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The Slough campus is located across the road from Slough railway station which is on the main London Paddington to Reading route (Thames Trains Service).
By road the campus is situated on the A4 (Wellington Street), next to the town centre and only a few minutes' drive from Junction 6 of the M4.
TVU shuttle route stops at all Ealing, Brentford, Slough and Wexham Park Hospital campuses. On the same occasion, a personal exhibition was held at the Salvini theatre of works by the artist Elena Cirella, dedicated to the Integrated Medicine Centre of Pitigliano. Integrated Cardio Metabolic Centre (ICMC)Integrated Cardio Metabolic Centre (ICMC) is a unique and innovative collaboration committed to advancing cardiovascular and metabolic disease research. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Brentford main line railway station is within walking distance of Paragon and, from there, trains run from the West to Central London.
Boston Manor underground station (Piccadilly line) for travel into central London or to Heathrow airport.

In addition the The Thames Valley University (TVU) shuttle bus service stops at the Paragon site, giving students easy access to the main teaching centres at the Ealing and Slough campuses. Limited car parking is available on the campus, but there is a large public car park within a short walk. We need to convert this wealth of therapies, a human heritage, into resources for the prevention and cure of existing and emerging illnesses. The abundance of food and water and modern living conditions have enabled us to extend the average lifespan as well as greatly reduce neonatal and perinatal mortality. It is also time that the so-called Chronic Care Model project opens its doors to Integrated Medicine and time for complementary medicines and bio-natural disciplines to be rigorously assessed as part of the overhaul of Medicine according to the principles for the maximum guarantee of the health of citizens, within the context of the services of the Italian health service.
It focuses on wellness and health rather than on treating disease and emphasizes the patient-doctor relationship.
At the same time, conventional therapies, which aim mainly to suppress the symptoms of illnesses rather than to cure them, put citizens of all ages, and not just of old age, at a serious disadvantage: the collateral effects and adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals, together with medical errors, limit the quality of the residual life of citizens suffering chronic illnesses and represent a threat to their survival as demonstrated by the growing number of iatrogenic illnesses.
The Integrated Medicine centre at the hospital in Pitigliano represents an extraordinary innovation in the public health service, a model now at an advanced stage of experimentation (it began in February 2011).

Homeopathy and acupuncture are combined with orthodox medicine at an internal medicine ward (hospital of Pitigliano), at the Neurological and Orthopaedic rehabilitation clinic of Manciano, and at the Integrated Medicine departments of the Centre. To improve our quality of life and well-being, we must strive for this balance that is necessary in our training, eating habits, rest and recuperation stages.TEAM APPROACHOur multidisciplinary approach ensures that each patient receives the right kind of care at the correct course of their treatment protocol.
In the two years since the trial began, more than 9000 appointments have been arranged for patients suffering chronic illnesses, mainly of a cardiovascular, pulmonary, gastroenterological, neurological and dermatological nature, and relating to allergology, oncology and therapy for chronic pain.
The Convention held on May 18th in Pitigliano was an occasion to present the results of the two years of experimentation of Integrated Medicine in terms of the effective reduction in the consumption of pharmaceuticals and the improvement of the health and quality of life of the citizens who visited the facility.

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