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1935: His Worship the Mayor of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Monsieur Frederic Duvignaud, pays his first visit to Jamaica on the Colombia liner Pastores. 1950: Mr Harry Tyrer, British Pro-Consul to Barranquilla, Colombia, arrives by plane from his headquarters and is due to leave within a day.
1978: Attorney and minister, Vivian Blake, QC, accepts an appointment to the Bench of the Supreme Court in the Bahamas.
Even though Prostate Cancer Awareness Day has passed, this will not stop the Jamaica Cancer society's continued efforts to raise public awareness about the disease and the importance of screening, as prostate cancer tops the list as the most prevalent form of cancer affecting Jamaican men.
She said that screening for cancers that are preventable such as prostate, breast, colon and cervical is important as it opens the door for early detection to take place. She said that Prostate Cancer Awareness Day, which was acknowledged last Friday, was not only about educating men, but empowering, encouraging and teaching them how to minimise the risk of getting a prostate cancer diagnosis by getting screened. Gordon explained that the gold standard for screening remains in doing the prostate specific antigen test (PSA) and the urologist conducted digital rectal examination (DRE) as it is the way to go.
She said that she respected their honesty and encouraged them to speak with someone who knew what it was like, having already gone through the procedure.
The Cancer Society's partners include Biolab, which conducted the PSA screening, and urologists from the Jamaica Urological Society who had private, individual sessions with the men who were present and also conducted the DRE. The executive director said that once the results are in, the society will follow up with anyone who has tested positive for the cancer and ensure they enrol in an effective treatment programme and get the support that they need.
She emphasised that these men's lives could have been possibly saved if they were getting their annual screening, so early detection of the cancer could have taken place. She stated that when the total target population, which is men between the age of 40 and 70 years, is examined, the number comes up to about 300,000 men but not even 10 per cent of that number is screened and that is where the society would like to get in a given year.
She said that this effort would include the Jamaica Cancer Society working in collaboration with other partners in public and private institutions, especially to direct empowerment and education efforts by going outside of the Corporate Area. As a result she said that men are unaware about the true nature of prostate cancer as they only know it's a 'bad thing' and also do not know where they must go to get help. She said that this means only a small number of Jamaicans are able to access private health services and so the rest are predominantly dependent on the public health service which creates a big demand if these persons are not engaging in healthy lifestyle practices and doing annual screenings.
Gordond described it as really a grave concern to the Jamaica Cancer Society when the organisation hears these statistics, as when the availability of health services is examined, there is still a decline in the number of men who avail themselves to use the services.
However, Gordon said that she is aware that cost can sometimes be a deterrent and even though the fees are highly subsidised, the organisation will not turn away anybody who needs help but cannot afford to pay the fees. She recalled a case with a man who attended the Prostate Awareness Day activities on Friday but was not fortunate enough to be counted in the first 100 men that would get screened for free. She said that the society is open Monday to Friday and men can come in at any time to get the form done to do a PSA and schedule a visit to see the urologist as weekly opportunities are made to see them and also to visit the male clinic. She said that the Cancer Society celebrates 60 years of fighting cancer in Jamaica and so this year is all about expansion, renewal and redoubling its efforts. She said that the organisation is always on a recruitment drive to get more persons to become members of the Jamaica Cancer Society, insisting that it pays to be a member, as members get a 10 per cent discount at all times.
Executive Director at the Jamaica Cancer Society, Yulit Gordon, speaks about the importance of screening in order to detect probable cases of prostate cancer.
Dr Aldyth Buckland conducts an information session about prostate cancer with this group of men who all turned out on Friday to take part in the Jamaica Cancer Society's Prostate Cancer Awareness Day activities.
The annual Jamaica Cancer Society Relay For Life, held at Police Officers Club, Hope Road on Saturday June 14, 2014.

