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The healing center is located on the beautiful Baja Coast of Rosarito Beach, Mexico.  Here they provide your mind, body and spirit a toxic-free environment to restore, replenish and health. My journey started at the Green Bay Cancer Center where I was surprised to find a bowl of candy in the lobby. I then traveled to the Mayo Clinic, which was a nicer facility and more organized, but it was essentially the same conveyor belt as Green Bay. That evening I took a phone consult with the Seattle Cancer Center to discuss and learn more about a procedure they promoted there, but it was a frustrating and unproductive call with a Doctor who was clearly steeped in what passes for modern breast cancer protocol here in the US.  We may not have figured out what was best for us, but we were quickly understanding what was not best for us. I then met with doctors at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  They advertise that they incorporate nutrition and spirituality in their treatment, but we soon found out that their basic protocol is quite typical.
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Endothelial expression of WNK1 is essential for angiogenesis and cardiovascular development in mice. Green Bay, Mayo and Seattle all sounded as if they are following the exact same outline we understood we needed a different path. From that moment on it was everything to do about diagnosing the root cause of dis-ease, and healing the body, the mind, and the spirit.
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We still made no commitment, but at least we were starting to have choices.  On the second day at Mayo, my husband and I were sitting in the office of plastic surgery wondering why they had scheduled this appointment.
We called the Nurse at Mayo, canceled the rest of our appointments that week, and went home the next day.

I think for me, going a second time as a companion to a friend, I was able to really see and experience the emotional part of healing.   They not only care for you, they TEACH you how to go home and care for yourself.
From the meals to the water, the clothing and the salt on the tables all organic and systematized to augment the overall healing process of this unique medical complex.
Up to that point we had assumed we were all talking about a simple lumpectomy, but it was apparent that Mayo was assuming mastectomy, so we left for the day. We were told that “If you have radiation, we know that you will probably have heart damage.”  We then had to walk through the chemo room at CTCA, and saw chair after chair of severely compromised people with buckets next to their chairs. Special lab work, I can’t begin to name them all, but the dark-field live blood analysis was particularly impressive.
Other evaluations in addition to medical, were nutritional, chiropractic, psychology, fitness, digestion, chemo-sensitivity testing, allergy testing, measurement of toxic chemicals, thermography, and biological dentistry.

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