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The Order of Angels is the Melechim, the Angelic Kings called the Order of Virtues; Angels and Rulers who are responsible for creating and maintaining perpetual balance and harmony in all things. The symbols of Tiphareth are the Calvary Cross, the Rose Cross, the Truncated Pyramid and the Cube. The mythical correspondences are all of the Sacrificed Gods including Egyptian Osirus, Indian Krishna and Bhudda and the Christian Jesus.
The spiritual experience is a vision of the harmony of things and of healing and redemption. The 15th Path is known as the Constituting Intelligence, so called because it constitutes the substance of creation in pure darkness.
Symbols on the Path are the Ankh Cross, the Orb of Dominion, the stars and constellations of the Zodiac.
The spiritual experience is an insight and an understanding into the foundation and formation of genetic structure and of the solar system itself. Mythological correspondences are the Greek Minerva, the Roman Athena and Mars and the Hindu Shiva.
The Order of Angels is the Auphanium, the Wheels or Whirling Forces, which are also called the order of Kerubim. The magical and mystical experiences are those of a vision of God face to face and a flash of mystical Light.
Ghee is made from freshly churned butter after both the water and milk solids have been removed through heating.
To make ghee, place one or two bars of unsalted butter in a saucepan until it boils; then lower the heat. From an Ayurvedic perspective, ghee is viewed as more potent than milk due to it being transformed by fire. The Vedas, Ayurvedic Samhitas and Yoga texts contain frequent references to ghee in many guises for maintaining health, promoting healing and ceremonial uses. Ghee’s importance is reflected by many references in the ancient Vedas (the oldest scriptures known) to its use in the yogic diet, cleansing practices, and rituals (such as prayers, mantras, and offerings).
Ghee is perceived as the essence of milk, with the cow’s first milk for the calf being comparable to the general teachings from Lord Krishnain the Gita.
In light of nothing being considered more sacred than the cow and ghee being its essence, it is clear why ghee plays such a central role in Yogic practices. In these examples, beyond actually allowing lamps to burn or increasing the intensity of the fire, ghee symbolises the burning away of illness, ignorance and mental afflictions. Ghee’s ability to purify the mind is also known in Ayurveda, where tonics for the mind contain ghee.
Yogic practises such as pranayama, hatha yoga (asanas), mudras (hand gestures), bandhas (energy locks), meditation, brahmacharya (abstinence), and ahimsa (non-violence) all lead to the creation of physical heat in the body.  This is more than physical heat as it is a pranic, mental, or spiritual heat, psychic in nature.
Ghee’s importance in yoga is reflected by extensive classical references in the  traditional yogic diet, cleansing practices, and sacred rituals. Ghee is ideal for the yogi on many levels, as a food, mental tonic, and to aid pranayama and Yogic detoxification techniques.

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Use this section as a diary of your experiences during the week following your completion of the path. When the white foam of milk solids which will accumulate on the top begins to collapse and thicken, start skimming it off. It is also much more stable, and can be kept for long periods without going bad (up to 3 months, unrefrigerated for cooking purposes).  Ghee is sweet in taste, cold in nature and sweet in its after-taste,  as is oily, soft, and heavy.
One who had ample stocks of ghee was said to possess liquid gold, and Krishna was said to be very found of ghee as a young child, to fuel his intellectual powers and spiritual development.
The remaining milk, cream and butter are analogous to the next three levels of teaching, each more subtle than the last. Ghee seen as the ideal sattvic (pure) food, purifying the mind, awakening knowledge and developing intuition. Ghee’s ability to increase the physical element of fire is also used by Yogis on breaking a fast. Ghee is itself sacred, being the essence of the sacred cow, and in its act of increasing heat.
Be sure to include how you react to things emotionally as well as how you deal with any major issues that may arise.
Ayurvedic and Yogic texts contain countless references to Ghee but very little has been written from a modern perspective.
Do not disturb the bottom of the pan, as some of these solids will also sink and can be left in the pot until after the ghee is poured off. Due to varying predominance of the 5 Ayurvedic elements in different types of milk, ghee from different species have different properties. From a more practical point of view, cows were and are still vital for gaining adequate nutrition. Many ceremonies involve pouring ghee, along with other offerings, into a fire which transforms them into higher vibrations. Ancient Yogis used ghee to helps move towards Yoga’s aim of stilling the mind, via the promotion of both physical and mental purification.
Beyond basic nutritional needs, food also forms the mind.  Yoga and Ayurveda emphasise a pure vegetarian diet to encourage the development of spiritual awareness.
Unfortunately, such these formulations are no longer known so we must continue with our yoga!  However, ghee taken daily in the diet will help practising Yogis in strengthening the mind and purifying intellect (buddhi). Just as a burnt seed becomes incapable of reproducing, when the mind is totally pure it becomes incapable of producing more reincarnations and liberation takes place.
Dhauti involves evacuating large quantities of water through the bowels, swallowing a long strip of cloth, or regurgitating the contents of the stomach. However, ghee and milk should only be consumed in moderation as both have the potential to aggravate kapha.

Ghee is being blamed for India’s health problems such as rising levels of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. As the butter continues to boil, watch the oily portion to see when it becomes clear, and watch the sediment on the bottom to see when it turns a golden brown.
For example, Ghee made from Elephant and Buffalo milk is the heaviest, with that from goat and camel milk being driest!
Food is hence considered as sacred itself with most of the ancient Upanishad texts beginning with the diet of India’s ancient civilised society.
Milk is a unique food, containing the best the mother can offer, even at the expense of her own health. But you must remember and consider that to turn milk into ghee is no ordinary endeavour and also to acquire the understanding and realization necessary to comprehend the essence of all 700 verses of the illustrious Bhagavad-Gita is also no ordinary endeavour” (Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja). Yogis are advised to gaze at a ghee-lamp as astral entities can give Darshan (vision) through its flames. The aim of yoga is to reach ”the state when the buddhi is in its ultimate perfection and purity…. However, too much heat can be harmful, and ghee is recommended in pranayama to prevent the mental heat causing physical burning sensations. Ayurveda recommends ghee from cow’s milk as as best for general food and medicinal purposes.
Just as cows nourish humans, ghee is believed to nourish inhabitants of more celestial realms. Neti involves cleaning the nasal passages with warm salt water, a soft thread, ghee or milk. In 2007, I wrote my dissertation on whether ghee’s position at the heart if Ayurveda and Yoga is justified.
Without ghee, it is not possible to satisfy Lord Krishna and “it is solely and exclusively from the ghee of cows that the sacred rituals prescribed and authorised in the Vedas are empowered and able to be performed.” (Jagannath Das). Nauli involves isolation and churning of abdominal muscles, and kappalabhati is sucking air or water in through the nose.
Such practises clean the body’s tracts allowing prana to flow during asanas and pranayama.  However, both ghee and milk are important in restoring balance.
Pour the ghee off into an earthenware, glass or metal container (not plastic- it will melt!) Ghee doesn’t need to be in fridge but do keep out moisture- so don’t use a wet spoon!
However, only the Yogi cleansing techniques have a specific spiritual effect with neti said to bestow clairvoyance alongside balancing kapha dosha. Do I over nurture others in my life?Is there any thing in your life that connects with the sign of Cancer that is your major focus currently?

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