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Doing too much at too fast of a pace has worn them down, causing them to lose their focus and affecting their ability to see things the way they really are.A I know exactly what ita€™s like to move at such a fast pace a€” to get the adrenaline flowing and then keep it flowing like a river for days at a time. When youa€™re moving that fast, ita€™s difficult to stop when you finally try to sit down and rest because your adrenaline is still racing.
You may be sitting down physically, but youa€™re still running emotionally!A Therea€™s a big problem with moving so fast. The demands of our schedule a€” job, family, church, friendships, and so forth a€” start piling up, each overlaying the other as we race from place to place. The work suffers because wea€™re too tired to perform at 100 percent and therefore cana€™t do our job to our full potential.
This then results in our having to battle feelings of condemnation for not doing a better job!A Leta€™s face it a€” ita€™s extremely difficult to do everything simultaneously.
You may be able to swing it for a while, but in time, youa€™ll start missing important details, forgetting what you said, missing appointments, messing up in your finances, and even getting emotional over unemotional issues because youa€™ve pushed yourself beyond your limit. If this is you, slow down and set aside some time to spend with the Lord.A I have to admit that sometimes I also fall into the trap of doing too many things too fast.
Ita€™s not that I want to move so fast, butA to get it all done correctly, I have to keep moving and stay on schedule. If I delay in one area, itA throws everything else off schedule and creates a schedule crisis for many others in the ministry.

This is obviously a person who has a lot of responsibility and is doing his best toA do it all in a professional and excellent fashion.
In order to do everything that is on his plate, thisA person is required to work hard all the time. But in order to truly enter His Presence so we can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, we mustA first quiet ourselves by getting away from the commotion of life and finding a quiet place to worship,A pray, and read the Word. Thata€™s the only way we can quiet our soul enough to be able to hearA Goda€™s voice speaking to our inner man. Once youa€™ve stopped long enough to really rest inA His Presence, youa€™re finally in a position where you can start receiving from Him. Tarry there awhile, and let the Holy Spirit give you peace, joy, strength, andA direction.A Learn to rest in Goda€™s Presence. You see, there is a quiet place in Him, a place of refreshing,A where you will find comfort, peace, and protection a€” every time. As you do, the Holy Spirit will release His resurrection powerA and you will be quickened in your physical body. Today I am making the choice to put everything else aside and to make my time with You the top priority in my day.
Spirit of God, my schedule is very full, and I need special strength to make it through this busy time.

I will therefore quiet myself from the commotion of life and get into the Presence of Jesus. It is my key to remaining steadfast and strong enough to keep on schedule and to stay on track with everything I need to do.
The Holy Spirit will release His resurrection power in me, and I will be strengthened, refreshed, recharged, and empowered by God. Is your time with Him more important to you than all the other things that youa€™re scheduled to accomplish? If your time with Him really is that important, is there a reason you havena€™t planned it into your schedule?A 2. But in order to truly enter HisPresence so we can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, we must first quiet ourselves by getting away from the commotion of life andfinding a quiet place to worship, pray, and read the Word. Thata€™s the only way we can quiet our soul enough to be able to hearGoda€™s voice speaking to our inner man.

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