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It’s a problem that goes deeper than just trans fats, carbs, and sugars—as dangerous as those are. A 2010 report by the Center for Science in the Public Interest found a link between a specific additive you’ll find in beverages, candies, and pet food…and brain tumors.
For instance, just 26 mg of these dyes can cause hyperactivity—even allergic-like reactions—in children.
Eating two cups of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, a small bag of Skittles, and eight ounces of Crush Orange soda will give you 102 mg of artificial colorings. Kraft removed the artificial dyes from some of their kid-oriented macaroni products—but not their most popular variety. Join over 150,000 Heath Watch readers, and get urgent health updates like this straight to your inbox. Many people are no aware about the facts related to adverse effects of artificial foods which contain dyes, additives, taste enhancers preservatives and emulsifiers.
I have been aware of this poisoning of our foods for many years, the artificial E-numbers in drinks for example that make children hyperactive.

I truly respect the info given here, and as someone who is concerned with her health and wants to go natural, I rely on the facts stated here.
My health concerns have found a breakthrough, thank you for giving me a lifetime solution to my health. Thank you INH…there are so many people out there with hidden agendas who have no intention of actually giving any useful info at all. It also found that a common ingredient in cereal and baked goods may consist of up to 13% carcinogenic additives. This is a valuable article which explains the bad side of many attractive foods which are consumed by the public with out being aware of what they are eating. I have recently started the Paleo Diet and to me that is the best way of consuming food, no processed food, no bought cakes, biscuits or sweets. I have visited quite a few websites similar to this and I think this one has to be the best. Even Chick-fil-A got rid of the Yellow #5 in their chicken soup…why it was there in the first place, we don’t know.5 But there are easy ways to avoid the health hazards of these dyes.

It would be a good thing to write not only about dyes bu about other things mentioned above.
No dairy produce, no pre-packed cooked meats because sodium nitrites are carcinogenic, I could go on for ever.
So, INH carry on with the good work of warning us of the dangers in our food and medicines. Limiting your exposure to these toxic dyes may help you avoid unpleasant—even life-threatening—side effects. This place has easy accessible to Nedumbassery International Airport and Aluva Railway Station.

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