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Imagine that you have entered the flow of a supramental descent now occurring on our planet. Obviously this is no ordinary science as it combines aboriginal sounds with electromagnetic field theory, ancient prophecy, visionary art and a telepathic universe model - all for the realization by 2012 of a circumpolar rainbow bridge. Beginning with a consideration of the rainbow bridge as the antahkarana - the bridge between the dimensions - and Michael Jackson evoking the rainbow bridge, through his own performance, you will find an amazing array of topics and categories touching on this theme.
The Rainbow Bridge or antahkarana, as it is also known, exists for the purpose of bridging the mundane to the spiritual.
Global thinking: The communicator has to think globally, about the future of our planet and to abandon all personal ambitions such as career, fame, money. These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. Computer simulation of an interference pattern created by two expanding circular light waves.
When uncompress air we sucking energy from space with cooling efect (mechanical energy come back, like from mechanical spring).
But what will be if we virtual increase surface of plate with ionize air around plate with source of X-ray or UV-ray or other? Is Tesla thinking about using this system near his high voltage transmitter, which generate ionization around, and with this principle collect high Sun energy, with this virtual high surface solar panel? It need more experiments, and maybe this low energy solar collector, can become high free energy source. Nikola Tesla's thoughts from article 'The Problem of Increasing Human Energy' (Century Magazine, June 1900. The work temporarily interrupted was taken up anew, and soon I had in a fair state of perfection the engine which I have named "the mechanical oscillator." In this machine I succeeded in doing away with all packings, valves, and lubrication, and in producing so rapid a vibration of the piston that shafts of tough steel, fastened to the same and vibrated longitudinally, were torn asunder.
In the process, as I had primarily conceived it, for the utilization of the energy of the ambient medium, there were five essential elements in combination, and each of these had to be newly designed and perfected, as no such machines existed. Nikola Tesla's system explain in patent 1,329,559 'Valvular conduit' has explanation for build such machine.
Good thing of that machine is that on diferent presure, vibration can be constant (because of air spring). Bifilar winding from another Tesla's patent is posible replacement of that condenser (just my thought).
Understanding this principles is very important, for creating some 'free energy' machine, based on Tesla's ideas. This kind of heat machine convertor, in combination with some hybrid car, will improve car range (because of about 70% heat wastage), and can add ambient heat energy to car usage too. I test charging capacitor with ground and wire (1 m) in interval of 5 minutes, and it was around 8 V in capacitor. Diodes has voltage limit, and final design, with some discharge system must be designed with that in mind.
This device will be like energy receiver, like cups when receive sound signal through cord line. If it can receive grid parasite energy, how much energy could be possible receive with 'no barrier' diode switch from Earth (thundering source)?
I am not done experiment with grounding second (left) plate, because of fast growing up of capacitor voltage. Some devices with deuterium and crystal (on changes of temperatures it produce high electric voltage, like piezoelectric crystals) can generate neutrons (fusion of hydrogen-deuterium). After lot of experiments, and strange charging and no-charging (frustrating) results, I was finally found cause of that. After lot of experiments, I think that main source of charging capacitor, is from sparking place. When I put upper plate on that place, spark come to that middle point connection (this replace need for my hand touching). I think that here is some phenomena like in homopolar generator, where magnet field can be glued on rotating Cu plate, and with rotation, energy will come out, and relative movement of plate and magnet is zero.
When I put this device overnight, and come in the morning, spark is here too, but it is not great like in first start after rubbing.
It will be good if every school will have this device, with my little modification for automated generation of spark, without grounding connection.
But, I think about some different device, where excitement is not in rays, but it is in wind form.
Maybe upper plate can work better if it is insulated with 'positive' material (like nylon).
