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To book our special Behind-the-Scenes Farm Tours, held every day at 11 am and also on weekends at 11 am and 1 pm, go to Programs & Events and click on Baby Animals to reserve your spot. Watch sheep herder Fred de Paul shear the winter wool from a sheep at HSV!  See Fred live in the Round Stone Barn on the weekend of April 30 РMay 1. Admission includes access to all 20 historic buildings, exhibits and daily activities (talks, tours and demonstrations). The simplicity of our Shaker farm and the timeless historic Village provide the perfect backdrop for any wedding.

Flocking technique increases surface area of the swab and puts the collection material where it needs to be.
Restricted content can be accessed by logging in with username member and the Council 10208 password. A variety of rooms to choose from in both modern and historic buildings, or book our Event Tent with views of the Round Stone Barn. The Museum, Historic Village, Farm, Village Store and Cafe are OPEN every day with Baby Animals on the Shaker Farm (through May 8).

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