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Many scientists, especially quantum physicists, are accepting the fact that all things in the Universe emit energy. Kirlian photography is an electrographic recording technique that works by placing an object on top of a sheet film, which is placed on top of a metal plate and then charged with high voltages.
If you study energy mechanics deeply enough, you should know that everything is made of energy and that matter is a projection of energy.
The human aura is believed to be made of 15 different layers of colors of energy that are all interconnected. Many energy healers believe that when the colors of the human aura are polluted and out of balance, they can cause negative effects on the body, leading to health problems.
Kari Garcia:Sep 30, 2015 at 5:51 pmmy aura changes, and shoots out stars at times, what does this mean? Both the mountain lion and black antelope represent the wisdom that comes with age, experience and instinct.
The eagle sees the big picture as it soars overhead and straddles the realms of heaven and earth. Energy levels are vital to health and healing; and Archangel Raphael can help you increase vitality, strength, and motivation.  All you need to do is ask! My Prayer: Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for filling me with the unlimited energy of Divine love and light.
Editor, Reverse Spins: These quotes were given to Nicholas and Helena Roerich by El Morya in the 20's and early 30's. One should remember that the benefits of the application of prana can be extended over an entire community. In remote times a sick body was surrounded by healthy ones in order to nurture its strength. On the one hand, when they are recognized, the sparks of Fohat and the streams of Materia Lucida have a benevolent effect, for they imbue the spirit with an understanding of the necessity of evolution. The crystal of Materia Lucida can be seen only rarely in such a size as was made visible to you.
This is why it is important, especially at the present moment, to direct attention to Agni Yoga.
One can imagine what confusion would be caused by these inexplicable movements of the centers if we did not think of them in terms of psychic energy. By making use of the magnetism of the heights and the opened centers of Sister Urusvati, We were able to study in her the crystals of Fohat and Materia Lucida, the accumulations of imperil, and the emanations of psychic energy. You place a torch and at once, out of the darkness, a multitude of insects swarms around it. How should one understand the benefits of obstacles when one is told that psychic energy, acting as a magnet, attracts all possible advantages? This sowing is needed by Us and We know that these seeds cannot be lost, for whatever exists cannot be destroyed.
In analyzing matter, many elements have been identified, but there are two that are not yet discovered or named. People love to speak about ebb and flow, about waves of light and sound, about magnetic currents; but psychic energy remains overlooked, although psychic waves are far stronger than all others in space. In studying thought transmission, humanity will pay attention to all attendant manifestations, both beneficial and negative.
Psychic energy must not be used for performing miracles, but should be for the highest manifestation of pure reason. It is possible to make a teraph that carries an instruction whose effects will be known only in the future. During the rituals of saturating the teraph, as you know, chants were intoned, combinations of strange words often devoid of meaning. The so-called command of the will is a sending of psychic energy, which, as a product of the fiery element, strikes the weaker radiations by fiery encirclement. It will not be difficult in the near future to achieve projection of the astral body as a common ability. You should relate the discussion of the astral to the future experiments in densification of the astral body. The level of one's psychic energy can be determined according to its quality, not its power.
I advise noting what actions and thoughts are accompanied by the appearance of stars, and what are the colors and dimensions of the stars. Everything heard and seen through the Brahmarandhra center deserves especially sensitive attention. One must observe in a simple manner the different ways in which psychic energy is manifested. At present, people are not aware of the action of metals upon psychic energy, but in antiquity there was a great understanding of this. One can foresee that some students will begin conducting psychic experiments with plants, but will not achieve any results. In studying the process of accumulating of psychic energy, one can observe that the energy acts similarly to the pulse of Cosmos - a gathering of power gather through ebb and flow.
We saw that psychic energy is closely related to fire and is an inalienable, cumulative acquisition. We would prefer to avoid repetition, but sometimes We are compelled to return to a previous subject. If you desire, by power of the will, to see parts of your own aura, you will find it impossible.
For old spirits who have experienced many incarnations, the period after the seventh year is quite difficult, and the one after fourteen years even more so.
The experience of joy in one's work is a manifestation of a special aspect of psychic energy.
Crystals of psychic energy, when applied to one's body, draw one's own inner psychic energy, just as a magnet draws a needle from the body.
