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At every session, shift and changes occur on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I am now feeling stronger, lighter, more energised and eager to share my uniqueness and gifts with the worlda€?. Our journey on this planet is about our connection to the Divine Love that flows through every living being. Disconnecting to that which does not serve us, and recreating new healthy beliefs and levels of vibration, helps to build the foundation for a new life. We all have the ability to create the life we want, with the relationships we desire, with ourselves at the centre, creating it all through Love and the Divine Self.
Have you ever wondered if intuitive healing can help you or if you can learn to use it yourself?
The healer uses his or her senses to locate energy imbalances (which manifest as undesirable physical symptoms).
Another method is to use the hands to scan the body for blockages – again, not by touching the patient but by sensing energy flow or lack of it. The healer instructs the patient to visualize the energy blockage and use any number of techniques to break the blockage down (these techniques may vary from practitioner to practitioner). In this non-invasive way, the body is encouraged to use its own healing resources to restore balance and harmony in the system. Some people add other healing methods such as herbal remedies to further support the body in its healing process. Today I train tens of thousands of people across the world to use their Chakras to improve their lives in every aspect–be it with money, fitness, relationships or emotional wellbeing.

22 Year Master of Healing Arts, Psychic Healing, and Energetic Balancing is available by phone, or Internet Video Session, and in person in San Luis Obispo, Ca . After every session I have a deeper understanding of who I am and how I interact in the world. Intuitive healing is a type of energy or spiritual healing that uses non-invasive methods to locate and correct energy imbalances in the body.
Chronic pain, asthma, joint stiffness and many other physical symptoms are representative of energy blockages. Techniques such as visualizing healing light, visualizing the blockage breaking into tiny pieces and dissipating, or visualizing the blockage melting away as positive energy is directed at them, are just three examples of techniques used. Interestingly, there is really no such ‘connection’ because that would imply that the mind and body are separate; however, they are each aspects of the same thing, just as you cannot separate a side of a piece of paper from the material it’s made of. It is not yet well-accepted in the Western medical community; however, energy healing has been used with great results for thousands of years.
If the energy blockages are removed and harmonious balance is restored, the symptoms can spontaneously disappear. An energy blockage alters the color of the patient’s aura at the point of the blockage, which occurs in the body’s energy centers or chakras. The healer acts like a facilitator, guiding and supporting the patient through self-healing using mental, emotional, spiritual and physical methods such as visualization and focused intention.
Western medicine is still very slow to accept the efficacy of energy healing methods, although it is acknowledged that the power of the mind plays a significant role in the healing process. Since each chakra corresponds to a certain aspect of a person’s life, the healer can also locate the blockage by observing the quality of the patient’s life in various areas such as relationships, self-esteem, wealth, etc.

The body does a great job of self-repair, when given a chance, but any persistent problem means the system is out of balance. Your answers come in the form of hunches, visual images, sounds, gut feelings, memories or simply a ‘knowing’. Information can also come in the form of words – intuition is nonverbal, but can bring up the memory of a word or phrase that is relevant and important. These can be tough to interpret sometimes because the symbols used by the mind are unique and sometimes bizarre.
Keep a dream journal and write down and interpret every dream you can remember – especially the recurring ones, which are essential to understand! The more you learn to listen to your intuition, the easier you will come to notice it and trust it. I include crystal healing for chakra balancing.INTEGRATED ENERGY THERAPY - IET - Along with Reiki I do integrated energy therapy. I incorporate the Reiki, IET and Pranic Healing modalities and label the session Energy healing.My healing roomi»?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Spiritual Counseling ~ I work with the Universal laws of the universe and spiritual principles. A I can help relieve stress, trauma, depression and anxiety, by helping youA uncover underlying beliefs that no longer serve you. Counseling of your soul is far more healing than counseling your personality.The Spirit Of Women Entrepreneurs ~ I wrote a chapter in the book listed above.

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