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It has precise steering and the suspension is adjustable to suit a range of driving styles and environments.
It runs six piston AP brakes on huge discs, magnetic ride control suspension with Touring, Sport and Track modes, a driver preference dial that recalibrates stability control, launch control, torque vectoring, steering, suspension and exhaust to suit tastes. On the outside you can't miss the GTS with its aggressive face, LED daytime driving lights, quad exhausts, aero body kit and 20-inch alloys shod with low profile Continental rubber - and yellow painted brake calipers.
The car was set up with assistance from V8 Supercar racer Garth Tander and is unequivocally the most powerful production car ever made in Australia -- as well as one of the fastest and quickest. The GTS goes for a sobering $92,990 for the six-speed manual with twin-clutch system while the six-speed performance auto adds $2500. Compare that to the GTS's most direct rival in terms of configuration, size, power and performance -- the Mercedes-Benz E63AMG S, and you will save $150,000. Inside the car is luxurious and engaging, lacking only the really out there electronic stuff found in the Germans like WiFi hotspot and other unnecessary stuff. The HSV GTS automatic is not just an alternative to the manual transmission, it's a completely different car.
We've already tested the six-speed manual version of the HSV GTS, which has so far been the enthusiasts' favourite, lining it up against the world's fastest sports sedan, the 'bahn-storming Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG.
Automatic transmission adds $2500 to the HSV GTS's $92,990 price tag, which means it's a snip over $100,000 by the time you're in the traffic.
There are built in "track trace" maps, which record the performance of the car (and your lap times) at every motor racing circuit in Australia.
Meanwhile, cornering grip and the ride over bumps are superb, despite running on massive 20-inch wheels.
With that in prospect, no wonder enthusiasts and collectors are snapping up the HSV GTS, while it still exists.
The HSV GTS automatic is not just an alternative to the manual transmission, it's a completely different car. Lairy: HSV is gearing up to launch a limited 125-unit run of special 25th Anniversary GTS sedans. HOLDEN Special Vehicles (HSV) has announced a special limited edition GTS sedan as part of its ongoing 25th anniversary celebrations.
Only 125 individually numbered examples of the special edition GTS will be sold, each from $84,990 plus on-road costs. New six-piston brakes have also been fitted, with a 50 per cent larger pad area that improves stopping power.
HSV general manager of sales Darren Bowler said the silver anniversary was an important milestone for the factory tuning shop, and that the new special edition model embodied all the company stands for. This new limited edition comes hot on the heels of the HSV range realignment in August, which saw the reintroduction of the ClubSport and Maloo nameplates to the line-up. LED headlighting, daytime running lights and SV enhanced braking adds to the fantastic, mod safety package. Inside you’ll enjoy the new Electronic Driver Interface and the latest in satellite navigation. If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, then the HSV GTS represents corruption on a level seldom seen outside banana republics ruled by crazed dictators. If you are behind the controls of the HSV GTS, then you will appreciate what the power assisted rack and pinion steering and the suspension (MacPherson struts, coil springs and stabiliser bar at the front; independent by multi link, coil springs and stabiliser at the back) can do for you. However, the makers of the HSV GTS haven’t neglected the other aspects of making driving enjoyable.
For anymore information on the HSV GTS, or for that matter any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181. This colossal creation by HSV trumps FPV’s very potent GT and its 335kW by almost 100kW, making it quite easily the most powerful road car Australia has ever made. When the VF Commodore was launched earlier this year it showed Australia that we could produce a truly world-class vehicle.
The GTS continues as the grandest and most expensive Commodore-based factory model, only overshadowed by the Caprice-based HSV Grange for price and luxury. The GTS also gets an Australia-first torque vectoring rear differential which is capable of sending power to the left and right wheels for maximum traction and directional leverage, resulting in epic cornering ability. Hunkering down in the driver’s seat makes you feel warm and fuzzy, especially as you anticipate firing over that heart-throbbing Chevrolet LSA engine.
Let’s talk more about some of the mechanical features of the GTS, as this is where a majority of your hard-earned money is going.
