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After co-writing the double-platinum single "Home," performed by American Idol winner Phillip Phillips, and the debut single from The Voice champion Jermaine Paul, Scottish-born, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Greg Holden recently entered the US Billboard charts with his own single "The Lost Boy," selling 20,000 copies in one week.
Holden said, "I had lost the excitement and energy that comes with being a musician and chasing a dream." He needed an energy or some drive or boost in order to want to do it again. Holden shed a little light on the songwriting process itself, saying that he normally does lyrics first, but for "I Need an Energy," he did production and lyrics concurrently, making it a special track. The song also sat on the shelf for a bit, and he revisited it six months later, discovering the gem that it is!

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At Christmas 2011, "The Lost Boy" shot to #1 on iTunes Holland during a Red Cross charity campaign, resulting in a sold-out tour there the following spring. Holden broke it down for us, sharing the deeper meaning behind his crazy catchy song "I Need an Energy," which appears on the Chasing Mavericks soundtrack.

It was almost a cry for help to make him realize why he made such great sacrifices to pursue a career in a tough business like music and entertainment! Holden's latest single, "I Need an Energy," featured in the new motion picture Chasing Mavericks, is also gaining worldwide interest.

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