Scientists speaking about the subconscious, about cerebral and nervous reflexes, about animal magnetism, about telepathy, certainly speak of one and the same thing - of psychic energy.
The forging of the sword in the flame under the hammer's blow is the best illustration of how one tempers one's psychic energy. Much is spoken about prana; but pure prana is inaccessible on Earth, except on the heights, where few dare to stay.
When we speak of psychic energy, we must first of all remember the causes and effects of our small daily thoughts. Certainly, the Initiates of ancient Egypt knew the great law which rules the whole Universe. Among the interpretations of the pyramids pay attention to that one which delineates the three Worlds. This process causes a corona discharge between the object and the metal plate, which is recorded by the film as light patterns of colors. One of them is known as the human aura, which is a bioenergy field that is made of many different layers and colors.
Most teachings of the human aura are often focused on the first 7 layers of the human aura.
He is also the author of two books titled Staradigm: A Blueprint for Spiritual Growth, Happiness, Success and Well-Being and 40 Enlightening Tips to Increase and Balance Your Energy. Both animals are deeply connected to the earth, reminding us to be grounded, which gives us strength and security.
The odd thing is, many cultures considered it sacred, while in the West we often call something unwanted “a white elephant.” Like the throat chakra where we express ourselves, what we say can be rare and sacred or undesirable. El Morya who ascended in the late 1800's, is one of the founders of Theosophy as well as Agni Yoga.
One can store prana not only for one's own use but, by means of psychic energy, can transmit a part of one's store to others. On the other hand, being parts of the fiery element, they burn and can cause inflammation of the centers.
Tell this to the co-workers in all countries, so that they may immediately find the means to fortify life through the counsels of Yoga. In each century there is a powerful awakening of psychic energy in humanity, but usually this beneficent indication is not understood by people.
Strange as it may seem, a study of the physical traces of imperil can lead to an understanding of the accumulations of psychic energy.
Consider that if the emanations of psychic energy are visible to her naked eye, then they have real substance. You manifest psychic energy and immediately new, diverse conditions appear, small and great, far and near. There is a stage in the development of psychic energy called luminous, when the essence of a being begins to emit light.
To exercise the energy on other human beings and on animals can be dangerous, because if the object is strong it can easily return a counterblow. In addition to an investigation of the physical composition of meteors, is it not important to observe their effects on the psychic energy of masses of people? The teraph can carry the message either to a particular person, or to someone else who will later own the teraph. This means that for the strengthening of the aura not only a pure consciousness is needed; one must also attract the Fire of Space.
It will not be difficult to learn to control random projections of the astral body, which occur more often than one would think.
Amidst earthly conditions, the psychic energy is trained to accept into the consciousness a new kind of body. Generally, the lowest quality of energy is possessed by mediums; it is susceptible to all surrounding conditions, even atmospheric ones. One can also foresee that some of these will then blame the Teaching for its imprecise Indications, without giving a thought to the inadequacy of their own psychic energy. The tension of psychic energy will send out ruby-colored arrows, and their growth will pierce the blue of consciousness. This means that the energy can be accumulated in objects, which can then be used for concentration of the will.
Pay attention to these repetitions; they are usually provoked either by a disciple's misunderstandings or by cosmic complications that demand special attention. It is necessary to desire it, but the law of psychic energy also requires suitable conditions.
It is useful, therefore, for the teacher to ask unexpected questions, to request descriptions of occurrences, and to require the keeping of daily notes.
At the lower levels the prana is mineralized and is subject to the influence of discordant magnetic waves. The Pyramid itself presents a symbol of the mountain with a broad foundation and narrow summit.
This is for people that know they have psychic powers, but want to increase or tune it better. This article will go a little further by exploring the first 12 layers of the aura and their colors and meanings. He loves to explore the mystery of alternative medicine, the science of consciousness, quantum mechanics, sacred geometry, spiritual science, and how energy affects the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body. He then went on to cofound The Bridge to Freedom and then the Summit Lighthouse with Saint Germain. It is quite a different matter when there is a conscious transmission, voluntary and benevolent. The manifestations of the fiery element can be compared to the most intense colors of electrical discharges; but the electrical light-scale is limited, whereas the variegations of the light-sparks of Fohat are beyond imagination. And whatever is tangible can be concentrated to make possible the collecting of a new vital force. It is most difficult for humanity to realize the infiniteness of energy and its ability to act independently. As long as the crystal of psychic energy is not found, the substance of Fire will not be identified.