To top it all off every Gen-F HSV comes with huge six-piston brakes developed by AP Racing. Select either Performance or Track mode, find your favourite stretch of winding road, and cancel all of your day’s appointments. In these driving modes the stability and traction control are in the most lenient setting, allowing some slip and minor tail movement. Turning into corners with enthusiasm for the first few times will disorient your brain as it tries to comprehend what is happening. Switch the stability and traction control systems completely off and you’re left to your own skills.
Initial take off can be tricky (and fun) if you simply mash the throttle, but other than that, traction isn’t really a concern.
If you leave it in drive and flatten the accelerator, the GTS transforms from a humming V8 sedan into a growling lion, yelling angrily at the top of its lungs like you’ve just stolen its baby.

In our opinion, the engine is missing an authentic V8 muscle car soundtrack in relation to the amount of power and hoo-ha it generates. When it comes time to slow down, the six-piston front and four-piston rear AP brakes are astonishing.
As we, and many other motoring experts, have said before, the VF Commodore is a world-class product.
There’s no question, the HSV is able to put the power down whereas the FPV GT has a lot more trouble.
Thanks for the clarification Brett and I understand what you say about test vehicle availability. I totally agree with you JoeB, the current FPV GT has a heck of alot more power than 335Kw and Ford do know this.
The GTS does in fact have close to 430Kw or so, based on USA LSA dyno figures probably 400-410Kw at the crank, so it’s close to on the money. This review lacks technical information and in depth driver impressions for true car enthusiasts. It's safe, has superb performance, looks great, feels awesome to drive and you can even cruise in the lap of luxury.
The fastest car designed, engineered and built in Australia has a waiting list that stretches three months and beyond. But after sampling the six-speed automatic version of the HSV GTS, we've discovered a whole new car. Tiny magnetically controlled particles in the shock absorbers adjust the suspension response to road conditions. The best we could get out of a manual was a 4.7 seconds and that wasn't sparing the horses.
But the on-centre feeling of the electric power steering is still a little vague at freeway and suburban speeds. This is $2000 more than the regular GTS, but HSV claims the additions add up to more than $7500 of extra value. Going forward into the second half of 2011 sees HSV’s GTS gain more power and more sophistication. Holden has long been renowned for its muscle cars, and the HSV GTS is no exception for this. The system in the suspension called Magnetic Ride Control has been specially designed to change viscosity very quickly, giving the HSV GTS excellent handling and a comfortable ride. The leather trim interior of the HSV GTS go well with the powerful looking exterior, and the six-stack CD audio is available should you tire of listening to the lion beneath the HSV GTS bonnet roaring.
If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quotes requests out to our national network of HSV dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours. It is one of the most hotly anticipated vehicles of this year, but is there more to this beast than outright power?
It is perhaps the most advanced Commodore ever made, with all of the VF media and communication technologies on board, including a MyLink interface and automatic parking.
The largish steering wheel sits at perfect chest height while the gear selector is in the ideal spot to make you feel like a bit of a boss. Most of the cabin is very similar to the Clubsport ($71k), and on that note, pretty similar to the Commodore SS – aside from the seats and trim. Basically, this is the menu within the MyLink interface which allows you view things such as the bi-modal exhaust and intake status, the instant live torque gauge, track lap timers, the g-forces being applied to the lucky ones inside, and the race-car-like telemetry readout. Underneath, the GTS comes with a third-generation magnetic ride control suspension with adjustable settings.
It uses a 1.9-litre Eaton Roots-type supercharger with four-lobe rotors and a brick-type intercooler. What this does is apply braking to the inside wheel during corner acceleration while applying more torque to the outside wheel.
You can be quite vigorous with the steering wheel and throttle and it will remain controlled yet lightly psychotic. The torque vectoring pushes the outside of the car around corners while at the same time the inside wheel works like a hinge. With 430kW and, more worryingly, 740Nm on tap, you can’t help but think this monster is going to get rowdier than an angry biker at a pub at any moment.
This is not a vehicle that will drift or powerslide under pure full throttle, in other words.
