occur in the fingernails as well. If you’ve had a lot of athlete’s foot attacks then you may be more prone to a fungal toenail infection if the athlete’s foot spreads into the nails.
If you take your shoes off and people back away from you or you don’t even have to take your shoes off, then it’s time to do something about it.  Perhaps you live with someone whose feet are not pleasantly perfumed and live with the windows open in all seasons because of the smell. This article is for you.  We’re going to look at the causes of and treatment for smelly feet – doctors call it bromodosis.
Athlete’s foot is a common complaint and can be treated either with over-the-counter meds from the pharmacy or with prescription drugs. Cases of gonorrhoea and syphilis are increasing every year all over the world.  That means that there’s much more chance of catching it if you have unprotected sex, and passing it on to someone else. In this article we’re going to look at the symptoms to look out for, as well as how to treat and prevent syphilis. Gonorrhoea is another common sexually transmitted infection (STI).  It affects men and women but can be treated effectively.
DISCLAIMERS.The information in these pages is not designed to replace the advice of your qualified medical or fitness professional.

Please note that the authors and editors are not responsible for the content of external sites - ie: sponsors and affiliates. Useful Note 2:A RISK FACTOR is anything that increases your chance of developing a disease. Having risk factors doesn’t mean that you will get the disease and not having risk factors doesn’t mean that you won’t get it. Even when the symptoms are more severe, they are simple to treat and can usually be very well controlled. Neurons in the sacral ganglia traditionally have been considered to be the site of HSV-2 latency.
The HSV-2 attaches itself to sacral ganglion at the base of the spine, this is why they are usually associated by lesions in the genital area (11). HSV-1 initially infects the mucosa around the mouth and gives rise to an inflammatory lesion which is rapidly cleared by the immune system.
And if you’re thinking about contraception then condoms, used properly, are up to 98% effective against pregnancy too.
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In the case of genital herpes, the herpes virus retreats to the sacral ganglion, situated near the tail of the spinal cord.
There have been only anecdotal reports of the treatment of other HSV-2related neurological disease, which suggests that acyclovir sodium at a dosage of 5 to 10 mgkg 3 times daily is sufficient for the treatment of HSV-2 meningitis and that a dosage of 10 mgkg 3 times daily is sufficient in myelitis and radiculitis. Loading the base of the spine, (Genital Herpes) with oxygenDMSO, as the survivors make it back to the sacral ganglion, should in theory kill numbers aswell. Similar to HSV-1, HSV-2 initially infects the genital mucosa and then establishes latency in neurons of the sacral ganglia. Old treatments and new drugs in development can ease or prevent, but still not cure, this viral disease.
In murine trigeminal ganglia harvested during HSV latency, 25 of HSV-1 latency-associated transcript (LAT) – and 4 of HSV-2 LAT-expressing neurons were A5 positive, while 12 of HSV-1 LAT- and 42 of HSV-2 LAT-expressing neurons were KH10 positive. HSV-2 reactivates more efficiently from the lumbar-sacral ganglia, giving rise to recurrent disease below the waist, including genital disease (16). In cases of genital herpes, HSV retreats to the sacral ganglion, located at the base of the spine.

Then the blisters become open sores, which later dry up, crust over, and heal without leaving a scar. In oral or facial herpes (cold sores) , HSV finds its way to the trigeminal ganglion, at the top of the spine.
Herpes blisters will self heal in about two weeks, so anything you use now will not add much.
If the virus sleeps there and it wakes up, why can scientists figure a way to place a filter or something around this sacral ganglia thru surgery, so when the virus chooses to wake up and passes thru this filter, it gets killed right away?
Recurrences of genital herpes are caused by herpes simplex virus which lies dormant in the sacral ganglia between bouts of active infection.
Administration of HSV-specific antibody also protects the sacral ganglia from HSV infection resulting from vaginal challenge 37, suggesting a role for antibody in protecting the neuron early in primary HSV infection, possibly by blocking infection of the sensory nerve ending or alternatively by acting at the level of the ganglia. As long as you treat the symptoms like you would a regular herpes outbreak, you can make it go away. Topical acyclovir cream is approved in many countries for treatment of herpes labialis, but there is sparse evidence for its efficacy.
HSV-1 commonly reactivates from the trigeminal ganglion to cause the cutaneous and mucocutaneous manifestations of recurrent facial herpes or cold sores. Second, symptomatic herpes in the sacral dermatome may sometimes be accompanied by asymptomatic shedding from the genital mucosa.
Appropriate techniques reveal virus in 50 of normal human trigeminal ganglia and, to a lesser extent, in cervical, sacral and vagal ganglia.
The disease may heal at this stage or progress with the development of a large dendritic ulcer which has a serpentine branching appearance. All herpes viruses are morphologically identical: they have a large double stranded DNA genome and a virion consisting of an icosahedral nucleocapsid which is surrounded by a lipid bilayer envelope. Oral herpes commonly targets the trigeminal nerve, the motor and chief sensory nerve of the face, while genital herpes commonly migrates to the sacral ganglia, located at the base of the spine. For a treatment against the herpes virus, there is no better topical product than Anti-Viral Elixir.

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