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He adds that knowing the cross section of the tire provides information about safety and performance issues.
Since launching in the fourth quarter of 2014, BeBop has completed 14 new sensors for OEMs in numerous fields. Community Energy Storage Storage for Cleaner, Lower-Cost ElectricityNRDC’s Robin Roy explains why community energy storage has gained support from electric trade associations, environmental advocates, utilities and manufacturers.
Energy Department, American Efficient, EnerNOC, AwesenseSo Much Energy Storage Data, So Much to Do with It!

She is the host of Energy Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast, which has hundreds of thousands of subscribers. McMillen sees many possible applications in automative, health, sports and industrial markets for original equipment manufacturers. In this example, the information gathered by the sensors can be used to predict strokes, he says.
Her energy articles have appeared in EnergyBiz, Horizon Air Magazine, Natural Home, Windpower Monthly, Mother Earth News, The Oregonian, and other regional and national publications.

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