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A new fabrication method enabled researchers to make larger perovskite cells with few defects, helping to maintain efficiency at larger cell sizes.
Perovskite solar cells are cheaper to make than traditional silicon cells and their electricity conversion efficiency is improving rapidly. Using a newly developed fabrication method, a research team has attained better than a 15-percent energy conversion efficiency from perovskite solar cells larger than one square centimeter area. Perovskites, materials with a particular crystalline structure, have caused quite a buzz in the solar energy world. Maintaining high efficiency on larger perovskite cells has proved to be a challenge, Padture says. The fabrication process that the Brown and NREL researchers reported in this latest paper builds on a previously reported method developed by Yuanyuan Zhou, a graduate student in Padture's lab. In this new study Zhou and Mengjin Yang, a postdoctoral researcher at NREL, developed a trick to grow the perovskite crystals to a larger size. Padture and colleagues at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln were recently awarded a $4-million grant by the National Science Foundation to expand their perovskite research. Nano-electronics research center imec announced today at Intersolar Europe, a thin-film perovskite photovoltaic (PV) module of a power conversion efficiency of eight percent measured over an aperture area of 16cm2. Consumers aren't embracing electric cars and trucks, partly due to the dearth of charging stations required to keep them moving. Silicon absorbers primarily convert the red portion of the solar spectrum very effectively into electrical energy, whereas the blue portions are partially lost as heat. High-frequency antennas transmit radio waves across vast distances and even over mountain ranges using very little energy, making them ideal for military communications. Virtual reality, oddly enough, isn't immune to the problems that arise in practical reality. Apple is edging its way a little further into health care with the release of new iPhone apps that patients can use to manage their own medical conditionsa€”from diabetes to pregnancy and even depression.
It's now possiblea€”though neither easy nor particularly convenienta€”to buy stuff on Facebook via automated messaging "bots." But it's far from clear that people really want to go shopping on the social network. Reduce operating costs by up to 60% while improving safety and efficiency in your manufacturing facility.
In addition to providing industry leading LED lighting products for manufacturing plants, we also offer expert lighting optimization services to ensure your facility is lit to the safest and most efficient of standards. Almost 600 energy storage projects have been announced or deployed worldwide, and such installations are gaining momentum, according to Pike Research. Pike said energy storage technologies offer the potential for a wide range of long-duration and short-duration applications, for balancing electric grid operations and improving efficiency.
Research analyst Anissa Dehamna said the energy storage market is dynamic, but largely immature, with most active projects using decades-old pumped hydro techniques. But a number of companies are investing in emerging technologies, which include advanced batteries, compressed air energy storage, flywheels, thermal storage and new pumped storage, such as seawater and closed-loop systems. Pike compiled the research using phone and in-person interviews with industry leaders, including technology companies, utilities, industry associations, government agencies and investors, as well as secondary research.

The compliance challenges that entities such as chemical, energy, or mining companies face are seemingly endless – and endlessly complex. Changing your home's light bulbs may be one of the simplest and cheapest ways to cut your electricity use substantially.
Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) save 75% on lighting costs, including both electricity costs and their longer lifespan of up to 20 times that of incandescent bulbs. Because the vast majority of energy from incandescent bulbs is given off as heat instead of light, think of them as individual little heaters that add to your cooling costs. The Department of Energy says that lighting is responsible for 8% of all energy consumption and 22% of electricity nationwide. Solar-powered outdoor lights use photovoltaic (PV) technology to capture energy from the sun and store it in a battery to provide night lighting. ENERGY STAR qualified light fixtures come with pin-based compact fluorescent lamps that are tested to last at least 10,000 hours (about 7 years, on average) versus standard screw-in bulbs which last about 1,000 hours or up to 1 year.
The researchers, from Brown University and the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), have reported their findings in the journal Advanced Materials. Perovskite solar cells are relatively cheap to make, and the efficiency with which they can convert sunlight into electricity has been increasing rapidly in recent years.
The trick is to add excess organic precursor that initially "glues" the small perovskite crystals and helps them merge into larger ones during a heat-treatment, which then bakes away the excess precursor. But are you aware of just how essential investing in a proper manufacturing lighting solution actually is? Our LED high bay lights for manufacturing plants are the product of more than 20 years of experience in the LED lighting industry as well as 40 years of experience in the manufacturing industry.
Pike’s Energy Storage Tracker 4Q11 found that a vast majority of announced energy storage capacity – 136,454 MW – is traditional pumped storage (see chart, above). And Pike said these technologies have a large share of market activity, considering their immaturity. Some systems use molten salt, while others are ice-based units such as those sold by Ice Energy, Calmac and Baltimore Aircoil. And because the word “compliance” means different things to different people, there are various ways to consider the state of being in compliance. Traditional incandescent light bulbs - which give off 90 percent of their energy as heat and only 10 percent as light - are on their way out. In small businesses, improving the efficiency of lighting is often one of the most cost-effective improvements to make. Tube fluorescent lighting has improved over the past decade to address problems like flickering or humming. LED's use a new semiconductor technology referred to as solid state lighting (SSL) systems. Researchers from Brown and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory report a method for making perovskite cells larger while maintaining efficiency.
Researchers have reported efficiency in perovskite cells of higher than 20 percent, which rivals traditional silicon cells.

Then the substrate is bathed in a second solvent (called anti-solvent) that selectively grabs the precursor-solvent and whisks it away. That gives us a film with fewer defects and higher efficiency." The 15-percent efficiency reached in this latest work is a good start, Padture said, but there's still room to improve. If you’re still operating with traditional lighting, you might as well be washing your money down the drain.
We have helped countless clients in the manufacturing industry to boost efficiency and reduce their energy bills while helping them to maintain a responsible, environmentally friendly public image. Improper placement of your lighting or having too few or too many fixtures can lead to serious issues and cost you money. But Pike said it has not been possible to incorporate all thermal energy storage projects into the tracker as much of this information is not publicly available. Combined with new electronic ballasts, this type of lighting can provide a warm-light atmosphere.
This technology is producing new lighting products that are substantially more efficient than current lighting options.
Those high efficiency ratings, however, have been achieved using cells only a tenth of a square centimetera€”fine for lab testing, but too small to be used in a solar panel. Ultimately, he would like to reach 20 to 25 percent in large-area cells, and he thinks that mark could be within reach using this method or a similar one.
LED lighting for manufacturing plants is designed to shrink your energy expenses and drastically reduce the need for maintenance.
Additionally, the unmatched quality of the LED lighting solutions we provide have to potential to increase safety and productivity within your manufacturing facility.
We will perform a thorough analysis of your facility and current lighting solutions to develop a strategy to effectively meet your needs. But over time, they last so much longer that the cost pencils out, and their cost is expected to continue dropping. This would be equivalent in air pollution to taking more than 8 million cars off the road for an entire year. Typical applications include lighting around the perimeter of a room and above the bathroom mirror.
LED holiday lights have grown popular and commercial grade LEDs make sense for many businesses. Combine these benefits with the ones you’ll reap through energy rebates, tax incentives and lighting grants, and you will find yourself wondering why you didn’t make the switch sooner.

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