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Over the course of fall semester in Wurster Hall, it seems that use of the building and studio facilities increase as the workload steadily increases over the semester. I sampled data for total energy demand in Wurster from the first week of each month during fall semester 2009 (September through December). However, following this logic, I would expect the data from November to follow a similar trend, which is does not. To further hone in on what is contributing to the changes in demand, it would be interesting to compare these findings with water usage and exterior temperature data. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) total world consumption of energy is projected to increase by one-third to one-half from now through 2035 with most of the increase coming from non-OECD countries. The following chart shows total renewable energy output by country and breaks it down into its components.
The following chart shows that renewable power currently represents 9.2% of global power capacity.
From a supply perspective the US, if not already, will soon become a net exporter of oil and gas while all other major economies will become net importers. Finally the general trend will be away from finite resources toward renewables between now and 2035.
The following chart shows global trends in renewable energy investment by type of investment, sector, and country.  All the countries on the list have healthy compound annual growth rates with solar, wind and marine leading the way.
The following chart shows a healthy increase in annual spending on renewable energy from 2004 through 2011. Economics – looks at emissions and a policy cost model to analyze human activity as it interacts with climate processes. Climate and earth systems – this looks at the atmosphere and its chemical composition, the ocean, land and natural ecosystems. Land ecosystems- this looks at the biochemical exchanges with models in a global framework and includes assessment of the terrestrial biosphere. The software has been provided to all of the major international forums on the environment including Kyoto and Rio allowing decision-makers of nation states to make assumptions about their country’s emissions and develop reasonable and efficacious policy responses.
The world’s response to pollution, climate change and related issues has been impressive.
In coming articles on renewable energy we will explore each new energy sector, the technology underlying it, and its worldwide implementation and growth. Alternative Energy – typically refers to alternatives to nuclear energy and fossil fuels. Renewable energy – this is energy that comes from renewable natural resources such as wind, rain, sunlight, geothermal heat, and tides. David enjoys research and writing about cutting edge technologies that hold the promise of improving conditions for all life on planet earth. Photovoltaic (PV) energy, the conversion of sunlight to electricity, was discovered in the late 1830s, followed by usable PV cells developed in the early 1950s.
PID is a severe threat to PV module reliability because it can result in a power loss of nearly 100 percent in modules at the end of a system string (a number of PV panels aligned in series), sometimes in just one month.
PV technologies began with the use of treated crystalline silicon operating as a semiconductor to generate a flow of direct current electricity when exposed to light. While there is no shortage of sunlight, there are shortcomings with some PV products on the market today.
Overall, renewable energy is helping to advance markets and industries, along with everyday adoption of such technologies like never before.
The PV industry is projected to install an additional 400 to 600 gigawatts of PV capacity by 2020 as the underlying costs of PV energy are expected to drop by an estimated 10 percent per year. UL is a global independent safety science company with more than a century of expertise innovating safety solutions from the public adoption of electricity to new breakthroughs in sustainability, renewable energy and nanotechnology.

