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This may sound very unscientific to many because every STD has its unique bacteria or virus, but there are other factors which makes these STDs are very similar. The most common way of syphilis infection is intimate sexual contact, either natural or unnatural. Other possible causes of contacting syphilis is sharing infected needles or infected sex toys with an infected person. If somebody contacts both HIV and syphilis, it can be really serious, because syphilis can progress much more rapidly under such conditions. Best way to get rid of this killer STD is to detect it early by STD testing, and then go for appropriate treatment.
It keeps your attention away by imitating other diseases and for most of the time it keeps you confused.
Our FDA-Approved HIV RNA test can be taken after 6 days of exposure and conclusively detect an HIV infection as early as 9-11 days after exposure. These micro-organisms not only replicate in human body but also create a susceptibility for future infections. Throughout the history of human race you can find the references to the presence of syphilis.
It has head like structures at both ends.  Next to that is the insertion point that helps in attacking the cell membrane and penetrate it.

It can never propagate from a donor to a victim t survive for long without a host, it cannot propagate by sharing toilets, bathtubs, clothing, and utensils.
There have been regular increase in the number of cases, but they are considerably less in comparison to number of cases of HIV. They are very prone to HIV, at least three to five times more in comparison to people who are clean.
Otherwise one can choose to have sexual contact with a partner who is clean and remains faithful thereafter. What makes it the deadliest of all STDs is that it makes permanent changes to your body and your major organs; even your brain is not spared. You can a get a  Home Syphilis Test Kit and get a diagnosis in about as quickly as 15 to 20 minutes. Though, Gonorrhea  can contest for the position, yet I consider syphilis to be the root of all STDs, because it spares no area or organ in the human body. The first infection of a STD renders the individual very susceptible to other venereal diseases. Some of the cases of leprosy or lepra were actually Syphilis in its tertiary stage, but mis-diagnosed. It can affect soft tissues, bones, teeth, skin, and vital organs like brain, eyes, liver, and almost any organ.

It can also be passed to a person through prolonged physical contact with an infected person.
It uses this time to attack and destroy those areas of body first that  it can access easily.
So, other than the susceptibility it causes, following are the causes for such a consideration. This open wound makes it easier for the HIV virus  to enter the blood easily during any sort of sexual activity.
If the state of the mother is very advanced, say she has advanced to tertiary Syphilis state, then the child may be still born or if alive, can come with severe health problems. When it reaches the secondary stage, it manifests again with some acute symptoms, but by then it becomes difficult to annihilate.
Probably, this simple STD has evolved with time to give rise to complicated viruses such as HIV and HSV.

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