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Toxins That Destroy Your Thyroid Gland and an Incredibly Healthy Drink to Begin to Heal It!
If you’re looking for a doctor who can think past medical dogma, who looks for root cause, who really listens to you and is willing to consider your ideas, who takes time to make a thoughtful diagnosis and is always respectful then this is where you want to be. Love Dr Alisha and Dr Lundquist They are updated with all the newest research on natural medicine.
After 40 years of misdiagnosis and mistreatment by the medical professionals in four states, I finally found Dr. Sign up for updates, announcements about upcoming events, and special members only videos.We will never share your e-mail with anyone. Lundquist and his willingness to learn and practice medicine without following dogmatic practices.

Breakouts, pimples, and deep cystic eruptions are actually signs of inflammation in the body. You will not be disappointed in the true care you get here where they actually work to find the root cause vs throw drugs at every symptom you have.
After being undertreated or treated with inferior medications for my thyroid for 13 years, I started doing some research on proper thyroid treatment and doctors who bother to learn such treatments, and I was lucky enough to find Dr. It took me nine doctors and a year and half until I could find one who could finally help me. He takes the time to really get to know his patients before he decides on treatments, unlike other doctors who talk to you for 5 minutes and dish out pills. So glad I didn’t give up searching for doctors who are well trained and always learning more to better their practice.

He listens, considers more than just labs (he actually takes symptoms into account), and is open to learning from his patients as well as educating them.
His testing was thorough, and he didn’t just throw a bunch of prescriptions my way, which I appreciated.

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