Starlight Chalet & Health Spa in the Blue MountainsWorld Heritage Site Oct 21, 15 06:16 PMLocated 5000 ft above sea level is a 20 room chalet (house in the Mountains). THE Jamaica Cancer Society (JCS) says that a $2-m injection from CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank has been a boon for cancer care, as it will help to increase screening for various cancers and selected diagnostic services across the island, according to Yulit Gordon, executive director, JCS.
The funds represent proceeds from the 2014 CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank's annual Walk for the Cure and teams from the bank's 14 branches across the island and their corporate office are gearing up to surpass that amount at this year's walk, on October 4, 2015.
They plan to raise an additional US$300,000 and have already secured US$165,000 one month before the highly anticipated event. Walk for the Cure, which benefits cancer organisations throughout the region, will unite over 10,000 passionate participants in 17 countries in which the bank operates, in a demonstration of their commitment to assist those affected by cancer. The regional event, now in its fourth year, was planned to coincide with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation's CIBC Run for the Cure, which the bank's parent company, CIBC, has been sponsoring for more than 20 years. In the first three years, Walk for the Cure raised approximately US$330,000 to support critical cancer care, purchase vital equipment necessary to treat patients and host general education programmes to create greater awareness of the disease across the region. As the pre-walk campaign intensifies, co-chairs for this year's walk, CIBC FirstCaribbean executives Trevor Torzsas and Mark St Hill, praised the fund-raising efforts of the bank's staff and the enthusiastic support of the public, which has been making donations made in special accounts in each of the Caribbean territories where the bank operates, and the business community which has been putting up sponsorship dollars.
Trevor Torzsas noted: "This time last year we hadn't even started to track our fund-raising. Registration details for Walk for the Cure are available at all branches of CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank. THE Jamaica Cancer Society received a cheque last week to boost its mammography screening service.
Senator AJ Nicholson, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, presented the cheque to Yulit Gordon, executive director of the society, on behalf of Letna Allen Rowe, who collected the money through her Ontario-based fundraising foundation, the Ms.
Rowe, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and is undergoing treatment at the Scarborough Centenary Hospital, is an Edna Manley College graduate with a storied career in Jamaican theatre, which includes tours with comedy king Oliver Samuels. With Breast Cancer Awareness Month just a few weeks away, Gordon expressed her gratitude for the donation, and the work of her foundation in providing disadvantaged women with the means to access mammography screening.
The 60-year-old society conducts screening for breast, cervical and prostate cancers through its fixed site clinics, as well as its mobile screening programmes. Lorem ipsum dosectetur adipisicing elit, sed do.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. The competition, which was introduced to students at the recently held Jamaica Cancer Society Anti-Tobacco Youth Forum, urges students between the ages of 14 and 18 to submit original drawings on or before the deadline of April 30, 2015.
Students from various high schools were fed vital information from presenters Dr Aldyth Buckland, Rose Miller, Dr Geoffrey Walcott, Daniel Brown, Alex Gardner and Enid Baptise. At intervals, moderator, Yulit Gordon, executive director of Jamaica Cancer Society, conducted friendly battles among the students who answered questions correctly, for prizes from sponsors.
Next to present was Dr Geoffrey Walcott, he exposed teens to the tactics of cigar companies to keep teens wanting more.
Daniel Brown showed video clips on the consequences of smoking, he also revealed that there are over 7,000 chemicals found in cigars. The forum attendees were later entertained by popular artiste and junior ambassador of the Gregory Isaacs Foundation, QQ, who wasted no time in telling youths to stay away from drugs because there is nothing cool about it.
Mr Tyrer will spend 10 days in the Dominion and proceed to the United Kingdom for consultation with the Foreign Office.
The extensions of Barbican, Eden and Mountain Gardens and on the new routes into Greenwich Town and out to Four Miles at Captain Morgan’s Factory, now spare travellers a great deal of walking to get transportation to and from the city.

Blake was first appointed a senator in 1962, and currently he is the member of parliament for North East St Ann. We know that we have not yet zeroed in on what exactly causes cancer but what we can do is screen for it so that we can detect tumours long before they become cancerous so they can be effectively treated," Gordon said. When I came in (Friday) and was talking with some of the men, they shared with me, 'miss we are really afraid of doing the digital rectal test, we don't mind doing the PSA but we are afraid of doing the digital rectal test and you have to understand we are men and we are afraid,'" Gordon recalled. She cited using these same testimonials of prostate cancer survivals as strategies to get men to realise the importance of doing both tests. Now 612 men between the age of 65 and 80 -- that's a lot of men for a small country like ours -- men who were still breadwinners for their families, men who were caregivers, men who were still making a significant contribution to the development of this country," Gordon told the Jamaica Observer. We have to expand our reach to more of the target population in order to be making the impact that is necessary," Gordon said. We have a branch that serves St Ann and St Mary, we have a branch in St Elizabeth, we have a presence out in Montego Bay and we are working through this branch network to try to expand our reach as there are a lot of underserved communities that are out there," Gordon said. Gordon also explained that one of the major roles of the society is to bring necessary services to communities which have no access to them.
Payments can be made by using credit card and Paypal and its only $1,000 dollars for the year and we are always using the opportunity to encourage people to sign up because not only do you benefit as a member but you also enable the Jamaica Cancer Society to keep its doors open," Gordon said. Please understand that comments are moderated and it is not always possible to publish all that have been submitted. We are getting a real head start and on the path to make an even bigger difference in 2015. They have come together to make this cause a common one, to assist those in our communities who are affected by this disease.
She recalls her first encounter with the society in 2013, when she returned to Jamaica to attend a funeral.
She would go on to donate CD$1,300 after her first fundraising activity for the society, which was matched dollar for dollar by Jamaica National to raise the total to CD$2,600. The popular hookah parties are also dangerous he said, since one hookah is equal to about 300 cigarettes. He contested with Michael Manley for the office of president of the People’s National Party when the founding president, Norman Manley resigned in 1969.
Some comments may be republished on the website or in the newspaper – email addresses will not be published. This year the enthusiasm of our people is even greater and some of our countries started their fund-raising immediately after last year's event. We at CIBC FirstCaribbean have not remained unaffected by cancer, having lost several staff members, and several of our staff's family members to the disease.
The aim — to inform the youths of the dangers of smoking and also how to manage their money wisely.

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