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McGinty Integrative Medical CenterOur lives feel most full and satisfying when all three components…mind, body and spirit…are functioning well and working together. You'll find us in the Petworth Neighborhood near the intersection of Crittenden Street NW and Georgia Avenue.
We believe the difference in the quality of our care is in treating the whole patient — body, mind and spirit.
She studied with the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida and teaches their philosophy of a pure enzyme-rich diet, complemented by positive thinking and non-invasive therapies, as essential elements on the path to optimum health. She trained in the Huggins System of Biological Dentistry, and the Marshall-Aguilera Dental Protocols. Last viewed:What’s in your teeth may be causing your high blood pressure…and be a cause factor of heart attacks and strokes.
Traditional Western Medicine (medications and surgery) - the best approach when dealing with acute medical conditions. Our approach to mental health and wellness incorporates both preventive and nutritional approaches with particular attention to biochemical imbalances. Bio-identical hormones have a molecular structure that is identical to hormones that are naturally produced by the human body, and are intended to replace these hormones when their levels decline due to aging, disease, stress, medications, or surgery.
Hormones are the chemical messengers that travel through our blood stream, enter cells by unlocking a door called a receptor, and flip the switches that govern growth, development, and mental and physical functioning. Bio-Identical hormones have the same chemical structure as the hormones made by the human body. Let us take a look at these various hormones, and contrast some of them with their synthetic counterparts. When we talk of hormones and women, most of us think of estrogen and a few more will also include progesterone.
In the United States and most industrially advanced countries, diets are rich in animal fats, refined starches and processed foods.
When your body is in the company of excess estrogen while at the time in the absence of adequate levels of progesterone, this is known as estrogen dominance.
Dominance of estrogen can start early on in a women’s menstrual cycle. Young women that first enter menarche may suffer tremendously with difficult periods. It is clear that excess estrogen, when unopposed or unbalanced by progesterone, is not something wholly to be desired. Premenopause (early follicle depletion resulting in a lack of ovulation and thus a lack of progesterone well before the onset on menopause).
Exposure to xenoestrogens (foreign chemicals that have an estrogen effect in the body that cause early follicle depletion). Liver disease from drinking too much alcohol, taking drugs that impact the liver or even certain viral syndrome reduces the breakdown of estrogen, leading to higher levels of estrogen. Most notably, bio-identical testosterone therapy helps improve mood, attitude, cognitive ability, and general outlook on life. Bio-identical testosterone improves muscle mass and strength, rebuilds bone, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, lowers total cholesterol and blood sugar, raises HDL (“good”) cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, lessens the chances of blood clots, improves tissue oxygenation, improves the health of a non-cancerous prostate gland-and that’s all before we get to testosterone’s positive effects on libido and your sex life. Bio-identical testosterone has the same molecules present in human bodies forever not some patentable pseudo-testosterone. In 2002 the International Journal of Andrology published a study that examined 207 men, ages 40 to 83, who had all been found to have low or low-normal testosterone levels. This study suggested that, far from causing prostate trouble, testosterone is actually beneficial for the prostate gland in the vast majority of cases.
Researchers also continue to demonstrate that testosterone is beneficial for male mental function. In the 40s, testosterone was found to be an effective treatment in 91 of 100 cases of angina. Ejection fraction measures the amount of blood pumped from one of the heart’s chambers, so low testosterone is associated with less blood being pumped. By the time most men hit 70, they “catch up” with women and have just as much osteoporosis and as many bone fractures as women do.
If your testosterone levels are low and you decide to take testosterone-real, bio-identical testosterone, we will make sure to have your PSA level checked before you start, and then check it again in two to three months. At Integrative Medical Institute we view our treatment more than simply a list of treatments or therapies..
We invite you to watch our latest patient testimonials on the Integrative Medical Institute of Orange County.
We use chiropractic and integrative medicine to treat our areas of specialty: pain management, weight loss, and personal injury. At Creekside Integrative Medical Center, we provide care that goes above and beyond simply one avenue and one specialization. This collaboration allows us to provide our patients with leading edge treatments designed to meet their individualized needs. Our doctors treat conditions that cause wrist and arm pain, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. We know that headaches may have a multitude of causes, which is why the team of doctors at our wellness center are available to work together in evaluating and treating the source of the pain.
Before beginning treatment, our team diagnoses the underlying cause of your back pain, whether it be chronic, injury-related, or is the result of something else. Like other pain symptoms we treat, our team works to determine the primary problem causing neck pain rather than simply relieving the symptoms through methods that may not be long-lasting.
We provide a number of treatments to our patients for obesity, including metabolic and hormone treatment, and HCG and Laser treatments. Pain Management in Friendswood, TexasMany of our clients enter our wellness center in need of relief from their chronic pain. Weight Loss ServicesWeight loss can be a difficult process, especially when there are so many methods.
Personal Injury Treatment A variety of personal injuries can cause lasting painful effects if left untreated, which is why we offer treatments to help relieve these symptoms and care for the underlying issues.
