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This is a good article from the MD Anderson Cancer Center discussing the difference between evidence-based integrative medicine vs. Integrative oncology refers to cancer care which blends standard medical oncology with other cancer care strategies to enhance the health of the individual patient challenged with cancer, and support optimal outcomes.
Are you seeking better health, more energy, deeper sleep and the motivation to get into the best shape of your life? Are you a health care professional feeling frustrated with just managing illness instead of actually providing real lasting health care? Are you looking for answers to why your supplements, medications, exercise program or diet isn’t working?
Are you tired of having your illness managed instead of getting the support you need to improve your health, mood and energy levels? Join Micheal Smith, Dr.TCM, FMC on a ten week journey of cleansing, healing, self-development and self-awareness. Assessing and improving every organ and system in your body, so they can work they way they are meant to. Eating a nutrient dense and anti-inflammatory diet to let your body bathe in healthy proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.
If you have had any recent or chronic health challenges or a family history of poor health, then this is an AMAZING opportunity to get to know how your body works, what usually goes wrong and what you can do about it.
This course can be taken onsite, at my clinic in Nelson, BC, or online any where in the world. Each Participant will have access to a one-on-one consultation with Michael to ensure you are putting out the right fires and help inspire you to get into the best shape of your life!
You will receive the course manual (Ten Steps to Abundant Health) which contains all of the science, the common sense and the questionnaires that will guide you on your journey towards better health, more confidence and an appreciation of mindful living.
You will also receive a copy of “Returning to an Ancestral Diet”, which contains 500 gourmet recipes from around the world.
You will also have access to the recordings for another six months after the program is complete.
Why Ten Weeks of Treatments or Training?Home Blog Articles, Resource Articles Why Ten Weeks of Treatments or Training? I am often asked, “how many acupuncture treatments will it take?” to resolve a person’s condition.
Neuroplasticity describes the recent scientific discovery that the human brain can change on a physical and physiological level in ways that can resolve “hard wired” conditions like trauma, chronic pain and addiction. When you are receiving regular massage, acupuncture or other treatments that reduce stress, relieve pain and release emotional distress you are also resetting your proprioceptive system. I hope this information gives you the inspiration, confidence and curiosity to look at improving your health in a new way.
Boswellia extract The extract of the herb boswellia serrata, also known as boswellin, contains potent anti-inflammatory triterpenoids that can help reduce inflammation and swelling of joints in arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other joint conditions.
Bromelain In addition to its popular use as a digestive aid, this natural enzyme from pineapple can help increase mobility in people suffering from joint problems and help decrease the joint pain and swelling.
Quercetin A multi-faceted nutrient, quercetin has been shown to help reduce inflammation, decrease blood pressure, and help the body recover from injury and stress.
Curcumin C3 Complex® A patented formula of turmeric root extract, curcumin has amazing anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Yucca root and Devil's claw root These two herbal extracts are chosen for their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that can help relieve chronic joint pain and stiffness. Alfalfa herb Not just a trendy health drink, alfalfa herb has been used for decades in traditional medicine to help the body recover from joint pains and arthritis. Quality assurance for our product is certified by the National Nutritional Foods Association's Good Manufacturing Practice, ensuring high quality ingredients and manufacturing process.
Other Ingredients: Vegetable cwllulose (preseravtive-free, from capsule shell), deep mined dicalcium phosphate, cellulose, magnesium trisilicate, natural silica, and magnesium stearate. NO corn, soy, salt, yeast, wheat, milk & egg products, sugar, starch, or preservatives.
The Devastating Gut Immunity and Brain Feedback Loop!Home Blog Articles The Devastating Gut Immunity and Brain Feedback Loop!
The fatigue, physical limitations and emotional distress can completely change your outlook on life.
In this article I want to introduce you to one of the greatest challenges on the journey to better health.
The absorptive membrane of your gastrointestinal tract is a very complex and intricate structure.