Movement of ionization in air is like metallic movement, and this could be important part in Tesla's device. Spark can be use only after transforming to oscillation, because spark is enemy of diode rectifier. Every time, when one part of rotating plate going up, it must have sparking discharge, and opposite plate, must have another discharge too. I am testing this device with 'stirodur' material, and with 30 cm diameter make 3 mm spark in every rotation (two of them). Of course, collecting of this sparking energy can be in HF form, because it will be easy make Tesla's transformer discharge. Be careful if you build this device in bigger form, because spark is electro-static, but can become dangerous. I found on internet some ideas, where wire with insulation is heating in oven, and after DC current treatment and cooling, it became with electret properties.
After all this thoughts and experiments, my understanding for Tesla's work on 'plates in the air' generator are more clearly. But my form of generator need some form of electret Teflon plates for work without rubbing. I think about creating high frequency generator with every solar roof tile, but it will be more complicated. My investigation (based on lot of internet sources) found solution to recondition of car battery with high frequency impulses for charge the battery.
After around 1 weeks, first battery from 30 minutes discharge (with 100W) become to 1 hour capacity, and another come from 5 minutes to 1 hour too, after 2 weeks. Another (more than 10 years) battery (I always add water if it need) don't charge nothing, when I put on standard charger (current is 0 with visual viewing on charger). After three battery with success of recovery, and growing energy life (all three are now on more than 1 hour with 100 W discharge). If you check water, after first charging, can have around 12 V (all good cells), and very low current for electrolyzing, you can have good battery after around two month.
Now is the question: How I can connect more battery together in parallel connection, but not only with wire, because every battery will 'communicate' with other? This descent is actually bubbling up from the collective subconscious of the human race and is taking the form of a new creation science – the science of the rainbow bridge. This is the bridge that takes us from this reality to the next, from this time to the new time of peace on earth and the fulfillment of all prophecy and the highest human aspirations.
Much of the information understandably has to do with the science of Earth’s electromagnetic field, but also, and inevitably touches upon resonance, myth, history and the arts. Questions of any personal issues are not appropriate and very important is also always to keep her or his own will free. The communicator has to dedicate a lot of time and efforts in drawing the complicated geometrical compositions, in meditation and interpreting the messages that should be forwarded to the responsible authorities with one aim only – saving the life of our beautiful planet Mother Earth.
When solar or other energy photons comes to plates elevating in air, it generate current in capacitor which is connecting to earth (grounded) plate. By combining this engine with a dynamo of special design I produced a highly efficient electrical generator, invaluable in measurements and determinations of physical quantities on account of the unvarying rate of oscillation obtainable by its means.
The mechanical oscillator was the first element of this combination, and having perfected this, I turned to the next, which was an air-compressor of a design in certain respects resembling that of the mechanical oscillator. Mechanical vibrator and valvular conduit with mechanical compressor is the secret for free energy heat machine. Which part will become positive, and which negative is random, and when start, it become cumulative process. I detect some strange signal from my oven (this electric oven is just on greed, and don't work). I remember when I was child, I was build first sound transmitter with two plastic cups and cord in between. Because one plate is still in air and has only capacity connection to ground, energy in capacitor is less than input. Tesla's 3 phase motor come to my mind, with 3 capacitor charging and discharging system (on 3 motor coils). I am testing existence of ground direct current, when in the setup is only alternating current. I work in basement, use ground on water pipe, with two plates (1m x 0.5m, aluminum foil on paperboard). If that rays hit plates, that direct current effect will add energy to grounding capacitor. This simplest form of Tesla's transformer, with lowest energy input, without extra coil was my starting point. On starting of this experiment, I was using two plates, but charging of capacitor was low, and sometimes zero, sometimes around 10 V with 25uF. Most of time, capacitor plate is positive, but sometimes become negative, or voltage going little down.
Standard explanation is that this is capacitor, and when you move plate from it, energy must make some electric voltage, because capacity going down. I think that this device is possible to be in connection with stratosphere potential, but maybe is just in connection with charge in space.
This is proof of principle device, and basic form was make few hundred years ago from Volta and others. If I have some wire with Teflon insulation, and it is fixed (with some strings) and can not move in any direction.
Half of rotating circle have positive teflone 'sandwich' in which this rotating plate with aluminum coating come in and out, two time in one rotation.

