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Cost of living is set to increase again (increasing fuel prices, insurance premiums, electricity costs)… how do you think this will impact your business?
With the cost of living rising on a daily basis this will have a massive impact on the hospitality industry. At the moment some of the industry associations are tackling the penalty rates for hospitality workers -blaming this for the high costs and low profits. We need to broaden our view that eateries are not filling because who has the money to spend on entertainment not because of pay rates! Income yields per table have fallen as a result of the constant increases on everyday expenses. It’s time to get creative, think outside the box, what can you do to attract and retain customers in this market?  Our love and passion for food will only get us so far!  How are you coping?
With the news that Scottish Power has updated their business electricity and business gas tariffs , it is the ideal time to do a business energy comparison.
To understand what is driving business electricity prices this year, you only have to look at one of the fundamentals of electricity generation , primarily Coal. The UK is now competing with an ever expanding and diverse set of country’s for a share of the worlds coal exports.
The coal market spiked in January due to the worst flooding in three generations in Australia , Queensland accounts for just under 60% of global seabourne coal.
Coal and Natural Gas are a large part of our generation mix , the price of these key commodities are the driving force behind the current painfully high business electricity prices. Looking ahead to 2012 and 2013 , not many traders are showing confidence that the supply tightness of these key fundamentals will improve.
A lot can happen in the space of a year , and nobody can be 100% sure where prices will be next year , but in my opinion it will take a big shift in world commerce patterns for the key fundamental commodities to weaken in price , thus lower business electricity prices. The credit score of your business will affect the competitiveness of your renewal offer from your current supplier as well as any prospective supplier.
Some customers may have been with a supplier for years and always paid by direct debit with no problem but on contract renewal the supplier suddenly wants a deposit or refuses to renew them, leaving them on very high out of contract rates. While we understand the commercial pressures on suppliers, we feel that a number of business energy suppliers are using this cynically as a way of renewing customers at higher prices.
The irony is that at least one of suppliers stating poor credit as an excuse for expensive unit rates has a credit score that they themselves would not take. For each pound spent on electricity powering Information technology and office equipment in a business, up to 33% is wasted.
40 pence in every pound of an average business’s total electricity consumption is down to IT and information systems ,energy efficiency strategies could lead to substantial savings.
In the 50’s we were told that nuclear energy would be so abundant and so cheap that the energy supply companies would not bother metering it! There is a big question mark over whether competition of only 60% of the energy price could deliver what the business energy market requires, which is aggressive competition.

Energy security should be undertaken on a national basis, the generating plant that powers our country should be owned by the state, not foreign governments or venture capitalists. There was some volatility seen in power market on Wednesday, showing promise of some clawing back some of the previous sessions losses early on. The afternoon period of trading saw a reversal of these gains, the whole of the power curve closing the day down. Most of the losses were driven from the gas curve, which responded to a well supplied system and current demand levels being comfortably well supplied.
Another good day of renewable generation was seen on Wednesday, wind and hydro generation combining for an overall 8% contribution to the generation mix. E.ON have finally followed the market and increased some of their business electricity tariffs.
Prices of both Maximum Demand Connect and 3 year access tariffs have increased in line with the rest of the market.
E.ON still remains a competitive business electricity supplier and these increases reflect the recent rise in business electricity wholesale prices . The recent sharp rises in business electricity and gas prices have caught a few people off guard. What has caught a lot of people out is the speed at which business energy prices has increased. I’m afraid there is not much good news on the horizon and these prices are here for the foreseeable with every indication that they will continue to increase for at least the next 18-24 months. Business electricity prices should also be looked at closely always  make sure you use a broker that is UIA accredited and  compares the whole business energy market, not just a select few suppliers. Good luck and hold onto your hats, it’s going to be a bumpy year for business energy prices.
Controversial energy company Business Energy Solutions is facing a class action from business customers who claim to have been misled into taking on hugely expensive energy contracts.Solicitor Christopher Newton, of Newtons Solicitors in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, told Financial Mail he had been contacted by several businesses unhappy about their dealings with BES and energy broker Commercial Power, both of which are owned by Andrew Pilley. Last week, Newton successfully defended a hotel business in court against attempts by BES to disconnect it in a dispute over bills.He has had previous court dealings with BES on behalf of a number of small businesses and is now looking to mount a class action. We are under no illusion; we understand the impact of high electricity prices on businesses. Bluemark believes it is time that the government really started to act on the issue of electricity prices within the business sector, not just pay lip service to it. Our Increasing Costs Of Education PowerPoint Presentation Slides S don't fiddle with feelings.
China and India are becoming ever more aggressive in their procurement of coal to drive their expanding manufacturing bases. Thermal Coal prices have surged since 2010 amid panic buying due to a softness of supply, prices have continued to rise with no sign of abating. Many business electricity suppliers are still shying away from 24 month and above fixed price contracts for large industrial consumers , which only shows how uncertain everyone is of future prices.

We have also seen in the last few months an increase in the amount of customers who are being asked for a security deposit before the commencement of a new contract. Computer manufacturer are urging public sector organisations to scrutinise the energy efficiency of IT equipment.
In my opinion, selling off of the UK’s nuclear infrastructure will prove to be the biggest mistake of a generation. Regardless of issues with safety and nuclear waste, I do not believe that by having new nuclear power stations in the UK will reduce prices to the end user.
Maximum demand meters have increased by around 6% while the access tariffs have increased by a similar amount. For businesses that are coming up for contract renewal we would advise to compare business electricity offers closely from all suppliers and to use a business energy professional who understands how the differing pricing structure offered by business energy suppliers will affect your electricity costs. Prices had started to slowly drop month on month until the recent events in the Middle East and the natural disaster in Japan. At a time when budgets are stretched to breaking point, the last thing that UK businesses need is double digit price increases. It is now imperative for your business to compare business gas prices with a professional accredited energy broker and to make sure your broker achieves the best possible prices for your business. We saw with our own eyes in 2008 how many SME businesses were left reeling from the doubling or trebling of their business electricity tariffs. To sell our infrastructure and then allow the purchaser to demand a minimum sell price for their competitors product seems absolutely crazy.
In fact I think they will push prices up and to market nuclear energy as green because it reduces C02 emissions is just plain rubbish!
Commodity speculators have been blamed for the surge in Oil and Natural gas prices which in turn have forced electricity prices upwards. We have seen a further round of price increases this morning and the prognosis for the coming year is not favourable. Many high street butchers for instance, were put in a very difficult position, for many of these businesses, electricity became their biggest overhead.
We could be approaching a situation similar to 2008 and prices may well even surpass the high prices of that point. I can tell you from the conversations I have on a daily basis with people in this sector, they are struggling and if electricity prices reach the highs of 2008, the local pub and bistro may become a thing of the past.

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