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I think I may have an outbreak of cold sores coming out (I usually get them when I’m stressed etc).
Wow, Latent Lover – you can actually tell when your cold sores are coming on, BEFORE you get any tingling or blistering? Herpes and Alzheimer’s disease may seem completely unrelated, but a team of scientists says that they have more in common than you’d think. In the editorial, researchers note that these viruses and bacteria are common in the brains of elderly people. Most Alzheimer’s research currently focuses on the buildup of amlyoid plaques and tau proteins in the brain, which keep neurons from communicating with each other. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s disease is the only top 10 cause of death in America that can’t be prevented, cured, or slowed down. While we most often link herpes and chlamydia with unsafe sex practices, editorial co-author Douglas Kell, a professor at the University of Manchester’s School of Chemistry, says practicing safe sex “may or may not be pertinent” to Alzheimer’s disease since herpes in particular is so prevalent.
Once they’re awake, these viruses divide and secrete molecules that cause their host cells to die. If scientists find that there’s a particular, less common virus that that is linked to Alzheimer’s disease “that’s a different story,” he says. The WHO approximates 320 million infected, 178 million of which are women and the other 132 million are men. On the other hand, HSV-2 results in painful blisters that may be accompanied by flu-like symptoms.
It appears that people living in developing countries have a higher incidence of contracting the disease compared with those living in first-world countries like America and Europe. Scheuster and the Frat Boys are racing around to get cardboard, and they’re both heading back to the drop-off. In a really weird scene, while Lady Scheuster is gathering cardboard, Mr Scheuster goes and gets a drink out of an old guy’s can of something.
In this road block, one team member must learn steps in a tango, which is performed half on the floor, and then half suspended with their feet on the wall. They arrive at the dance task, and Hole Doctor North, Diane from Quahog 5 News, and Boy Dean all decide to do the task. Short Frat Boy fails again, frustrating Tall Frat boy even more when Ms Name Dropper completes it. The near-final group shows up with Skillz that Killz (MoreDreadz decides to do it) and NotCharla (for some unknown reason, Sporty decides on this one.

After failing one more time, Short Frat Boy finally passes, and they leave in 3rd, followed shortly by Open Wide, and Boy Dean, who does his happy jump-clap.
We’re nearing the end of the dance challenge, with PomPoms killing it for 6th place and Diane from Quahog 5 News killing it for 7th.
The Pom Poms and Quahog 5 both hit the mat within seconds of each other, leaving the final 3 times (who have all finished the dancing at this point) hoping not to get last. NotCharla, Skillz that Killz, and Team Hep all search for cabs, get them, and then rush to the Pit Stop. Team Hep arrives first (in 8th place), Skillz that Killz arrives in 9th, and finally, NotCharla arrives last.
JimbobJones hails from Northern California, where he enjoys all things geeky, including board games, writing horror, reality TV, professional wrestling, and avoiding the sun whenever possible. You guys are in for a treat Sunday, as I try to make the DULLEST EPISODE EVER into a recap worth reading. Meant to thank you for the Simpsons screen grab “Stay off the West Side!!!” from the Falafel food truck ep. Mummy, I quite enjoyed your post and shockingly, I can’t quibble a single thing you wrote. My hope is that her attitude was all stress (because they did just go through a massive amount of waiting with a short flight in between), but we’ll see. As for future prevention, allow me to recommend tossing a condom on there before going downtown – a simple barrier over the skin will protect from HSV spread. In a new editorial in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, more than 30 Alzheimer’s experts argue that microbes—specifically the herpes virus, chlamydia bacteria, and spirochaete bacteria—are major causes of dementia. And, they say, antimicrobial drugs might help dampen these bacteria and viruses, stopping or slowing the progression of dementia.
Scientists say the virus has been linked to damage in the body’s central nervous system and limbic system (nerves and networks in the brain)—and that damage is linked to mental decline. You can also get the herpes virus from kissing or by having contact with an infected person’s skin or mucous membranes at certain times, for example.
Stress or if a person’s immune system is compromised, although Kell says “free iron,” a condition that can occur if the person’s iron metabolism is off, leading to cell damage, can also be a cause. However, his research has found that amyloid plaques are triggered in the brain as a defense mechanism to fight viruses and bacteria, causing dementia as a side effect.
In addition, children in rich countries are also less likely to contract the infection, but both men and women have an increased chance of acquiring genital herpes via oral sex.

It looks like something I would totally let my partner do, because I’m a horrible dancer. Sporty is irritated that they only made it two legs, but then they come back saying it was an awesome experience that they’ll remember forever. This is going to take creativity, every bit of my willpower, and a fifth of any kind of booze to make interesting.
A friend and I were once accused of cheating at a game of Taboo after we crushed the other team using quotes almost entirely from the show. Those are always the best seasons — when you have people to root for and people to hate in equal measure (as opposed to that one season a few years ago where I liked exactly 1 person of the 4 teams left). According to the World Health Organization, an estimated two-thirds of the population have the herpes virus, and may not even know it.
Tom from Quahog 5 News is in the back, being supportive, telling her she’s doing a great job.
Having seen how Doctor South acts in times of stress, it’ll be shorter than he knows.
Certain things in this review may be slightly out of order for easier editing, like grouping people finishing a leg. Morning Drive Personality boohooing in the car after it was deemed too windy for the express pass. Running at the end like that to show you can beat Team momsahobophobe (saw that on another site but it’s good ?? was stupid. If they keep this up, I may start to like them, so they’d better start acting assy soon. Rather than turn around and head toward the statue task (which, let’s face it, would probably get them eliminated right now), they decide to go look for a cart. Loved the dancing challenge and have to assume production paid the regular recyclers or supplied the cardboard.

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