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Welcome to SYNERGY INTEGRATIVE HEALTH CENTER, We are privileged to offer you the opportunity to optimize your health and longevity. Synergy Rejuvenation Center and Medical Spa primary focus is on preventive medicine as a means of reducing the effects of premature aging.
Optimize your life, our Hormone Replacement Specialist will design a health program are aimed at improving your health, vitality and appearance. HCG Diet weight loss counseling and nutrition advise will help you maintain an optimal weight and healthy nutrition which can drastically improve your appearance, energy levels and lifestyle.
Our extensive diagnostic lab test services will determine Hormone Deficiencies, Food Intolerace and Chemical Sensitivities that can cause premature aging and the onset of degenerative illnesess.
Can a holistic doctor work alongside my primary caregiver to augment my traditional treatments?
Can your Scottsdale physician customize a treatment program for me no matter my health issue? If I choose to visit your Scottsdale Homeopathy clinic is there a long wait for an appointment?
What factors are considered in a wellness plan at your Scottsdale alternative medicine clinic? Patients from all over the world have come to Reno Integrative Medical Center to enlist in Dr. When visiting RIKEN Yokohama Campus, first go to the safety Division on the left of the entrance gate to pick up a one-day pass.

A 15-minute walk from JR Tsurumi-Ono Station (JR Tsurumi Line), which is directly accessible by transfer from JR Tsurumi Station. Trains run about every 10 minutes during morning and evening rush hour, but less frequently at other times. Use the taxi stand at the East Exit of JR Tsurumi Station or the West Exit of Keikyu Tsurumi Station. Take the Keikyu Railways Airport Express* (blue kanji sign) for Yokohama and get off at Keikyu Tsurumi Station (27-29 minutes).
Take any train marked with a green (express), red or dark grey kanji sign to Keikyu Kamata Station. From Narita Airport Station take the JR Sobu Line (Rapid Express), Airport Limousine Bus or JR Narita Express to JR Shinagawa Station. Synergy Rejuvenation specialist are experienced in Natural (Naturapathic) Medicine, Bio-identical Hormone Therapy, Fitness, Nutrition and Weight Loss.
Hormone Replacement Therapies like Human Growth Hormone HGH and Testosteronemodulation are used to minimize the effects of aging caused by premature aging or adult hormone deficiencies. Other treatment include HGH and TESTOSTERONE therapy for men and women who suffer from AGHD (Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency), Menopause in women and Andropause in men. Also featuring the Synergy Body Contour System that will reshape your body and enhance your natural physique and tone your body.
Doctor Eslinger combines conventional, complementary and holistic therapies to treat adult cancers of all kinds and stages.

Eslinger's  philosophy is that the cancer treatment provided at Reno Integrative Medical Center should not make the patient sick in an attempt to make them better.
Transfer to the Keikyu Main Line and take a local train* toward Yokohama until Keikyu Tsurumi Station* (12 minutes). Note that Keikyu Tsurumi Station and JR Tsurumi Station are two different railway stations and are separated by a bus rotary (the stations are about 150 meters apart). Advanced Skin Solutions only utilizes non-invasive treatments that are proven safe and highly effective, and only after time is spent with each patient to design a specific treatment plan. IV Fusion Therapy is another innovative medical treatment that has been proven to provide patients with great health and regenerative benefits. From JR Shinagawa Station take the JR Keihin Tohoku Line (Yokohama direction) to JR Tsurumi Station (18 minutes). Paul Stallone takes time with each patient to examine and thoroughly discuss your treatment options, and thoroughly monitors your treatment every step of the way.
Conventional full dose chemotherapy  significantly compromises the patient's immune system. Stallone and his staff professional and experienced, making your visit as pleasurable as can be.

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