As a unique wellness center dedicated to integrative medicine, we provide a different approach to your weight loss, chiropractic, chronic pain and personal injury needs.
Cindy Tsau is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner from Columbia University School of Nursing.

She is passionate about patient education and providing each individual uniquely tailored and comprehensive care. Published April 20, 2014 at 608 × 484 in Integrative Medicine for Congressional Briefing 09-26-2007. McGinty, as well as consultations with our affiliated health specialists including Nutrition, Diabetes Care, and Massage.
Tonya Cremin founded our integrative medical practice to be a healing place for the entire family.
From babies to senior citizens, we enhance the experience of traditional medicine with our hands-on approach to diagnosis. Diane Diehn is the Founder, President and Medical Director of Integrative Medical Specialists, LLC, in Olathe, Kansas, where she also practices as a licensed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND).
Hans Diehl and the Coronary Heart Improvement Project (CHIP) and is a CHIP Facilitator for the Kansas City area.  This program has now been renamed the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP). Diehn became a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and began teaching Lifestyle Medicine.  She teaches the CHIP philosophy to her patients recommending better dietary choices, enhancing daily exercise, decreasing stress, and assisting in the prevention and reversal of chronic disease patterns through the adoption of better health habits and appropriate lifestyle modifications. Diehn is a Kansas native and received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from Emporia State University, in 1993.
Structural differences exist between bio-identical hormones and those available commercially, which are typically synthetic (i.e. Estrogen causes the accumulation of fat that gives the female body its contours, but in excess or when it is not in balance with progesterone, can contribute to excess fat accumulation.
This provides calories in excess to the bodies needs and leads to estrogen levels in women twice as high as those do in women of the more agrarian third-world countries. Many of these young women are started on birth control pills to help regulate the frequency and severity of their periods.
It becomes clear that many of estrogen’s undesirable side effects are effectively prevented by progesterone. Excess estrogen in turn causes insomnia and anxiety, which further compounds the taxing of the adrenal gland.
These 187 all showed declines in LH production, as well as improvement in every other parameter measured: Their prostate glands all decreased in size, their PSA numbers went lower, and frequency, urgency, dribbling, and getting up at night all improved. Then in the 70s, research showed it to be effective in improving abnormal electrocardiograms. That means in the above study, testosterone reduced the risk of death from cardiac arrhythmia. If it rises more than a little in that time, we may have uncovered pre-existing prostate cancer. But it can significantly increase the growth rate of a pre-existing cancer that may not have been detected yet. This small amount of estrogen has important functions for men, just as small quantities of testosterone have important functions for women. We are a wellness center, offering integrative medicine that provides unique benefits for our clients, including specialized treatments designed by a collaborative team of doctors and staff.
We know that everyone is different, so "cookie-cutter" treatments are never the right solution. Treating an underlying problem is the ideal method for relieving pain resulting from chronic conditions, recent injuries and even common wear and tear. Minor lifestyle and treatment changes may help temporarily ease symptoms, but discovering and treating the root cause of headaches is the ideal method of relieving pain on a long-term scale. If you are suffering from recent injuries or chronic shoulder pain, the doctors at our wellness center would be happy to consult with you to begin discussing the potential for diagnosis and treatment. Because pain is merely a symptom, our doctors may collaborate to perform necessary tests and examinations to reach a diagnosis and treatment plan that will be effective for you. Rather, our team of doctors diagnoses and treats the underlying causes, which in turn assists in relieving the painful symptoms you are experiencing. Just like other injuries, obesity often has underlying causes, such as diabetes or metabolic syndrome.
Our pain management team collaborates to find the underlying cause of the problem, and to develop the best, most effective treatment from you.
At our wellness center, we focus on offering solutions that are proven to be safe and effective. We assist patients suffering from injuries related to auto accidents, slips and falls, sports and much more. A broader scope of treatment is made available to you when you begin treatment with our team of doctors. Beer is a Board Certified Internist specializing in general internal medicine and is a Certified Functional Medicine practitioner by the Institute for Functional Medicine.
Beer completed his internship and residency in Internal Medicine at New York Medical College. Beer worked as an emergency room physician, was the Medical Director of the Center for Comprehensive Health Practice, and served as a consultant to the Visiting Nurse Service Hospice Program.
Weiss is passionate about root cause medicine that effectively diagnoses and treats painful, complex, and chronic conditions. Weiss has extensive training in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, functional pain management injections, and Functional Medicine. During her training, she completed over 600+ hours in a primary care practice in the South Bronx treating patients from the common cold to chronic conditions as well as drug addiction. With a thirst for learning, she is looking forward to evolving her experiences with the growing advances in science and healthcare. Here, patients can receive primary medical care and specialty osteopathic manipulative medicine.
When desired, patients have the opportunity to find healing in any one of our integrative wellness therapies, which are designed to heal and soothe the spirit and mind.
She received her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences (SCNM), a Nationally Accredited Naturopathic Medical School in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2003. When women consume considerably more calories than what is needed, estrogen production increases to supernormal levels and may set the stage for estrogen dominance syndrome and exaggerated estrogen decline at menopause.
