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A study, which was published online in the journal Advanced Materials, reveals that scientists have found a way to couple a photosynthetic protein found in spinach with silicon to produce a new “biohybrid” solar cell. The study was inspired by the fact that spinach plants are capable of converting sunlight into electrical energy with nearly 100 % efficiency.
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NASA satellite instruments have observed a marked increase in solar radiation absorbed in the Arctic since the year 2000 – a trend that aligns with the steady decrease in Arctic sea ice during the same period. Since the year 2000, the rate of absorbed solar radiation in the Arctic in June, July and August has increased by five percent, said Norman Loeb, of NASA’s Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia. The Arctic Ocean is absorbing more of the sun's energy in recent years as white, reflective sea ice melts and darker ocean waters are exposed.
While a five percent increase may not seem like much, consider that the rate globally has remained essentially flat during that same time. When averaged over the entire Arctic Ocean, the increase in the rate of absorbed solar radiation is about 10 Watts per square meter. As a region, the Arctic is showing more dramatic signs of climate change than any other spot on the planet.
While these CERES measurements could ultimately become another of those signs of dramatic climate change, right now scientists say they have obtained the bare minimum of a data record needed to discern what’s happening over the long term.
Getting data beyond 15 years will allow scientists to better assess if recent trend falls outside the realm of natural variability, said Jennifer Kay, an atmospheric scientist at the Cooperative Institute for Research and Environmental Science at the University of Colorado. Kay and colleagues have also analyzed satellite observations of Arctic clouds during this same 15-year period. Increasing absorbed solar radiation is causing multiple changes in the sea ice cover, said Walt Meier, a sea ice scientist from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland. The onset of the melt season in the high Arctic is now on average seven days earlier than it was in 1982, Meier said.
Since 2000, the Arctic has lost 1.4 million square kilometers (541,000 square miles) of older ice that is more than 3 meters thick, which during winter has essentially been replaced by ice that is less than 2 meters thick, according to data provided by Mark Tschudi at the University of Colorado. The instruments include three radiometers – one measuring solar radiation reflected by Earth (shortwave), one measuring thermal infrared radiation emitted by Earth (longwave), and one measuring all outgoing radiation, whether emitted or reflected.
A quarter to half of Earth’s vegetated lands has shown significant greening over the last 35 years largely due to rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. This Earth Day, NASA is giving the world an insider’s look into the myriad activities the space agency conducts in a typical day to study and protect our home planet. New maps of the seafloor around Greenland help scientists understand which glaciers are at increased risk for melting.
March 2016 set a new record temperature for this time of year, the sixth month in a row to do so. I couldn’t go because I had quadruple booked myself to go to the party, work late at the office, take a consulting call, and finish writing an article in time to publish it.
I didn’t want to go to the office or the party but I said “yes” to both because I didn’t want to let anyone down.
I said “yes” to going to the party because I didn’t want to miss out on the inside jokes (or become the inside joke). Little concessions bleeding out of me everywhere I went while I ran in circles trying to clean up the droplets. I was caught in this vicious cycle of saying “yes” and then trying to back out without pissing anyone off.
I felt like one of those cartoon animals trying to run forward really fast but just digging into the ground instead.
Willpower is your ability to control your own behavior and it relies exclusively on mental energy.
Think of willpower as a kind of instinctual override, a way to interrupt your brain’s automatic processing in order to do something else. If you’re hungry and come upon a table of free doughnuts, the primitive part of your brain will process the event and say, “EAT!” But the more advanced decision-making part of your brain will tell you to keep walking and not take the bait. A study published by the Journal of Personality shows that each person has his or her own individual willpower limit and this limit is depleted by mental strain.

The experiment involved two groups of students—people in the first group were given a two-digit number to remember, while people in the second group were given a seven-digit number to remember.
Both groups were instructed to remember the number, walk down a long hallway, and repeat the number to an administrator at the end of the hall.
Halfway down the hall, a young woman waited by a table with a large plate of fresh fruit on one side and a large plate of pastries on the other side.
She asked each participant to choose which snack they would like to eat after completing the memorization task. The people in the second group, those laboring under the strain of remembering a seven-digit number, chose a pastry far more often than those who were remembering the two-digit number. These units affect your ability to not only make good decisions, but to focus and concentrate in general. You’re exhausted but want to finish one last paragraph so you keep writing the same simple sentence over and over again but you just can’t get it right. If you’ve ever sat in front of the TV for 30 minutes to watch something you’ve seen before because you’re tired, you know time is not your most valuable asset. If you’ve ever bought anything beyond food, water, shelter or your other basic needs, you know money is not your most valuable asset. Reports by the Harvard Business Review and the Cambridge University Press show that you only get about 90-120 minutes of peak mental energy and 5 hours or less of near peak mental energy each day, respectively.
People carefully protect the money in their bank and the time in their calendar but they do little to protect their attention.
All the “yeses” you’ve said and all the obligations you’ve taken on in the past have created a kind of psychological immune system. So, when someone invites you to party or asks you to work late or tells you about a million dollar idea, your mind will feel the urge to jump at this “opportunity” in order to avoid the pain of missing out.