When it becomes possible to physically measure psychic energy, it will be instructive to see how these darkeners work to disrupt the flow of energy. They will understand how much harm they can cause, weakening and overburdening one another's forces. Observing the psychic energy of humanity is more important than measuring humidity or temperature.

Two things should be known - that the preparation of the teraph requires much time, and that much time is also needed for its effects to be revealed. We make use of the tension in the atmosphere to help make manifest the development of the consciousness. The Fire of Space is seemingly metalized, and life becomes filled with the radiance of the prana of reality. As you know, many images were fashioned using alloys of metals, and instructions were given to worshipers to touch them with their hands. One should not look for a lack of precision in Our Indications when I say that psychic energy must not only be strengthened but should also be refined. Like a fine weaving, a web of cooperation of the centers is created by uniting them with a fiery thread.
A considerable accumulation of energy can even make objects radiate, or transmit a suggested thought. Such conditions are not established in an instant; they must be built on a foundation of higher influences. The spirit has already torn itself away from its former existences, and the burden of the new unknown path overwhelms it. The most self-sufficient, the most refined, the most upthrusting energy is the true Daughter of Fire! Under the power of the wind and the rays of the sun, this dust settles into the lower recesses, and changes the properties of both the snow and the soil. The emanations of the approaching waves surround one and color with their chemism the attracted particles of energy. These snatches of knowledge beg to be united into one current, but narrow-mindedness prevents the proper relating of these various fragments of knowledge.
Certainly, a change of residence can lead one to more beneficial combinations of prana, and may have a healing effect on the condition of one's nervous system. Indeed, the significance of the Chamber of the manifested King and Queen is that a crowning perfection is to be expected at the approach of all Cosmic Fiery dates. This division is the most profound, and the gradations between the Worlds are symbolically portrayed by the pyramid. Many energy healers believe that the aura contains information related to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. This can be not only to one person, but even to several at once if one understands how to apportion the transmissions judiciously. It sharpens the center of the third eye, and also serves as the substance for astral construction on the highest plane. At the beginning of the nineteenth century there rose a tide of romanticism without, however, an understanding of its essence, or, properly speaking, without heroism. But it also can be noticed that, around the granulations of this poisonous viper, is gathered another substance that absorbs it - accumulations of psychic energy are found there too, because each energy has its physical crystal.
Thus it is precisely through the experimental methods of the laboratory that the mastery of new energies will be approached.
People easily sense energy in relation to physical actions, but they little realize something much more remarkable - that psychic energy can act independently at great distances. Many would be surprised to learn that a metal magnet and a psychic magnet are governed by the same energy. Even negative actions do not prevent Us from remembering that the seed is the same everywhere. Just as the deposits of psychic energy can be found through imperil, the substance of Fire will be found through observing the tension of psychic energy.
The accumulation of the waves of space, as the consciousness of Cosmos, affects all sensitive receivers more than do either the personal will or the consciousness of the astral world. But the flow of energy can be supported by countering efforts based upon self-sacrifice and achievement. One of the purposes of going into a hermitage was to hide, in order to preserve one's psychic energy. The teaching about teraphs comes from great antiquity, when the Atlanteans knew about psychic energy. When the developed spirit knows the sounds of the spheres, it will understand the power of rhythm. The next level produces partial, spontaneous manifestations of psychic energy, but without synthesis with spirit. One should simply watch the signs without prejudice, and observe to what thought they relate. Just as the heavenly vault is filled with the radiance of the far-off worlds, so do the fires sparkle above the crown of the head. That is why each manifestation of psychic energy pursues its action, sometimes quite continuously. But recognizing sincerity is not easy, because what people call sincerity is often quite a different quality. Thus, under the guise of a reverent act, a beneficial effect on the psychic energy of the worshiper was obtained.
It will be strengthened under the waves of fire, when the aura begins to take on a purple color due to tensity. Through the development of consciousness, it becomes refined; but, if accumulated in other ways, the energy can remain in a state of potentiality, awaiting the proper conditions for manifestation.
Of course psychic energy is always present, but it can become dormant, and then it will crystallize and become inactive.
