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I feel that those (losely based on) real world scenarios are completely underutilized in games. My game ideas follow this rule: each game ought to be doable by a small team in a reasonable time frame (1-8 developers, 3-18 months). Specifically on one hand most of these settings have no connection with the real world, they’re pure fantasies.
And where the games are based on or at least inspired by the real world, they usually end up being war shooters – or boring, unforgiving and very niche. And if your idea is really really really that great, only you can implement it the way you imagined it anyway. Plot the route that takes your ship to the desired location in the least time with the least fuel consumption, safely. Over time you’ll venture into even deeper seas, to increasingly exotic locations, with harsher weather conditions, higher water pressures and longer trips.
Ideally the game takes this information straight from freely available sources, enabling it to be used by the interested as an educational game. You can also leave notes around the house which the family members will assume were written by other family members. For example instead of leaving the computer on when walking away, instruct them to turn at least the monitor off. The player also learns valuable, proven techniques to conserve energy for their own home while realizing the relative differences of how much energy various devices consume, and where it matters most to conserve energy.
Recent Comments Denis Georgiev commented on iTunes Connect thinks your IBAN is invalid? Here, you can find home energy efficiency tips, information on current programs and incentives, and other useful information to help you save money by conserving energy. Insulating your home and keeping doors and windows well sealed are all examples of home weatherization. In Texas, most electric utilities participate in energy efficiency programs.A The utilities like to promote energy efficiency, because it helps keep the demand for electricity at a manageable and cost-efficient level. If the utilities can continue sending the same amount of power over the wires instead of having to increase it as the population grows, that means that utilities and consumers are all being energy efficient.
Some electric cooperatives and municipal utilities offer energy efficiency programs as well. For a list of more utilities offering incentives on renewable energy and energy efficiency, visit the U.S. Although OPUCa€™s jurisdiction does not extend to advocating on behalf of gas utility consumers, we want to provide as much useful information as possible to all types of utility consumers. Before having any energy efficiency measure installed in your home, you should check with 2 or more energy service providers to get the best price for the service. One example of a home energy audit is when a professional home energy auditor checks your home for air leakage. To find an energy service provider in your area that participates in your utilitya€™s energy efficiency programs, click on the link below for your utility company. CenterPoint Energy partners with energy efficiency service providers and local agencies to support residents in saving energy and money. Oncor offers several energy efficiency incentive programs.These programs help residential consumers, business owners and government and educational facilities help jump-start their energy efficiency efforts.
This includes AEP's Texas North Company, Texas Central Company, and Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO). AEP has contracts with national and local firms who may contact you about performing work to help save energy and reduce your electric bill. TNMP offers targeted energy efficiency programs for residential and commercial consumers in its service territory. Xcel Energy offers targeted energy efficiency programs for residential and commercial consumers in its Texas distribution service territory.
EPE offers incentives to energy services contractors for projects producing electricity demand and energy savings. Entergy offers incentive programs and ensures that all consumers have a choice of, and access to, energy efficiency improvements to reduce energy consumption.
If you meet certain income requirments, you may be able to have free energy efficiency measures done on your home. The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairsa€™ Energy Assistance Section administers two federally funded programs through local subrecipient agencies. These programs are the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) and the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP).
When at home, close blinds and drapes that get direct sun, set air conditioning thermostats to 78 degrees or higher, and use fans in occupied rooms to feel cooler.

