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Oaa?aaiua O?eee, i?eaeaoaai anao ia?aeoe ia iiao? aa?ne? naeoa, ia eioi?ie iu ?aoeee ia?aou ana n ?enoiai eenoa. Quotes from Dave Carolan: Be a Positive Energy Trampoline - absorb what you need and rebound more back! Recently we asked our Facebook followers for challenges they face in trying to fit exercise into their daily lives. Do a quick 5 minute energizing workout right after you wake up and then do another 5 minute workout in the evening.

I’m sure some of you are laughing right now, since your day is already jam packed and you can’t possibly slip away to workout. Here’s one idea that I like to do that coincidentally is also a great way to track your progress over time – pick one exercise and do as many reps as you can in 5 minutes. As one mom of two explains, “It’s hard to get up early in the morning because the baby doesn’t sleep through the night. So, for your energizing morning workout I’d recommend choosing an exercise that will get your heart pumping, such as jumping jacks, fast squats, jump squats, mountain climbers or burpees. If you compartmentalize exercise from the rest of your life, it can seem impossible to get away for an hour several times a week to workout. Everyone is different but we all need a decent amount of good quality sleep overnight to ensure we are functioning at our optimum. It helps us to process all the things that go on inner lives, and also to regenerate physically. There is also conflicting opinion about what you should drink – just water, or does tea and coffee count? Why not monitor it to see if it makes you feel better?Nutrition – Food is the fuel that keeps our bodies and our minds functioning. Is this the best way to fuel yourself for all the things you want to or have to do in your life? However, I know that if I fuel myself correctly in the morning I can get so much more done.
This is especially important if I have a morning at the gym planned otherwise I won’t make it through the classes.

What changes could you make to improve the nutrition that your body receives?Exercise – this may seem counter intuitive, but exercise really helps to improve your energy levels. If you can find the energy to exercise (eat good food!) then exercise will give you more energy to fulfil all the other things you want or have to do. I love training with weights but the gym can be lonely, so currently I prefer classes, they are fun, you get to meet people and I think I work harder with a trainer in the room. I like high impact, cardio vascular training, but I also love yoga and dancing so I have a real mix of exercise going on, at least 4 times a week. What can you do to add some regular exercise in to your week?
This happens for lots of reasons including simply the physical energy it takes to participate in the event. I know that I need some quiet time to myself to regenerate and get my energy levels back to normal. Meditation is great for this, as is getting out in nature, or even just a quiet cup of tea on my own without any other stimuli.Conversely, too much time spent alone can drive me a little bit bonkers!
Grabbing coffee with a friend, having a good catchup on the phone, going to a social or business event, or rounding a few people up for a night out are great ways to feel that connection with others again.Be honest, check in with yourself now and again and ask yourself, do I have enough energy to fuel my life, as I want it to be? Have you ever thought you wouldn’t go to that class, or in that run, and then when you do you tell yourself off for forgetting how great it makes you feel?

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