Nothing so crippling as a nuclear meltdown is behind the growing reliance on imported energy in the 10 nations that are known together as the ASEAN countries.  Also known as Southeast Asia, ASEAN encompasses Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Instead, growing import reliance is tied to rising energy use, increasing population, and state subsidies for fuels, coupled with the maturing of the region’s oil fields and limited new prospects (only Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia remain as net oil exporters). Prior to his role at Canary, Eberhart was Vice President of Acquisitions for Greene’s Energy, LLC in Houston, TX. Eberhart graduated cum laude from Vanderbilt University with degrees in Economics and Political Science, and earned a juris doctorate and certificate in European Legal Studies from Tulane University. A strong believer in the local community, Eberhart has helped Canary donate over $500,000 to the communities in which the company operates.
Additionally I expect that the energy demand on the building further increases due to an increased need for heating (and fan power) as the semester progresses and average temperatures outside drop. I expected a steady increase in energy demands from each month to the next, with the demand in December being especially high due to the colder temperatures and the most student use of facilities required for final reviews. The energy use during the first week in December was actually less than the preceding months on average during the week for daytime hours. Water use data could serve as an indication of the number of people using the building and contributing to the energy demand. This would be an increase of about 1.4% per year from 495 quadrillion BTU now to 739 quadrillion BTU in 2035.
Germany’s solar power output of 19,000 Gwh dwarfs all other countries as does the United States use of geothermal power at 15,200 Gwh. The numbers decreased somewhat in 2009 due to the hangover from the financial crisis but have rebounded somewhat.
The model takes into account potential human responses to climate and other environmental impacts. Last year was a record-breaking year as the market grew by 76 percent, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). Product reliability plays a crucial role in the overall PV energy cost profile and return on initial investment – related to both higher and more consistent power output and the need for fewer, less frequent PV panel replacements. Creating an established scientific test procedure that is easier and less costly to screen modules for PID helps enhance PV reliability, as well as promote PV adoption.
Although crystalline silicon is still used by the majority of the industry, newer thin film polymer and semi-conducting molecule PV technologies are evolving, allowing PV use in products such as flexible roofing applications. It is important for the PV industry to develop a unique and proven PID testing method, particularly one that is innovative and comprehensive in the way it assesses PID susceptibility. There is greater demand for innovative energy generation, distribution, management and usage.
But this cannot occur without putting safety, performance and reliability in the spotlight – achieved through fundamental discovery, progressive testing methodologies, equipment, and procedures, integration of software and innovating standards. As long as the industry can ensure reliability, solar energy will continue to push forward as a clean, renewable source of energy utilized widely by consumers and businesses. Japanese companies also have equity stakes in oilfield developments in no fewer than 21 nations in North America, South America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific.
I’m excited about the idea of Cheniere Energy Partners exporting to India within the next several years. There is an increase in demand on most weeknights though, as well as all day and night on Saturday. The values for those periods are for the most part clumped together, with Monday in early September (on the Labor Day holiday) and the week in December as the two main periods of variation.
And exterior temperature data could possibly indicate times of need for fan energy for additional heating loads. Needs energy Many items such as light bulbs and washing machines are now being designed to be more energy efficient thus reducing the demand for energy Global energy use is around 220 million barrels of oil (equivalent) per day.
Much of the increase worldwide is due to the incentive programs for renewable energy that governments are putting in place.

With concerns about nuclear energy and the depletion of finite resources humans are now looking to renewable natural resources to solve long-term energy issues.
As the overall price to install solar continues to decrease due to lowering manufacturing and material costs, it is becoming even more attractive to consumers and businesses.
Through conducting research and developing new and improving standards and testing methodologies for solar products, the use of such tests that look for potential induced degradation (PID) susceptibility, for example, will help manufacturers better understand the performance of their module.
When testing is conducted in accordance with precisely defined protocols, it ensures more objective and reproducible results from subsequent PV module testing.
This is a transformative age with new technologies and product developments arriving at an incredible pace.
Instilling a highly scientific, multi-faceted engineering discipline into research, development, design and manufacturing of products worldwide encourages safer and higher performance PV systems. Ken has over 25 years of experience in global safety engineering across a wide range of industry sectors. Registration or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
They could probably tap into a whole new well of reserves with the partnerships that are interested… Thanks, Canary, for continually providing fantastic articles!
This suggests that the heating load is highest during the colder nighttime temperatures, or that students are utilizing studio facilities increasingly at night in December.  An increase in energy demands from Friday night through Saturday night in December also suggests that studio usage increased for these days, which earlier in the semester students might have taken off. Distinguishing between the different contributors to the energy demand, and when they are affecting the system, could therefore help clarify where opportunities for conservation are possible. Continuing economic challenges and debt around the world especially in Europe, Japan and the United States continue to dampen investment growth. Driven by the volatility of energy prices from traditional sources such as coal, gas and fossil fuels, the push to advance solar energy use reminds us of the critical need to mitigate certain risks that come with progress in innovation – research and standards are two ways to help do that.
However, perhaps most importantly for increased adoption, the solar industry must ensure PV systems are a sound investment.
Conducting PID testing with appropriate standards, helps ensure more objective and reproducible results from subsequent PV module testing. However, all innovation is met with emerging risks, and mitigating these risks is most important to allow for further innovation.
Ken is a frequent speaker at global technical conferences, author of technical papers, and leader in the standard and code communities. Ken was recognized as a charter recipient of UL’s Distinguished Member of Technical Staff and is a Registered Professional Engineer. Walking was then the only form of transport for most people.Since then, a vast array of energy devices and systems has been developed.
These transform energy from sources provided by nature (coal, oil, gas, wind, sun and nuclear fuels) into other forms that we can use. Most of this growth, and much of the increase in energy consumption, will occur in developing countries. There is a growing concern about global warming, that these gases can cause.At present, fossil fuels produce most of our energy. Moreover, we may become more exposed to the results of political instability in the regions where fossil fuels are produced.
Consequences of energy dependenceThe consequences are likely to be higher energy prices.There is also likely to be more uncertainty about supplies and greater environmental risk as less easily accessible reserves of fossil fuels are exploited.

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