When away from home, set air conditioning thermostats to 85 degrees and turn all fans off before you leave. Do not use your dishwasher, laundry equipment, hair dryers, coffee makers, or other home appliances during the peak hours of 3 to 7 p.m.
During periods when conservation is encouraged or requested, typically Monday through Friday from 3 p.m. If you require medical grade oxygen, make sure you have an emergency supply available at all times. Use lumens, not watts, to get the right brightness: A Watts are the amount of energy used, not how bright the light is.
Read the package: A Lighting Facts label will be required on packages for most bulbs manufactured after January 1, 2012. Check Carefully for Dimming: Not every LED or CFL bulb is dimmable, so check then packaging. Look for the ENERGY STAR label: CFLs and LEDs with the Energy Star Label meet specific performance standards and are subjected to independent testing to help ensure a high level of efficiency and quality.
For more information on energy efficiency programs, helpful tips, and energy-saving products, visit the links below.
Energy Savers provides consumers with tips for saving energy and money at home and on the road.
As the state energy office, SECO partners with Texas consumers, businesses, educators and local governments to reduce energy costs and maximize efficiency. Cash-strapped California is in the midst of a Solar Schools initiative that will help the state save over $1.5 billion in energy costs over the next 30 years. The solar panels that are installed as part of the Solar Schools program are all equipped with high tech monitoring systems so that children in that school can learn about how the solar panels collect energy throughout the day. Over the next year, SunPower aims to install 90 solar arrays at schools across the state as part of the program.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. My big problem with this type of proposal is that the cost of maintenance of the system is ignored when doing the ROI evaluation. Often in favor of male power fantasies, good vs evil cliches, dumbed-down buttonsmashers intervened with quicktime events. Hear this: your idea may be unique and innovative, but everyone can come up with an idea, so your idea is actually worth squat.
Then take on jobs offered by the scientific community, treasure hunters, rich individuals or large corporations. You will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the undersea world and whatever you discover down there.
With notes you can try educating family members about the value of conserving energy and giving tips on how to do so.
When the family members learned how to do that, you can teach them how to put the computer in standby. An energy service provider can be a home energy auditor, air conditioning company, insulation company, and even a home builder.A You should ask the energy service provider if there is a discount based on what incentives your utility may be offering.
They do this by closing all the windows and doors and then pumping air throughout your home to check if air is leaking to the outside. These residential programs are geared to assist residents in making energy efficient upgrades that reduce energy consumption, save money and benefit the environment.
By offering a comprehensive set of programs, TNMP ensures that consumers in all classes have access to energy efficiency services. By offering a comprehensive set of programs, Xcel Energy ensures that consumers in all classes have access to energy efficiency services.
This is offered through the Public Utility Commission's Hard-to-Reach Standard Offer Program.A Ask your utility or retail electric provider about the standard offer program available in your area. Application intake, income verification, and all client services are handled by the local agencies.
This is especially important if you do not have a mode of transportation.A  You should also have an alternate location for shelter. Also make sure you have a battery-powered radio, a flashlight, and extra batteries in a place you can easily find them. Three milligrams is an infinitesimal amount compared with old thermometers, which containedA  500 mg of mercury. By following just a few of the simple tips found on this Energy Savers website, you can make your home more comfortable and easier to heat and coola€”while you save money. wants to help change this by providing Texans with the tips, tools, and information to be more energy efficienta€”and save money in the process.

In partnership with SunPower, the California Solar Schools program helps K-12 and higher education institutions across the state take advantage of local solar subsidies that will partially fund the installation of solar panels on their buildings.
In the San Ramon Valley Unified School District there will be five new solar arrays that will account for nearly 80% of each school’s power requirements. I would like to hear if other states are going to follow the lead of California even if they are not a cash strapped state. You’d be doing yourself a big favor if you let others in on your ideas and make no fuss about it. Creating a game based on one or several One Game Idea A Day ideas is hereby expressly permitted, and encouraged. Searching for new life forms, geological activity like hotsprings and undersea volcanoes, natural resources like gas, oil and methane, and on occasion sunken ships and their treasures.
Whenever they waste energy by leaving devices or radiators turned on when they stopped or paused using them, it’s your job to turn them off. You might also want to teach them how to program the central heating or air conditioner, so it turns itself off and back on an hour before the family returns. That means you will not need your air conditioner or heater running as much to keep the house at a comfortable temperature.A And of course, when you use less electricity, your bills are lower.
You should also ask whether there is a fee to audit (check) the home to find the energy efficiency measures that will save you the most energy and money. If leaks are found, they can recommend that certain measures be taken to fix the leaks, such as caulking around windows and replacing weatherstripping around doors. You should first ask your utility if they provide free or discounted energy audit programs before paying full price.
In some cases, your utility may ask you to conserve energy to help prevent the need for rotating outages.
If there is no one for you to stay with, try to arrange for transportation and shelter with a local church or community center. Corded landline and cellular phones are the only types of phone that will work during a power outage.
Even with the small amount of mercury, CFLs actually reduce mercury in the environment because they reduce the amount of mercury produced by power plants. Department of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices. In addition to helping the schools onto the clean energy boat, the initiative aims to teach kids in those schools about professions in the renewable energy sector. In the first year alone the San Ramon Valley Unified School District will save a whopping $2 million in energy costs. Here in Georgia I cringe when I see a new High School that was built without a solar panel and then wonder what other energy saving tech.
After leaving a device, it will slowly grow red depending on how much energy the device is consuming.
If you have medical needs, you are are not expected to unplug your medical devices or turn off your air conditioner during conservation periods. All electric consumers should have a basic plan to follow when an outage occurs, but consumers with medical needs should take extra steps to make sure they are prepared. For a whiter light, look for 3,500 to 4,100 K, and for a bluer light, look for 5,000-6,500 K. This program all comes thanks to the Foundation for Environmental Education a non-profit that is seeking to build the next generation of thinkers who will carry the renewable energy torch far into the future. For example leaving a hair dryer or dust blower on consumes a lot more energy than a light bulb or computer does.
If you like to handle home repairs yourself, you may only need a basic inspection to get the information your need.
Being on this list does not guarantee your power will be restored immediately, but emergency services workers can access this list to see who may need immediate attention. However, like nearly everything else in your house, they need to be properly recycled and cleaned up, if broken. If using a cell phone, please dial A 2-1-1, and the operator will direct you to your local service provider. Because many outage situations involve a large number of homes and people, it may take an extended amount of time for utility or emergency services workers to get to your area.
And when I consider a sci-fi scenario I like them to have two things: a humanistic aspect and technology based on real world scientific principles.

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