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On my journey, I came across an old dusty book about crystals with a little piece of paper slipped inside.
Crystals operate much like a magnet, but think about it in relationship to energy beyond the 3rd dimension. Here is a list of the 38 Crystals from that secret piece of paper that I found, which I’ve remade on a printable PDF too so that you can have one as well. You can download it here. Aids self-expression, calms nerves, dispels intolerance and helps banish fears and phobias. Raises self esteem, stimulates mental focus and aids in the alignment with the higher self. Balances the emotional body and gives an awareness and understanding of subconscious blocks.
From the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl comes a novel about music, love, friendship, and freedom. Connect with your core spiritual self and increase your vibrational rate with 365 easy ideas quick enough to enjoy everyday. Melissa Alvarez lives in Juno Beach, FL, and is an internationally known spiritual coach and an award-winning author. Connect with your core spiritual self and increase your vibrational rate with 365 easy ideas quick enough to enjoy every day. Throughout your daily life, every interaction, reaction, and moment has an impact on your overall energy level and state of being. A high vibrational state of being is essential for connecting with your guides and angels, and opening to your spiritual gifts and abilities. By increasing your vibration you can experience increased states of creativity, intuition, joy, confidence, certainty, connection, and love. Plus, your vibration has a significant impact on what you attract into your life experience. Raise your vibration to attract positive situations, happy people, magical life experiences, and blessings.
Here are ten simple things you can start doing now (and return to on a consistent basis) to increase your frequency, and raise your vibration.
Everything is energy, including information, and some of it vibrates with a far higher or lower frequency than others. Blaming others and looking outside of yourself for the reasons why you’re in a low vibration is a sure fire way to lower your vibration even more. Click here for a free angel message with Archangel Uriel which will help you in increase your vibration by infusing your aura with Divine Love.
Remember that increasing your vibration is an ongoing process, and there is always room for improvement.
Listen to your intuition, follow your heart, laugh, play, take good care of yourself and do what is right for you to respond to life with love. This list of vibration raising activities is a good place to start, but is by no means an all encompassing list, what other activities do you use to increase your vibration?
Although Melanie no longer offers private readings, she has several recommended partners who are available to help you get answers, right now! Music is certainly very uplifting but also here you have to be careful to stick to the high vibrational kind.

Click Here To Get A Free Angel Message & To Receive Updates When New Messages Are Published! Some crystals push on higher frequencies, such as Selenite or Amethyst, where as others push on lower frequencies, such as Garnet or Tourmaline. It strengthens and purifies, balances the body’s energy field and enhances the imagination. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
When you use this guide to raise your frequency, youempower yourself to turn positive energy into happiness andabundance.Elevated spiritual energy attracts purpose and joy into yourlife.
She conducts workshops teaching others to connect with their psychic abilities and spirituality, and has performed psychic readings for nearly twenty years. Your every choice influences whether you are moving in the direction of raising or lowering your vibration. Lower vibrational frequencies are associated with stagnation, negative emotions, lethargy, health challenges, and even depression. A high vibrational frequency is one which is in alignment with health and wellbeing, positive thoughts and emotions, and increased spiritual awareness. Meditation serves to increase your awareness, and helps you to gain control over your mind so you can consciously choose positive thoughts which serve you.
You don’t have to take this to the extreme unless you want to, but do make a point to appreciate and commune with nature in some way on a daily basis. When you have things you’ve intended to do, but you keep putting them off, they pull at you, lowering your vibration until you get them done.
Regardless of whatever has or is happening to you, you are ultimately responsible for your vibration. There will be times where you really feel like you’re getting somewhere, and then you slip back a few steps in response to an outside trigger or challenge.
Keep moving in the direction of an increased vibration and remember to enjoy the journey.There is a huge opportunity for growth available to you in this lifetime, which happens one moment at a time. Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.
But on this paper was a list of 38 crystals that you could find relatively easily that had unique properties… What do I mean by properties? If you look at it through a higher dimensional lens however… you start seeing something unique. The difference between the vibrations that i’m describing when I say “Higher” or “Lower” is in relationship to how they affect us.
Build in daily walks as a part of your routine, or start skipping the elevator, and take the stairs instead. Meditation opens the doors for inspiration, creativity, and spiritual awareness to flow through, and will help you to connect with your angels. Forgive others and release the past to unhook yourself from lower vibrational energies, and to open yourself up to experiencing the magic and beauty present now. When you make the time to walk in nature, work in the garden, meditate under a tree, relax at the beach, or gaze up at the stars, you’re rewarded with clarity of mind, a grounded state of being, and an increased vibration. Pay attention to the vibration of the material you’re reading, listening to and watching, and notice how it makes you feel during and after you experience it.

Drink plenty of water, eat healthy, and avoid frozen, processed, sweetened, and chemically altered foods to increase your vibration. Yes there are outside circumstances and people which may challenge you and cause pain, but it is your choice as to how you react.
Invite in your angels and ask for their assistance by simply thinking or saying: “Angels help me to raise my vibration now and to hold a new level of love and light in my daily life”. Don’t worry when this happens, be patient with yourself, treat yourself with love and care, and refocus on the simple things you can do now to raise your frequency now. Here’s a video, and a company called Vibes Up makes water bottle with crystals embedded in the bottom. Stretching, walking, dancing, gardening, swimming, running, bicycling (and more) are all great ways to get your blood pumping and your chi flowing. Many people think meditation is hard, or something they’ll never be able to do, when really it can be simple!
Time in nature will help you to remember the beauty of the natural world and to experience your oneness with all that is.
Information does impact your vibration, and so much of the information we’re bombarded with on a daily basis is negative, so be sure to counteract this with positive, inspirational, and uplifting material. Take responsibility for yourself, and do what you need to in the moment to support yourself in raising your vibration. Breathe, relax, and open your heart to connect with further insight and encouragement from your angels.
Other Crystals however stimulate the brain, mental clarity, and “higher” frequencies of the mind. If you’re drained or tired, you may be tempted to sit on the couch and watch TV, but this only drains you further. Take three minutes every day to focus on quieting your mind, and finding the stillness between thoughts. Set goals for yourself, focus in on your hearts desire and your soul’s intention and then start taking action today! Your angels will help you connect you with the infinite supply of energy and light available from the Divine, and will offer insight, healing and guidance for you as you walk the spiritual path of increasing your frequency.
I definately need my angels, I just wish tihere was a way for me to know who my Guardian Angel is! Going for a swim, or even taking a shower and feeling any stress and tension being rinsed away is incredibly uplifting.
Come up with strategies and habits which will refresh your energy, lift your vibration, and support you as you walk a path of love, consciously increasing your frequency. Click Here For A Free Angel Message Channeled By Melanie!  Latest posts by Melanie Beckler (see all)The Power of Community - April 30, 2016Ask the Angels: Why Am I in Pain? You can also listen to a guided meditation, like those found on this site, which will help you to lift your vibration and connect with the angelic realm.
Find an active activity you enjoy and return to it on a consistent basis and your vibration will steadily lift and increase.

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