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We hope this next year is full of happiness and excitement, and that your birthday is a blast! April showers bring May flowers, so it’s time to go out and enjoy this beautiful month with all the May birthdays! Here’s to hoping that this month also brings you a little luck o’ the Irish as we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, along with your very special March birthday! According to tradition, the Roman emperor Augustus took one day off February and added it to August, the month named after him. There are a few dozen national monthly observances during February, including Black History Month, Bird Feeding Month, Embroidery Month, Grapefruit Month, Haiku Writing Month, and Umbrella Month. A person born on February 29 during a leap year (which occurs only every four years) is called a “leapling” and will usually celebrate their birthday on either February 28 or March 1 in all non-leap years. If you’re a history buff, you probably also know that the following four presidents shared February birthdays: William Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and George Washington. January is home of several awesome national monthly observances, including National Hobby Month, National Blood Donor Month, National Book Month, and National Thank You Month.
As you well know, you share your birth month with a ton of festive religious holidays, such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

The birthstone of December is the turquoise, which represents prosperity, success, and good fortune.
Monthly observances during December include Universal Human Rights Month and Read a New Book Month. Although it may be cold outside, may you stay warm and happy on your birthday and throughout the holidays! With summer kicking off this month, we hope the warmer weather brings you a sunny birthday! There are also several holidays during the month to increase the joy May brings, including Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Memorial Day!
The Kentucky Derby is held on the second Sunday of May, while the Indianapolis 500 is also held each year during this month. These include David Beckham, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Adele, George Clooney, Enrique Iglesias, Bono, George Lucas, Tina Fey, Bob Dylan, and Clint Eastwood! With the daisy as this month’s flower, we are always reminded of the beauty of springtime and the blooming of flowers across the country. Whether a boisterous and vibrant Aries (March 21-April 19) or an easygoing and friendly Pisces (Feb.

You’re so lucky to be sharing the shortest month of the year with one of the sweetest holidays of all—Valentine’s Day!
There are just as many national weekly observances during February, including Friendship Week (week 1), Flirting Week (week 2), Secondhand Wardrobe Week (week 3), and Pancake Week (week 4).
The odds of being born on February 29 are 1 in 1,461 (or 0.068%) according to the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies.
It is appropriate the year is first celebrated with the professional and independent Capricorn (Dec. It is the coldest month in the northern hemisphere and the hottest month in the southern hemisphere. As either a witty, intelligent, and strong-willed Aquarius (Feb 1-18) or a compassionate, insightful, and creative Pisces (Feb 19-29), you’ve got some of the best qualities around. During this wonderful (although cold) month, winter officially begins in the northern hemisphere.

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