But the way to higher influences is not easy either, since they can be reached only through open gates.
The accumulated possibilities cause a vague anxiety, and the core strives to return to conditions in which there were greater opportunities for the consciousness to act freely.
It is especially instructive to observe this in places where the ground is rich with metals. Unfortunately, so far the air in homes is generally regarded simply, as either pure or impure. Each of these tips are my personal ideas and a lot revolve around consciousness development which boosts many aspects of ones psyche . They also believe that the information in the human aura can tell the state of health of the human body.
And if you’re lucky enough to physically come in contact with these creatures, you can literally connect with their vibrations. It is an important reality that material benefit can be transmitted by means of psychic energy. Nurturing the psychic energy, Fohat paves the way to the far-off worlds, whereas Materia Lucida weaves the strengthening of the consciousness.
The crystal relates to the finest energies and also to the energy promised to humanity - if humanity is willing to accept it.
In the middle of the same century the world became enveloped in a negative materialism, failing even to study the true properties of matter. Whoever has seen the crystals of Fohat and Materia Lucida knows how visible are the crystals of even the most subtle energies. Like a cannon ball that speeds from the cannon producing its individual effect, so our energy can create results completely independent and long-lasting. One can imagine the power of these waves, sweeping over the world, bearing in their wake countless joys or terrors. An experiment with plants may require several months, but it will give the best results for the mastery of one's psychic energy.
These seemingly abstract concepts affirm the reality of the Life Principle, whose energy is cognizable and measurable. One of Our good co-workers had himself reported dead, in order to escape the attention of others.
Certainly they may seem familiar enough to the psychic vision, but one should not lose attentiveness and let oneself think of them as familiar. For example, one could already have changed one's thought, but the effect of a previous thought will nevertheless continue to pierce space.
These primitive practices are no longer followed, and they have not been replaced by anything rational.
When We speak against the idea of desiring reward, the one who is attached to the present will not be able to understand the vital importance of this advice. In all manifestations of psychic energy it can be assumed that some good deed was performed instinctively in the past. One can find in them accumulations of psychic energy, unless improper transmissions have erased these accumulations. The individual may prefer one center over another, but it would be better to choose the Chalice or the Brahmarandhra center. Attention is being paid now to the study of secretions, and perhaps this particular direction, the investigation of glandular secretions, will call attention to the existence of other secretions.
The blind and deaf may dream of a rest that does not exist, but the ones who see, who want only to see clearly, prefer to endure the storms. The dense World so widely separates the natures that it is even difficult to perceive how they can be fused into one on the Fiery summit.
For instance, is it possible that thoughts of a certain quality and intensity can influence plant life? Relate Yoga to world events, because a new system of life must be introduced, without which social movements will be nothing more than a masquerade of old ideas. The light of Materia Lucida can be intensified infinitely, and will provide illumination, which, without requiring the consumption of any material, can assume any form.
The close of the century was given over completely to decline, even though a reassessment of values had been indicated.
The true direction of research will be towards the study of both the physical plane of energies and the invisible energies saturating space. Sometimes it is indiscernible, but often it can act either on a truly cosmic scale, or within those who have a developed consciousness, in which case the ascertaining of evident results requires no deep observation. Most important, the currents opposing us should be strong, because then our flame is ignited. But, as an external purification, one may apply the essence of moru, or, as it is also called, balu.
It is helpful to have the length and intensity of these transmissions alternately increased and decreased every seven days. I affirm that the fires evoked by these indicated rhythms can be intensified and also can be of service in the strengthening of one's psychic energy. A place must be used where the maker's psychic energy has saturated the space and has accumulated upon the objects in it.
The activity of the subtle body is not thought about in the physical life, but its projection nevertheless does take place. Certainly, the type of psychic energy most needed for evolution is that possessed by mediators. In this lies not only the power of psychic energy but also its particular quality, which deserves special care.
The priestesses of old used to wear plates made of L., covered with wax, to protect their centers of the Chalice. Astrochemistry is recognized, radioactivity and magnetism hold the attention, but these are all directed only upon the body, whereas the most essential, psychic energy, is forgotten.
But the one who is striving toward the future will not even think about reward, and he will regard any reward that comes as new shoes for the next journey. How can one more exactly term the refinement of the current of thought when the formulas for the future resound in exaltation?