Insulation must be heat near melting point, and than it must be charge with DC electric field, and with this field around it need cooling process. If this wire is in air, author claim of static generation in wind condition (vibration) because air has some ions around. You must capture electrified atoms (electron) inside dielectric material, and it will stay electric for long time.
When they are come to that low Amps part and full of charge, and I can hear the bubbles, I connect both together in parallel, and put on the same charger. Because of that bad battery, for experimental purposes, I create some 220 V charging station. In that three buttery before (with easy recovering), I see that current (when charging) is around 4 A and going down, how it fill easy part of PbSO4 sponge, with going down to 0.5 A or less, when start electrolyzing of water (and this slow regeneration process). Lot of that battery, can be connect in parallel, but only after first charging (when current will going to low). Removing of acid from one cell, and than put current from two good battery (I use car help-starter cable, because I like to be on the other side of door).
In that kind of connection every battery must be the same, with all good cells (if some cell become bad, it will discharge all other battery.
I exhibited several types of this machine, named "mechanical and electrical oscillator," before the Electrical Congress at the World's Fair in Chicago during the summer of 1893, in a lecture which, on account of other pressing work, I was unable to prepare for publication. Similar difficulties in the construction were again encountered, but the work was pushed vigorously, and at the close of 1894 I had completed these two elements of the combination, and thus produced an apparatus for compressing air, virtually to any desired pressure, incomparably simpler, smaller, and more efficient than the ordinary. Voltage in capacitor going up around 1 V for 1 second, and around 1 minutes capacitor has 50 V.
The base idea is use ionization path of Tesla's high frequency transformer, and that path for collecting direct current air electricity.
Output spark is around 2-3 mm, and coil is just 20 turns ( d=1mm )around 1 turn build from Cu pipe ( D=80cm, d=8mm ). Electrolyte is sodium-bicarbonate, and has stainless steel electrodes, with design for split hydrogen and oxygen. When put circular stirodur with Al-foil on that plate, and touch it with hand, spark will come. I think that Tesla's device need insulation for work, and that 'upper plate' can be replaced with ground connection. I found some investigation on internet, where author talk about 'positive' air material error. After spark discharge through coil, it is easy to rectify with diodes, when voltage going down. This is like upper electrophorus device, but cut in the middle (and make 'sandwich' form), and make upper plate in rotating form. I don't know how much energy this device need for continuous rotation, and how much energy will make, but in this form, wind can make rotation too, because one half of rotation plate can be closed for wind and another is not.
If this material is Teflon, after field is disconnect, material became electret (it stay charged for long time, years). He talk about ocean temperature difference with very hard pumping problem, and suggest of using ground tunel and tides for that purpose.
I put in serial connection one 100 W bulb and Greatz rectifier (one diode is OK for half current). Capacitor move phase for 90°, and can recover imaginary part of inductive load on electrical network. It will be good to have two charging station, one for initial charging and testing, and another with more connectors for energy capacity bust.
If some big diode will be on battery output, it will automatically protect this battery system with different battery capacity. On that occasion I exposed the principles of the mechanical oscillator, but the original purpose of this machine is explained here for the first time. I was just beginning work on the third element, which together with the first two would give a refrigerating machine of exceptional efficiency and simplicity, when a misfortune befell me in the burning of my laboratory, which crippled my labors and delayed me.
Electric force and gravity force try to make balance, and before spark start, water try flying up. I was not sure that energy is from some radio station, because system was on 1 m of wire (like antenna).
Is it from some natural rectifier effect, or has some relation with Earth current from stratosphere?
When diodes will be replaced with FET (for remove barriers and synchronize with some frequency) it will need only two FET transistor. I think that it is reason why I receive some charging, after stop of transmitting which I am write before.
Coil has problem with sparking between turns, because of using just 7 circular plastic space bar.
