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Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. CapTherm has been conducting in-depth studies to determine the effect operating temperature has on operating efficiency and power consumption in high-powered electronics and semiconductors.
Given our core products’ capacity for reducing energy consumption for our customers, CapTherm is already well-positioned to be a facilitator of greater sustainability. CapTherm’s sustainability strategy unfolds in the way we do business and is reflected through our company infrastructure.
Our corporate governance framework prompts us to select responsible suppliers, outsourcers and distributors.
CapTherm uses a refrigerant with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and zero Global Warming Potential (GWP). You may have seen similar diagrams and pictures of homes showing the areas where heat loss occurs in your home. You may have upgraded your furnace and your water heater to the latest models and be achieving high efficiency with these devices.
But the next area to be concerned about is what is happening to the heat once it is distributed within your home.
Have an energy consultant assess your home and give an estimate of what it would take to make your home more energy efficient. If you truly want to ensure that your home remains energy efficient, have an energy audit done. Sealing windows and weather-stripping doors and windows can greatly diminish drafts and therefore increase your home’s efficiency.
There are products on the market now that can actually learn your habits and modify the home’s energy use based on your habits.
When it comes to making a home more energy efficient, most people focus on the inside of their homes. While solar panels, geothermal heating, and brand new windows or energy efficient appliances will reduce your energy bills, they aren’t always cost effective. A water heater that is turned up to high or a furnace with an unchanged filter will diminish your home’s efficiency, yet they are both often overlooked.
While making large improvement can help cut costs, it’s important to also weigh the cost of the project versus the energy savings on a monthly basis. Samantha ReevesSenior Real Estate and Homebuying ExpertSamantha Reeves is a former attorney and mortgage loan originator who now uses her expertise to educate veterans and military families about the homebuying process. Isu tentang krisis energi merupakan isu yang paling banyak diperbincangkan akhir-akhir ini. Meskipun sudah diperbanyak pembangunan pembangkit listrik baru, namun hal itu tidak sebanding dengan angka kenaikan kebutuhan energi.
Ada banyak cara yang bisa kita lakukan untuk menimplementasikan konsep effisiensi energi, salah satunya adalah dengan menggunakan peralatan yang mempunyai tingkat effisiensi tinggi, contoh sederhana adalah penggunaan LED untuk bidang penerangan. Hal lain yang bisa kita lakukan untuk mendukung program effisiensi energi adalah dengan melakukan good maintenance.
Masalah yang sering menjadi temuan saat kegiatan maintenance adalah buruknya supply ke peralatan listrik (beban). You cans start off simply enough by upgrading the electronic components of your home, and you may be able to do so without a lot of additional expense. Of course, you’ll also want to purchase Energy-Star approved appliances for you kitchen, laundry room, and even your HVAC system if it is comprised of outdated, energy-guzzling equipment.
To keep your bills lower during the cold and hot months, as well as have a positive impact on the environment by going green, Shea Homes put together this infographic of 10 ideas to help improve your home’s energy efficiency. If we all made our homes a little more energy efficient, the energy savings would really add up. We believe that, by solving basic cooling problems, we will definitely improve energy efficiency but will also open up the scope for much more flexible industrial design possibilities. However, we also strive to implement sustainability practices throughout our internal company infrastructure, in concert with our internal stakeholders and shareholders and, externally, with our supplier relationships. We are constantly driven to develop and commercialize cleantech innovation and we strive to create and internalize a culture for sustainability and energy conservation among all our stake and shareholders.
We aim to develop a corporate image that is in line with the products we develop and the value proposition they convey. Instead of the traditional welding techniques we use ultrasonic welding equipment in most production steps, avoiding the traditional use of chemicals and fossil fuels.
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This particular one is from an article in Britain and therefore the savings are indicated in pounds rather than dollars. When we say high efficiency, anything above 95% efficient is considered high efficiency, especially compared to older models which were down in the 60% range.
Windows can be upgraded to with double pains and argon in between to deliver maximum efficiency. By applying caulking in these areas and also plugging or adding insulation as appropriate, consumers can reduce the drafts as well as reduce their heat loss and improve their heating bills as well.
However, the chilly weather doesn’t have to leave you dreading your next gas or electric bill. These audits can be done for free or at a low cost by your local energy company, and will let you know exactly where and how your home may losing energy efficiency. Without proper insulation your heat may be escaping through your ceiling and walls at such a rate that it seems as though your furnace is running continuously. Not only are these methods effective, but they’re also relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Solar panels can be expensive, even after tax rebates, and may take years to actually pay themselves off. You don’t want to take out a large loan to make big improvements if they don’t pay for themselves in savings pretty quickly. Sebagaimana diketahui bahwa cadangan energi fosil sudah semakin menipis, mau tidak mau harus ditemukan cara untuk menghasilkan sumber energi alternatif.
Untuk menghasilkan lux (tingkat terang cahaya) yang sama, LED membutuhkan energi listrik yang jauh lebih sedikit dibandingkan jenis lampu yang lain.