Certainly, not a grain of psychic energy can ever be lost, but its accumulations must be stirred. There has existed a mistaken opinion that the spirit cannot early on master its new body and that this is the reason for children's foolishness. Each exaltation before nature and Beauty gathers the seeds of light and creates a ray of victory. Not only psychic energy but also many other energies acquire unique properties in such places.
One can promote the circulation of psychic energy externally by rubbing the body with an emulsion of seven vegetable ingredients, known from antiquity. Glandular secretions have only recently attracted attention, although ancient medicine pointed out the importance of secretions long ago. When we point out the need for cultivation of psychic energy, we shall say the same about the disciplining of small thoughts.

And we get a body of conquests of the upper strata outstripping the movement of the spiral.
Thus is it possible to trace how from the most ancient times cosmic dates have been affirmed. The severe discipline of freedom can rebuild life only when a new understanding of the conscious use of psychic energy enters into everyday life. The beginning of the present century was marked by war and national upheavals, although the recognition of psychic energy pointed toward the conquest of other worlds. The way of the metaphysician has not brought meaningful results, and the alchemist is resting in his coffin. One can project energy consciously, but one can also project it subconsciously if it is directed frequently in the same way. Of course, this lack of correlation prevents the unification of psychic energy within groups.
But our race, though departing, is still unwilling to leave this beneficent heritage to its descendants. Important are the succession of the layers of meaning, the sincerity of the direct transmission, and the rhythm, which corresponds to Mahavan. Only through an enlightened consciousness can one control psychic energy so as not to obstruct one's path with thought-projections from the past.
Whoever has entered upon the path of refining psychic energy will not speak of a lack of precision in Our Indications. Not of its millions of citizens should a country be proud, but of its store of psychic energy. It depends not only on the intensity of striving, but also on the careful consideration of surrounding conditions.
But actually, when the centers do not work correctly, the deposits of psychic energy are not produced, and the spirit has no substance through which to manifest itself. This is the same emulsion used by yogis when leaving the physical body for a lengthy period of time.
The fires of the human body's centers also radiate differently depending upon the chemism of the metals in the human body. This is wise, for the seed growing into a sprout radiates psychic energy of particular tension. One must also pay attention to the fact that those calculations lead up to our date and time. But chemistry will uncover tangible reality when it reaches a true understanding of psychic energy and all-binding fire. When the cannonball of energy has been propelled afar, then one may feel a temporary exhaustion of energy. It is precisely the group energy that makes possible the utilization of the rays without the annihilation or burning of forces. But let the scientists not complain if, prior to their discovery of Fire, We suggest that they first discover the crystal of imperil.
When the image has been created, it is then covered with a silver, crystal, or glass dome, or a leather cover.
It would be foolish to assume that the element of fire is somewhere outside of us and that its realization can be lazily postponed. Of course, as in psychic experiments, one should not be hasty where two states of being are involved. This quality of synthesis, accumulated by the experiences of ages, protects them from dark influences.
Its union with the Fire of Space takes place near those glands that are filled with the conduits from the centers. When one passes to the astral plane one must retain cognizance of the future, and also ignite one's striving with the crystal of psychic energy.
Often an accidental and unfitting thought can disturb the surface of the ocean of attainments for a long time. For the sake of even one individual with a store of energy, thousands of average ones must be spared. Observations of the quality of the snow, soil, and plants are not difficult, even with ordinary apparatuses.
It also can be applied with benefit to treat various problems, beginning with skin diseases. Indeed, it must start into the unknown, expanding parallel with the growth of the consciousness. Thus immutable is Fiery Right, which has been inscribed on all the tablets, and which has been written by the great life of the eternal Magnet. Let each one ponder on how many times the point of the summit will be contained in the foundation.
El Morya has written and dictated on almost every subject imaginable over the years—always with the goal of elevating mankind and bringing in a New Era. The power of these energies is linked with psychic energy; hence each abuse is destructive.