If we put grounding capacitor near vacuum bulb, it will charge immediately (without plate, on his one end). Here I see device for making electricity from some electric charge of one direction in place in space. But insulated plate in the air need some change in distance between air insulated plate and grounding virtual plate. Another wire in ellipse form can be upper of that insulated wire, but it can move like pendulum, this system on the wind will make some electricity between two wire. Question is how is the best way for collecting energy from changing distance (capacity) between two wires, plates or so.
All of this, and capacitor maximum voltage, must be consider, if something useful we try to build. It must be possible to easy remove this 'sandwich' teflone plates, charge them with some clout and hand rubbing. I found some measurement of 'electric life' for Teflon, and for 50% of losing charge with PTFE is around 14 years, and another form of Teflon (FEP) has 68 years for this 'half life' discharging. Maybe, when insolation is put in liquid form on plate, it need DC field with cooling process, for become electret? If I put dielectric mesh on it, and thick foil with the same properties like first one (it can be rubbed too), this air stay in electric form after creation of that sandwich.
This is just an idea (I only try with plastic, mesh and glue-tape, and after more than week, paper probe has stick properties).
Better way for thermal energy is using of grounding shaft with water and vacuum pump, because of natural lowering of water boiling point in wacuum. It will be nice to see how can bad solar battery (they replace battery every 5-10 years) will be after this recondition process. After some charging (I try with 55 W of bulb in serial connection with charger, because more than 8A and charger protection electronics), useful tester for density, can tell me which one of cell has problem. This is not good, because good part of "sponge" is full (easy to fill that 3 minutes of starting charge). One of them was more than 5 years in basement, after rejection from car use (maybe 3 years of using).
I talk about nickel-zinc battery where zinc is inside steel mesh coating with nickel and chromium, with unlimited cycling possibility. After three time of shock, I move back electrolyte, and get out another cell, and repeat this process.
But diode has around 0.6 V of parasitic voltage, and with strong current (with 10 A is 6 W of energy on diode heat).
In my mind come Tesla's experiment, and I try with aluminum foil, and energy become greatest. It is like Tesla's plates with capacity and ground (I use water pipes grounding), modify with diodes (1N4148).
Flashing in ionosphere must have some effect in opposite charge (it is capacity system and it is on great charge and voltage). When I disconnect input energy, condenser charging going little up after discharge for few second. This system need thunder protection and discharge converters, but principle is clear to me.
When sparks are in vertical discharging direction, it has low effect of charging capacitor, but horizontal has more than 100 V on 10 uF in 5 seconds. I cut another plate in circular form (Stirodur again) around 50 cm diameter, and put Al-foil on it. When move down, and plates touch each other, spark come to middle connection, and when move up, spark is here to.
If this will work, some sandwich system (foil + mesh + air) can possible create strong electric electret, after foil working electret is put in sandwich form. One of three battery has two bad cells (my charger activate protection after 8 Amps of current).
After marking of two cells, I close all other cells, and put some rubber plugs in holes for vent. Maybe bigger voltage will speed up this process, but possible stress for battery electrodes will put some crack on them.
Maybe some help with switching on battery in parallel connection with diodes (mechanical or mosfet)? Carl Linde announced the liquefaction of air by a self-cooling process, demonstrating that it was practicable to proceed with the cooling until liquefaction of the air took place. It is like use direct current for power supply on TV amplifier, with HF conduction in coaxial cable.
It need recycle of input energy, and direct current energy from plates is just side-effect. When output coil has some spark, direct current is here, when spark don't exist, no current.
If some particle are responsible for charging, here are more of one sign, and less with another.
Because of random charging (maybe from opposite charge of cosmic rays?), some rotating switch will be nice here. Because I didn't want build some handle, I just glue Al-foil on it, not in circular form, because of places for hand. This short circuit system is on the same potential, which is - or + (depend of rubbing clout). I think that capacitance around the plate can change with ionization beam of X-ray, UV-ray or cosmic ray.
Some spiral form of Tesla coil can step down voltage after oscillation when spark occurred. Mechanical movement between two branches, or with some wind vibration system, can create some energy with magnetic induction.