Dengan maintenance yang baik bisa diketahui apakah alat yang kita gunakan mempunyai tingkat effisiensi yang tinggi, dan tentunya di rawat dan dijaga agar peralatan kita selalu dalam kondisi best performanya. Jadi sebagus apapun peralatan listrik (entah lampu LED, motor listrik, komputer, dll) apabila disupply dengan listrik yang buruk maka peralatan tidak akan bekerja secara maksimal dan tidak effisien, bahkan bisa mengakibatkan pendeknya umur dari peralatan tersebut. For example, you can populate light fixtures with compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of incandescents. And you should certainly get on the programmable thermostat bandwagon since this tool can save you a ton on the energy front, as opposed to an old-time dial thermostat. You could also take the leap to alternative energy solutions by installing solar panels, a residential wind turbine, and a geo-exchange for heating and air conditioning.
This infographic outlines some simple ways to improve your home’s efficiency, which can also add value to your home and save you money. In addition, all our products and supplies are in compliance with environmental ROHS, ReACH directives and our supply chain has been optimized to reduce and minimize our carbon footprint.
Don’t be concerned about the currency, we all have the same issues when it comes to improving energy savings for our homes. Consumers who have taken this step to upgrade their furnace are already saving money by using the fuel they are paying for as efficiently as possible. As you can see from this diagram or picture, a great deal of heat loss can occur if you do not take steps to properly insulate your attic, walls, windows and doors in your home. Also apply caulking around them to ensure that there are no gaps to allow air to escape or enter the home along with insects and possibly moisture.
Doors and floors can be responsible for as much as 11% according to these estimates of your total heat loss. By simply making a few easy and typically inexpensive updates, you can increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce the cost of your utility bills. While it may not be a cheap or easy as flipping a light switch off or turning down the thermometer, properly insulating your home is well worth the cost. By reviewing all of your options and conducting research on each product, you will likely find one that meets your budget and your needs. Consider planting trees around the side of your home that gets the most exposure from the sun. However, a few tweaks here and there, such as making sure your water heater remains between 120 and 140, installing a low flow showerhead, or replacing incandescent bulbs with fluorescent, can add up and help your home remain more efficient without costing you a lot. And because of this, energy efficient improvements are a highly sought after measure for homeowners. Di indonesia sudah mulai banyak pembangkit-pembangkit listrik yang menggunakan sumber energi alternatif, entah itu dari sampah, pengolahan air limbah maupun dari tenaga matahari. Hal lain yang ditonjolkan adalah LED mempunyai umur yang panjang, sehingga dengan harga yang lebih mahal-pun akan menjadi sesuatu yang masuk akal.

Langkah awal Cara maintenace yang baik adalah dengan check temperature, atau bisa juga di check vibrasinya untuk peralatan yang bergetar. And these are not only few and far between, but they are bound to cost you a lot more money up front than comparable homes in your area. CFLs use about a third of the energy of their common counterparts and last up to ten times as long, saving you money overall even though they are slightly more expensive up front. But these upgrades will do you little good if your home is leaking the bought air at every possible point of egress.
While the average homeowner is puzzling over questions like, “why do AC units freeze up? Even something as simple as changing your light bulbs or fixing your leaky faucet can add up to some great cost savings. Remember to follow our instructions carefully to boost your chances of being chosen for publishing! Management, share and stakeholders all display various biographies that link to a background of sustainability and environmental consciousness.
If you are not well insulated, then  you are going to lose heat somewhere and that means it is going to cost you money as well. You may already have insulation in your attic and as far as you know the rest of the house is ok. Your windows can allow a third of your heat to escape unless they are properly installed and efficient.
Even though lower than the windows, it is still substantial and relatively easy to repair and inexpensive as well. Insulation in your attic should be at least R25 or higher to decrease the amount of energy being lost through the roof area. Make sure that your ceilings and walls have the insulation needed for your climate by checking with a local contractor.
In the summer, the tree will shield your home from excessive exposure, and in the winter, when the tree is bare, you’ll get the sun exposure you need to help warm your home. However, making your home energy efficient doesn’t have to mean spending thousands of dollars in updates. Disisi sumber energi sudah getolgetolnya membangun pembangkit-pembangkit baru, nah giliran kita sebagai pemakai juga harus memanfaatkan energi ini se-efisien mungkin. But there is a great solution for homeowners that want to save a little money on their purchase price and still go green on the home front. Or if you want to spend a little more you could replace lighting fixtures with LED options. For this reason you might want to hire a home energy auditor to perform an assessment of your home’s energy-efficiency and deliver a report that will help you to figure out if you need to seal leaks around windows and doors or upgrade your insulation all around, including new windows and doors. The majority of the processes we have chosen for manufacturing clearly display our mandate for sustainability and energy efficiency. A pressure test may cost you something, the real question is how quickly will you recover this cost through energy savings? Bushes around the home can also act as additional wind guards and therefore, help with insulation. A few quick and inexpensive fixes can have you saving money and more eco-friendly in a few short hours.
Wacana efisiensi energi memang bukan barang baru, namun tindakan riil di lapangan belum sesuai dengan yang diharapkan. Sesuai dengan perkembangan teknologi, kondisi kelistrikan pun sekarang sudah jauh berbeda dengan sepuluh tahun yang lalu. With a retrofit you can engineer the energy savings you want, cutting back on pollution, waste, and your electric bill in one fell swoop.
An energy retrofit may be different for every home and every homeowner, but the truth is that no matter what kind of budget you’re working with, there are options for home upgrades that will help you to conserve energy and save a bit on the cost of utilities.
Untuk itu diperlukan peralatan maintenance yang sesuai dengan perkembangan teknologi kelistrikan yang ada. And here are just a few options you might want to pursue in order to create the energy-efficient home you’re interested in owning.

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