Some women will develop estrogen dominance syndrome much later in life, sometimes as a result of poor diet, liver impairment or environmental factors.

And in the 90s, a Chinese study showed improvement in both angina and electrocardiograms in older men using testosterone. But in some older men, testosterone-to-estrogen conversion is dramatically accelerated, resulting in levels of estrogens much higher than usual for men. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, please fill out our appointment form and we will contact you in a timely manner. With our team of experts, you can reduce being shuffled around to different offices for tests and solutions. For lasting results, we work to uncover the underlying causes of the problem, and provide a method of treatment that is effective and efficient. Many of our patients come to our wellness center because they are suffering from chronic pain, and our doctors can help. Shoulder pain, usually occurring as a result or symptom of other issues, can often be treated with chiropractic care like we provide at our office. Chiropractic methods are helpful, but our doctors are happy to collaborate and assist patients as needed to ease the testing, evaluation and treatment process.
Our doctors are available to help patients with these problems, as well as other weight loss needs. Our doctors can tailor and design a plan that is ideal for you based on testing and evaluations. As a unique wellness center in our methods of collaboration and treatment, we provide excellent care tailored to you with the help of our doctors.
He was a clinical instructor at New York Medical College and served as director of the College’s general medical clinic.
He integrates the best of standard medicine with emerging cutting edge science and wisdom of the body. He chose to become an Osteopathic Physician because of the emphasis on mind, body, spirit connection and treating root cause of disease rather than just symptoms. He chose to study these modalities because of their value in treating the true root causes of suffering. What truly makes our practice unique in Fairfield County, is that in addition to our medical care, we offer complementary integrative services. Diehn is trained in alternative medicine including Naturopathic Medicine, Physical Medicine, Environmental Medicine, Functional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Botanical Medicine, Anthroposophical Medicine, Biological Dentistry, Medicinal Balneotherapy, Thermography, Enzyme Therapy, Lifestyle Medicine, Natural Hormone Balancing and traditional Western Medicine. Diehn monitors patient’s progress through thermographic imaging comparison studies to further prevent and reverse hormone related imbalances that can create chronic disease. Alternatively, they may go haywire, promoting disease states associated with the aging process. After menopause, estrogens are converted from adrenal produced androgens (DHEA), primarily in body fat.
Also, estrogen dominance may be a result of anovulatory cycles before menopause, Anovulatory cycles are menstrual cycles in which no ovulation has occurred. A special gland called the corpus luteum forms on the surface of the ovary at the site of ovulation.
Right here in our practice, we are able to collaborate to treat problems and find solutions for your, weight loss, personal injury, and chronic pain needs. Despite a recurring underlying cause, our chiropractic methods are often effective pain management solutions. He has completed the training in Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice and is currently pursuing a series of advanced seminars that will lead to certification in Functional Medicine. He underwent 4 years of medical school and 4 years of Residency at Southampton Hospital in order to become board certified in Family Medicine and Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine.
He enjoys regularly helping patients who have “been everywhere” heal from their conditions. She combines all these types of medicines and therapies to assist her in understanding the symptoms that are being expressed by the body before implementing a treatment plan. Caldwell Esseltyn to further understand the dynamics of reversing heart disease and chronic disease states with a plant based diet. The use of testosterone, the adrenal hormones such as DHEA, pregnenolone, melatonin and Human Growth Hormone are now just being investigated. Estrogen and progesterone are, in many ways, antagonistic; yet each sensitizes receptors for the other.
Beer has been in private practice since 1981 and is on staff at Mount Sinai Medical Center and Lenox Hill Hospital. The training is the same as Allopathic (MD) Physician with an additional emphasis on musculoskeletal and integrative medicine. We invite the patient to be an active participant in managing their own care by choosing their preferred approach to treatment from appropriate options.
We work closely with numerous compounding pharmacies and there are a multitude of different delivery systems. Synthetic hormones are not found in humans, and are not identical in structure or function to the bio-identical hormones they are intended to replace. The sex hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, which are deliberately programmed for decline, are obvious targets for intervention. A key to hormone balance is the knowledge that when estrogen becomes the dominant hormone and progesterone is deficient, the estrogen becomes toxic to the body; thus progesterone has a balancing or mitigating effect on estrogen.
Without ovulation, less progesterone is produced, which can cause estrogen imbalance in some women. Diehn utilizes Clinical Nutrition, Lab Assessment and Evaluation, Diagnostic Imaging, Thermography, Lifestyle Screening, Diet Modification, Stress Reduction Techniques and Therapies, Exercise Recommendations, Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Detoxification Therapies, and Emotional Counseling to help her patients achieve wellness.
Her ultimate goal is to promote health and well being, alleviate chronic illness patterns, as well as correct immune dysfunction in chronic disease states. Her passion lies in finding the underlying cause of a health issue, correcting the dysfunction, then bringing the body back into balance. Diehn started Integrative Medical Specialists, in 2004 and Midwest Thermography,  in 2012.  Dr.

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