So, now that you have a sense of what up-regulation means and know a bit more about how busy your immune system is in your gut, let’s get into the feedback loop. Imagine trying to climb down a ladder with your CNS hand while not letting go with the gut immunity hand. I hope this article has given you some perspective on your health or the challenges a loved one may be facing. Standard medical cancer care includes the use of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and pharmacology. There will be nine weekly live meetings (available as live webinars or HD recordings) and one live webinar (also recorded for your convenience).
If you want to take it again there are 10 spaces available at the usual cleanse family discount. My response is almost always 10 treatments, sometimes it is less and sometimes it is more, but the most potent and long lasting choice is 10 treatments. This changes how your Central Nervous System (CNS) feels and remembers how your life is going – for the better.
Let’s say you have been exploring the couch potato experience for a couple of years and are getting frustrated with the results.
I am interested in your experience with this phenomenon and look forward to your comments and questions.
Used for centuries as spice as well as ayurvedic and traditional medicine, curcumin herb is an essential ingredient in any supplement for joint health and flexibility. The journey to recovery can take many months or even years and is often full of contradictory opinions about what will actually make a real and meaningful difference. In order for this to make the most sense I need to introduce you a physiological process called up-regulation and bring your attention to how much of your health depends on how busy your immune system is in your gut. Your small intestine absorbs about 98% of the nutrients from your food and requires 75% of your immune systems total effort.
If you are suffering from chronic poor health and seem to find that every diet and treatment only seems to help so much and then stops working, here is why.
Just like climbing a ladder one hand at a time you have to climb down the ladder of the feedback loop one hand at a time. Augustine, Florida that was founded with the intention of helping people find a solution to their pain as opposed to just treating symptoms.
Augustine seeks to identify the primary source of pain in each pateint and treat this in the least invasive manner. A Ten Week healing Journey and professionally guided Fitness, Mindset, Detoxification, Rejuvenation and Weight Loss Program.
In order for me to explain why I recommend this many treatments you will need to become familiar with a couple of new concepts. Proprioception describes how your nerves and muscles perceive your posture, movement and coordination. Regular deeply relaxing treatments are also one of the best ways to improve your brains Neuroplasticity.
Then your brain will remember you as someone who IS more fit, more focused and in definitely better health. Then there is mainstream medicine practicing illness management under the guise of health care – but I’ll leave that rant for another article. That sensation occurs when you are stressed enough for your body to move the blood surrounding your digestive system to your muscles in preparation for whatever threat you must fight or flee. The reason so much of your immune system surrounds your small intestine is the contents of your gut are still technically outside of your body and may make you sick or worse. If you accidentally eat something that irritates your immune system it up-regulates and sends a message to your central nervous system (CNS) saying “get nervous”. If your CNS is one hand and your gut immunity is the other and they have climbed themselves to a dangerous height you will have to heal and down-regulate your CNS then your gut then your CNS and on and on. Integrative Pain Solutions prides itself on having a professional, courteous, and well-trained staff to attend to each individual patienta€™s needs. A comprehensive and holistic treatment plan is developed for each individual to fix the problem, if possible, or manage the pain in the most effective way.
More and more, integrative oncology practices are becoming more evidence-based, just as western conventional treatments are.
Build a stronger metabolism and better digestion, remove Candida and parasites and support a healthier immune system while detoxifying your liver, lymphatic system and kidneys.
Because your brain (CNS) needs to feel confident in its abilities (regardless of your level of fitness) it can be a bit stubborn about change.

For almost everyone I have ever supported in this process it is always at week nine that they suddenly feel too tired to train or become very emotional or suddenly come down with a flu.
The lack of abundant blood around your digestive tract takes essential energy and nutrients from one of the most important and precarious structures in your body. That might sound strange so I am going to ask you to image you have swallowed a small marble by accident.
The place most of us make a mistake as patients and as doctors is we focus on one OR the other expecting consistent and positive results over the long term.
So, my recommendation to anyone suffering from a chronic illness is to focus on healing (down-regulating ) the most distressed one first. Imagine that you are walking along and you step off of a side walk and begin to turn your ankle. After ten weeks almost everyone notices a significant shift in how long they feel the benefits of a treatment and how rarely stubborn symptoms reappear. If you are suffering or know someone who is suffering from chronic illness or any of the many autoimmune diseases out there you have my sympathy and my support.
If it is stressful enough your adrenal glands will up-regulate and your bloodstream gets a healthy dose of epinephrine and cortisol. Or, instead, you could be eating everything right but have a stressful few days which can up-regulate your CNS which can send the dreaded butterflies into your gut immunity which up-regulates making your immune system more reactive to your food. I have colleagues who say it all starts in the gut and others who say it all starts with adrenal overload and they are all right. Your symptoms and intuition should give you the confidence to choose healing from stress while eating well or focus on rebuilding your digestive system and gut immunity while trying not to get carried away.
Your proprioceptive system will register the strain in your ankle and “turn off” certain muscles in your hip and leg to take the pressure off of the ligaments and tendons in your ankle saving you from a painful sprain.
It usually takes 9 – 10 weeks of consistent positive change for your CNS to be convinced that it is worth all of the effort it is going to take to rearrange itself. When it comes to recovering from chronic disease the benefit comes from settling, or down-regulating, your Central Nervous System (CNS), your immune system and your inflammatory metabolism. I truly hope the following information gives you the perspective and the patience to keep moving forward. If the situation goes on long enough some parts of your immune system will up-regulate and some parts will down-regulate. Technically the marble was never inside your bloodstream so it was never really inside your body. This creates more inflammation which feels like stress to an already nervous feeling nervous system. Let’s say you spend six weeks focusing on digestion and gut immunity with a healthy diet, appropriate supplements and start to feel a plateau. The physical changes involved in Neuroplasticity require a lot of physiological transformation and growth of new neuropathways. I explain how that works in more detail in the article “The Devastating Gut, Immune and Brain Feedback Loop”. There are usually other complications around detoxification and cellular communication and a few other things but this article is about the feedback loop. Then it is time to shift your focus to becoming a Zen Master or, at least, develop a meditation practice, learn some Qi Gong or Yoga and shift your supplements towards your nervous system, adrenal support and perhaps even supporting serotonin, insulin and your thyroid. Imagine something along the lines of actual evolutionary change in your brain and Central Nervous System. For now I encourage you to plan ten weeks of living as healthy as you can, exercising regularly and getting some kind of support for your proprioceptive system like massage or acupuncture. 75% of your immune systems effort is focused on fighting of external pathogens, infections, microorganisms and bacteria all day every day.
As your CNS climbs down the ladder you will not only feel more like yourself but may notice your digestion improving as well. The focus and supplementation often has to back and forth and sometimes be mixed together for as long as it takes for your health to return. I strongly suggest finding and working with healthcare practitioner who has an understanding of this phenomena and is willing to work with your intuition as well.

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