I connect 12 V (55 W) car bulb in series to limit that current, and charge this bad battery, and it hold charge, but voltage is around 9 Volts. I alway test with tester if battery are on no-light (no-phase) part, when I connect to 220 Voltage. After that I open only bad cells and suck acid with density tester to glass jar with plastic lid.
Or maybe one cell was going to short connection after that 3 minutes of testing, because I charge again (half an hour of charging), and holding charge was going down (2 minutes).
I think that in this parallel connection, on only one charger (chip one), you can have ten or more battery after two month of waiting (or less).
Mosfet has low voltage in conducting state, but mosfet can be destroyed with low voltage on gate.
This was the only experimental proof which I was still wanting that energy was obtainable from the medium in the manner contemplated by me.
It need adding plastic element, but it is hard to do that, because all of part is glued with hoot glue pistol.
First, after interval of charging, second little middle place, and than third some diode bridge and discharge to some greater capacitor, or battery.
I must say that I try add more Al-foil (make circular on upper part), but spark was less (maybe corona discharge is problem, because my hand was 2 cm close to AL-foil, and when I come to discharge point, charge is gone to my hand). This wire device can be changed to insulated long plate, where upper plate will oscillate like pendulum in the wind. I can hear bubbling when charging, and when discharging through that bulb too (of course, inverter can't start, because low voltage).
After overnight charging, I see differences in density tester, and I locate problematic cell. It is important to control discharging each of them, because I don't know what will happen if we overcharge battery capacity.
With free wireless charging (wind protection or sun near road can create and send energy to car wirelessly). Idea is to have enough battery system, immune on some battery problem, connected to inverter to have high voltage, for electric heat pump. It is forget Nikola Tesla energy source ( my modification of his receiver), and his DC design ( with X-rays or others ) become AC design (with greatest output if source is greatest than diodes barriers), and new possible source of energy is here (if exist in HF form).
I will put this on my web, because I don't wont that mankind lose it if something happen to me. If in compressing air 'heat pump' system could make around 3 times more heat, is it possible extract more electricity from Earth capacitor system? Energy is less than input for HF transformer, but it is direct current (without any diodes). Every time when I was touch 'hot' plate, and it was sparking to my fingers, capacitor was on some direct current charge.
When I disconnect wire from 'hot' plate, and make connection to ground wire (spark between two wire, around 5 mm), capacitor of 470 uF is going to 20 V in 20 second. I try with diode 1N4007 (around 1000 V breakage), and I was expect break, because that 'no-hot' part of transformer has around 1 mm sparking ('hot-part' has 10 mm). If downside plate must be on grounding point, my body simulate that grounding to." I make some hole in the middle of first (not moving) plate, and with some screw, I make connection with grounding Al-foil. If someone will try experiment with that, I suggest Teflon insulation of insulated plate in Tesla's system.
If coils are in series connection, magnets must be in the same direction, because of creation of current in that direction. It is unlimited source of thermal energy and oil drilling is all around the Earth and can be usefull.
I charge this two battery with standard cheap charger (8 Amp max), and after testing with inverter (300 W) and bulb (100 W), I have 30 minutes of energy with first battery and 5 minutes for second. With rubber hammer I shake bad cells, because PbSO4 connection which short this cells are on bottom of cell. Maybe mesh structure of electrodes will became sponge too, and it will not have good mechanical properties, and it will drop to bottom of battery (like in too old one).
More than one system can be add for greatest energy output which improve waiting time for next spark.
Is it some electric sink, or just some rectifier effect from our high voltage alternating source?
If backward wire is not grounded, capacity between elevated electrode and ground will be less, and air DC will not going through that path to ground. This simple (low energy, because of neon 4 kV transformer) has capacitor build with glass plates (20cm x 20cm, 6 of them, with aluminum foil and power tape insulation around capacitor), spark gap and no resonance (it is not important, because of high k on that first 20 turns (all around primary turn).
Second (no 'hot') plate was in basement, because of raining that day which start on the evening. He was disappointed with Marconi court problem, and maybe he was smart here, and not say all detail.