In the middle of our century there will flash forth signs of new, as yet unmastered energies, and again people will scurry about in false directions. Vampirism, to a considerable degree, can be attributed to a conflict of rhythm, which results in devouring instead of cooperation. The developed consciousness can improvise words in accordance with the flow of psychic energy. For many thousands of years people have separated these two states; therefore, their harmonization should be worked out goal-fittingly. Otherwise those who pass into the astral plane will submerge into the twilight of carry-overs. One may have long since forgotten about a thought, but it continues flying before one, lighting or obscuring the path. Like a magnet, each one with an intensified store of psychic energy attracts the embryonic energies buried deep within people. The dust of the far-off spheres, when found in the snow on the peaks and at lower altitudes when it has melted, provides the opportunity to learn about new substances. This emulsion when rubbed into the body, provides the energy needed to sustain nourishment for a long time.
The development of consciousness brings us into closer contact with the entire mighty energy. After the pralaya of night, the morning sun acts with special vitality in calling forth the psychic energy. It should be remembered that not only for illumination but also for healing is Materia Lucida irreplaceable. Those who used to place a magnet over the crown of their heads in order to deepen the consciousness knew fragments of the Great Teaching.
Therefore, learn to recognize those whose waves are not harmful to you, even if superficially they appear to be from the soul of an alien race.
It is easier to deal with the poison of irritation than to seek the superior psychic energy. One may continue in this way, testing the plants but also conditioning oneself to the performance of rhythmic action. This means that each possessor of conscious energy is himself an embodiment of the General Good. In order to approach psychic energy under earthly conditions, one must observe how the deposits from the far-off spheres influence the human organism.
This is similar to the taking of musk, which, as you already know, reduces one's need for food.
Is it possible to think as before, with only half one's brain, not caring about the locked-up treasures?
Similarly, the awakened life of the seed, like the dawn, sends forth its emanations of prayer. A great number of imperfect elements will press the structures downward into strata of outworn and poisoned substance. Note: Psychic in today's lexicon describes the belt of emotional substance or man's misqualified energy that hangs around the earth at low levels on the astral plane.
It will be the best remedy for calming the nerves, for it is a bridge between the psychic energy of humanity and cosmic energy, the reservoir of which is inexhaustible. Let them have enough time to familiarize themselves with it, remembering how little time is left.
Collecting the magnetic waves out of various realms, they reinforced their store of psychic energy.
Poisonous plants should not be used for these experiments, nor should any of the families of lilies or ferns. Metals do affect psychic energy; they do not accumulate it, but act to regulate and protect it.
Give the formula for this emulsion only to those who have proved their devotion to the Teaching. Only reckless courage can turn the structure upwards into strata untried and beautiful in the maintenance of new elements. Therefore, I speak and shall say again that outworn forms must be avoided in the structure. One should not be concerned that already in the Subtle World the essences are clearly separated.
Thus it will be possible to build a bridge between the psychic and the material from psycho-technics to dynamics, and even to astrochemistry.
Also, do not hesitate to stress that valerian can be a powerful protector when one is suffering from the fiery sickness. Afterward, one can demonstrate with interesting results the effect of psychic energy on water and on currents of air. When the physical body is kept immobile, it should not be touched or disturbed, and should be left in silence.
There is nothing abstract in it, for psychic energy is contained everywhere in nature and is especially expressed in the human being. These salts are utilized for this clearing power, and may be prescribed for inner consumption. The edge of the pyramid may be divided into four parts, also into five, seven, eight, or any other number, but the three Worlds will remain the foundation of the basic division. When the sight is directed inward one should not bring light near or change the temperature. Much as one may try to ignore it, it reminds one of itself, and the task of enlightenment is to teach humanity how to use this treasure. One may imagine over the visible pyramid the identical invisible one, in an infinitely expanded concept. If the time has come to speak of the physically visible accumulations of psychic energy, it means that the reality of psychic energy has become evident. Solitude and nature are a great combo to learn oneself to tune oneself to deeper connectedness. They penetrate the remote layers of the atmosphere, and are manifested in especially subtle ways. For a long time the subtle body will be independent of the intellect, but then it will enter into harmony with the higher consciousness. This is not just an experiment; it is a re-attraction of those forces that have been driven away by the intellect.
See knowledge like psychic fuel.Using Affirmations daily can dramatically increase psychic manifestation. By doing so you will allow the mind to not get attached and allow the spirit more dominance. The mind has a way of making familiar places less beautiful and unfamiliar places more beautiful.
A question was thrown at me recently and was one worth pondering for all us Occult addicts and… How To Get Rid Of Curses and Black Magick?
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