If you change your mind or grow out of a commitment, don’t be afraid to talk about it openly and find a better way forward. The best way to avoid making bad commitments is to stop being afraid of letting other people down. Don’t let your desire to please someone else disrupt your freedom to say “no” and take care of yourself first.
Every time your parents or teachers told you to do something and you said “yes” and did it, you were rewarded.
Every time you say “no” to meaningless drama and useless activities, you get one step closer to your own personal goals.
Under this law, you can never take anything from anyone without feeling a strong urge to give them something in return.
This desire to give back to someone who gives you something, even if you don’t want or need what they’re giving you, is intensely distracting. If your boss praises you for your good work, be careful how much weight you give his praise because it could make you feel like you have to say “yes” to working next weekend. Own it, but don’t rely on it or feel like you have to live up to it by blindly saying “yes” to something in return. These things are exhausting because they require extremely high levels of mental effort to engage in.
Your goal is to say “no” to everything that drains your energy without a productive result, not to say “no” to everything in life.
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What is more surprising is that it is also showing great promise in the solar energy arena.
The increased darker surface area during the Arctic summer is responsible for a 5 percent increase in absorbed solar radiation since 2000. This is equivalent to an extra 10-watt light bulb shining continuously over every 10.76 square feet of Arctic Ocean for the entire summer.
Areas such as the Beaufort Sea, which has experienced the some of the most pronounced decreases in sea-ice coverage, show a 50 watts per square meter increase in the rate of absorbed solar radiation.

These include a warming of air temperatures at a rate two to three times greater than the rest of the planet and the loss of September sea ice extent at a rate of 13 percent per decade. Kay’s research shows summer cloud amounts and vertical structure are not being affected by summer sea ice loss.
Two of those changes include the timing of the beginning of the melt season each year and the loss of older, thicker sea ice. Studies in Sleep Medicine show that the right amount of REM sleep (4-6 cycles) completely restores your mental energy each day.
There is finally an option for health conscious consumers who need an energy boost – Maximum Energy Shot! According to researchers, this spinach-based combination produces considerably more electrical current than any previously tested biohybrid solar cells, and could be a vital key to increasing solar energy efficiency. The challenge has always been to find a way to extract said PS1 from the spinach plant – something which scientists have now masterfully achieved.
As more of the sun’s energy is absorbed by the climate system, it enhances ongoing warming in the region, which is more pronounced than anywhere else on the planet. While surprising, the observations show that the bright sea ice surface is not automatically replaced by bright clouds. This is one step in a potential feedback cycle of warming leading to melting, melting leading to increased solar radiation absorption, and increased absorption leading to enhanced warming. 18, 1999, and CERES first started collecting Arctic data in 2000 so 2015 will mark 15 continuous years of CERES measurements over the Arctic. So whether you’re trying to kick-start your day or fighting afternoon lulls and sinking energy, you can get a boost the healthy way!
Indeed, sea ice loss, not clouds, explain the increases in absorbed solar radiation measured by CERES.
Maximum Energy Shot gives energy in minutes and lasts for hours without the sudden crash afterwards.
A big drawback of photovoltaic solar cells is that they require rare earth materials, the extraction of which is both costly and detrimental to the environment. Walking was then the only form of transport for most people.Since then, a vast array of energy devices and systems has been developed.
Meanwhile, biohybrid cells such as these spinach-based ones can be made using renewable and relatively cheap sources. Details Release Far infrared and negative ions, can enhance blood circulation and ability of oxygen transport, effectively eliminate fatigue, discomfort, and restore and get vital Made by Bamboo Charcoal yarn yarn with high density weaving technique for extreme softness and comfort, have wicking, deodorize characteristic.
These transform energy from sources provided by nature (coal, oil, gas, wind, sun and nuclear fuels) into other forms that we can use. Help support and improve calf and arm comfort and buoyancy Buy Now Category: Health and Personal Care DescriptionProduct DescriptionFar infrared can penetrate to subcutaneous tissues, and have the work of warming, messaging, and promoting blood circulation. Not only raise body oxygen levels but in addition develop immunity and balance body hydrogen ion concentration. Negative ions cause positive adjustments, increasing brain power and activity and make work effectiveness. Most of this growth, and much of the increase in energy consumption, will occur in developing countries.
Release Far infrared and negative ions, can reinforce blood circulation and ability of oxygen transport, effectively get rid of fatigue, discomfort, and restore and get essential Made by Bamboo Charcoal yarn yarn with high density weaving technique for extreme softness and comfort, have wicking, deodorize characteristic. Assist beef up and support calf and arm comfort and buoyancy Use ore energy powder particles, oxygen can restore cells, and restore energy. There is a growing concern about global warming, that these gases can cause.At present, fossil fuels produce most of our energy.
Moreover, we may become more exposed to the results of political instability in the regions where fossil fuels are produced.
Consequences of energy dependenceThe consequences are likely to be higher energy prices.There is also likely to be more uncertainty about supplies and greater environmental risk as less easily accessible reserves of fossil fuels are exploited.
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