If this kind of generator is fixed on both side, and if lot of this pipes are in vertical or horizontal formation, wind will create vibration and here will be "electric wind song".
I don't need battery for high current (car), but it will be nice to have cheap solar battery solution. I will charge this battery on some different system, to see if that bad cells can be regenerated.
After cleaning, filtering of acid with coffee filter paper, I will reuse this acid again later. After second battery stress, I have around 12 V on battery, and first charging was hold 3 minutest on test. If heat pump have around 3 times more heat energy, it will (virtually) be 6 times (in price).
With that alternating high voltage we do something inside that earth capacitor (air), and this effect is maybe way to receive that energy. Differences between upper picture is that I put filter and capacitor on lower voltage part on secundary coil (start of turns).
Tesla has found that direct current energy when he was experimenting with high voltage and high frequency transformer. Before charging of capacitor, some perfect diode bridge with high opposite breakdown voltage and low barrier voltage when current going to charging direction, will be perfect. I will try to make with different insulator (some people talk about Teflon like good one) and with different thickness. In this article, Tesla has thoughts about cosmic energy particle too, but in that time (1931.) it was not so great energy source (his words). I like this real testing solution, because inverter has low battery protection between 10 and 11 Volts. After disconnecting this charging and after 1 week of this low charge (0.35 Amps and wasting of energy on light bulb), one of battery became holding a charge (but very low). I try shock battery with few strong current from two serial connection with two battery (24 V).
Of course, this kind of battery are not for that kind of work, and they are not for deep discharge, but who knows.
It will be interesting to see two capacitor of the same capacity, and their voltage, after some time of charging.
For this 8 Amps discharge, and 1 hour, if standard 100 W bulb will be replaced with energy saving lamp, it will be 5 time more light.
I test it with 5 W car bulb, and it has only few second of low light, and long period of red lighting (only wire inside bulb is red with low light).
I get acid from another battery (which have 1 hour of life) from each cells a little, and put inside this two bad cells. It is fear to listen strong electrolysis, and waiting for possible explosion (I try only three times with unknown current). Maybe I will try with cleaning this cell with distilled water, but it is batter to come back to three good battery that I have. Maybe some high frequency converter, on each battery, and receiving point (diodes) for charging of lithium battery (phosphate-ferrite)? Spark could be converted to frequency with coil, and collected in low voltage form with some spiral Tesla coil transformer in opossite transforming direction.
One battery is in worse condition, and Voltage just drop to 4 Voltage without red heat inside.
More than I know about earth magnetic field and heat generator inside Earth, I am more sure about that.
I have 6 battery, 3 of them are OK, one has this current problem, and another 2 are in very bad condition (around 5 V after some charging). I must note that when spark is around 8 mm, sometimes charging going to opposite direction. Maybe some tube diodes will help here (I don't know, because I always work with silicon diodes.
I discharge every few days, because this will preserve good part of PbSO4 crystal to stay in "easy" crystal form, and not became "hard" form. Maybe some series of diodes will work, but here is just low energy transformer for testing purpose.
If Tesla's transformer has more power input, standard diodes will always break (who knows how much energy is here?) Capacitor must be for alternating current if it work without diodes (like in one phase AC motor).
You just put plastic pipe into wire, and after connection just applay heat on that plastic shrinking material. Night price energy supply, wind generator, solar cells, biomass-gas converter, heat to electricity converter.
I think about homemade roof tile with perlite material and aluminum concrete (2 days of drying). Maybe some chemistry for dissolve this dendrite will help, but if some plate is in bad mechanical state, it can be good start for future problem in some real using of battery. I just work with some 100 turns on ferrite (no, no, it was turns around permanent magnet, which I found around).
This low Amps can't add more energy (because PbSO4 is in strongest crystal form than standard). But it is good to know that it is around 10 time chipper than finished collectors on market. Yes, before adding water, I clean that cups and holes with wet cloth (it is important to not add some dirt in battery solution, and not to use standard water).

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