Once it’s out, it can be held for as long as the corner lasts, or as long as your licence lasts. The supercharger whine takes over most of the induction noise and the bi-modal exhaust, which opens halfway up the rev range, leaves an almost confusing combination of sounds. In the GTS it comes with its own oil cooler and it offers throttle blipping during downshifts (in manual mode). HSV Australia’s Damon Paull told PerformanceDrive the demand is outstripping supply, with the current waiting list of around three to four months. If you look at some of the other very high performance sedans from around the world, such as the Audi RS 6, BMW M5, and Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG S, this comes in as a bit of a bargain. With the added engineering and performance that HSV applies, the ownership satisfaction could only be multiplied. You would think by now the journalists would be all over this car with extended road tests and analysis but all we have are drives around the block and a few drag runs.

HSV did a great job on the GTS but I just wished they could of updated the Auto gearbox, make it shift faster in a race mode and add some flappy paddles. I understand where you’re coming from, but times have changed and so have the fashions.
The reviewer and website has done Holden and Australian manufacturing a dis-service by not investigating this car’s true nature. If it turns out that this Commodore truly is the last (as is sadly but increasingly likely) then the HSV GTS will be a fitting exclamation point. As we discovered to our surprise (manual fans, look away now) the automatic is not only smoother, it accelerates faster than the manual version. Translated, it means it will keep the car tidy in corners by subtly applying the brakes as required. Overall this is class act and it will be a shame that Australian designers, engineers and factory workers are unlikely to be able to take the credit for such a magic piece of machinery in future.
The ABS brakes with emergency brake distribution and brake assist are a necessary part to rein in the power of the HSV GTS and avoid problems, but should the worst happen, you will definitely need the dual front and side airbags, the side curtain airbags, the active front headrests and the pre-tensioners in the front seats. In some areas, the interior fitment and quality is on par with its closest German rivals; Audi RS 6, BMW M5 and Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG.
For the GTS, special forged lightweight calipers are used along with a unique disc surface pattern. You can feel it wants to drive, and keep you happy doing it, at least until the fuel runs out after around 450km. The underlying platform and the way the suspension and tyres are set up, it’s sublime without the need for computer intervention.
Power is instant and torque propels the sedan up the road like a kid pushing a Matchbox car. If you’re after a pure V8 note, the Chrysler 300 SRT8 offers a clean thumping beat while the FPV GT crackles and pops like a race car. He's obsessed with driving, having played with Matchbox cars until he was tall enough to drive a real one. Doesn’t makie sense for the most significant and powerful (and last) performance car to ever be produced in this country.
It would be great to do such a test, but in the end we can only do what we can with the limited time. I also wish they could of spent a bit more money on packaging the new diff electronics better so that they could actually fit the spare tyre in it’s proper place in this car. Granted, the sticky surface of the drag strip start line would have helped, but even on the road the automatic version of the GTS just feels much more toey than the manual.
Its refinement perhaps shouldn't come as much of a surprise given that this engine and gearbox were also developed for a high-performance Cadillac in the US. If you are at the controls of this six-speed rear wheel drive, manual or automatic, you are in control of a lot of power.
Newly introduced, the EDI system gives all the low down on the car’s performance and progress.
Its walked right up to Ford, pointed out the FPV GT, and then given it a KO punch straight in the face. It’s a big statement by HSV, and it hammers home the fact that Australia has the ability and enthusiasm to create a genuine high performance vehicle gaugeable on an international scale. You can press on while pressing on the accelerator pedal rather hard and the 275 rear tyres hardly batter an eyelid.
About the only aspect that restricts it from obtaining even quicker times is the six-speed auto transmission.
Love to see some **in-depth** comparisons with GTS against GT Falcon and F6 initially and then compare it to some others like Chrysler SRT. Such a large GT car as the GTS should have a full sized spare without it just sitting in the boot like it does if you want it. Another downside comes from the impressive looks of the HSV GTS – it is eye-catching and will attract the attention of over-zealous police officers. Each to their own though Tom – I just like the sparkle (definitley not bling) of a classic mag wheel.
The new dark anthracite rims look awesome and it’s what most race cars in most categories now run colourwise. BTW, it will be fascinating to see if For boosts the GT (and F6??) by a little to match the FH facelift next year.
If they really want to leave a favourable impression on Aussie prio their exit they’d be silly not to lift the performance, even a bit. With such massive brakes if you had a light coloured rim or a highly polished rim like you suggest they would just look horrible after a days hard driving.
Seems the drivetrain can take 400Kw+ without falling a part so lets keep the faith ’til then!

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