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SkepticBlog is a collaboration among some of the most recognized names in promoting science, critical thinking, and skepticism. Ia€™m sad that today Ia€™m adding a slide to one of my live presentations, adding Steve Jobs to the list of famous people who died treating terminal diseases with woo rather than with medicine. Seven or eight years ago, the news broke that Steve Jobs had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer,A but considering it a private matter, he delayed in informing Applea€™s board, and Applea€™s board delayed in informing the shareholders. Most pancreatic cancers are aggressive and always terminal, but Steve was lucky (if you can call it that) and had a rare form called an islet cell neuroendocrine tumor, which is actually quite treatable with excellent survival rates a€” if caught soon enough. Eventually it became clear to all involved that his alternative therapy wasna€™t working, and from then on, by all accounts, Steve aggressively threw money at the best that medical science could offer. My whole family loves Apple devices.A Steve made our lives better,A and I think I can say that pragmatically and without any Apple heroin in my veins. For those of us lucky enough to get to work with Steve, ita€™s been an insanely great honor. We cana€™t say for sure that Steve would still be alive and making lives better were it not for the alternative therapy, but the statistics suggest it very strongly. A friends father who was diagnosed with the more deadly version of Pancreatic cancer (12 month median survival) had a single chemo treatment, then decided just to let things take their course.
I understand the author’s intent, to use this as a teaching moment, but there are many factors that might have influenced Mr. I had one small neuroendcrine tumore in my Pancreas, I had it removed 2 weeks later with the whipple procedure. To reject the fact that alternative therapies around the world are creating good results with some cancers is as closed-minded as to reject the fact that surgery and chemotherapy are having good results with some cancers.
Is there a reliable source for the information that Steve Jobs delayed proven treatment in favor of woo? I don’t see why waiting a week would make the article any less course for those who want to read courseness into it.
And, forgot my link to my accumulating list of Steve Jobs jokes, started the day he announced his resignation as CEO. Well he is not the first or last to do that, many times I’ve seen people ditch proper treatment in favor of nonsense alternative ones, what shock us is that he was considered a very smart guy and with enough brain to avoid following dogmas and preconceived ideas but he was just as human as us and hey remember that Bill Maher is some kind of vaccine denial guy, and he considers himself an skeptic. Regarding respect to him, remember that he was the one who thought and made possible for us to have a PC in every house back when most just laugh at that idea, he built them and sold them until people realize how great of an idea it is, he also made a reality computer animated pictures putting money and opening doors to Pixar guys, nowadays we use computer animations for more than just movies, so those two reasons are at least for me enough to have respect for the guy…ohh I almost forgot his company Apple which he pick up close to bankruptcy also came up with a couple of good products too. Well, as far as I know he (Steve) said that himself in the famous Stanford University speech (that it’s a rare form of pancreatic cancer with high survival rates). Just to counter the negativity in many of the responses, I think this was an excellently worded and timed post—not an I told you so, but a teaching moment. The rest of the article is taken up with references to Jobs’ condition, his chosen method of initially treating it, and some background medical information.
Wait, do you actually feel personally offended with the death of a celebrity you probably don’t know in person? Holy crap, the amount of crazy in the comments on that article is even worse than in the article itself. Seems to me both articles are trying to capitalize on a tragedy to push their own particular agenda. Conventional treatments don’t always work, but they are proven to work significantly often.
It always amazes and saddens me when otherwise intelligent people ignore science in favor of wishful thinking. As far as I can see online, Jobs had surgery in august 2004, the same year he was diagnosed with cancer. Nowhere on this site does it explicitely state that eating a different diet to combat sickness is a bad thing, except when the process of doing so conflicts with using proper, scientifically founded treatment. It’s a known fact that surgery and chemo are most effective when applied in early-stage cancers. Delaying (and thus sharply lowering the success rates of) targeted treatments that have been rigorously tested in favor of hand-waving, coffee enemas, supersized Centrum, rebranded yoga, and increased kale intake is utterly idiotic. Can’t really find any proof that Jobs did know about his cancer as early as in October 2003, though.
The problem with this article is it’s based on rumour, hearsay and a total lack of knowledge of what Steve Jobs actually died from. I recall that there were other reports at the time that he had proposed using alternative medicine when first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer but had been talked out of the idea by his doctors and family. For all anyone knows at the moment Steve Jobs died because his liver transplant failed, maybe severe rejection set in and nothing could be done? Perhaps the upcoming biography of Jobs will fill in some of the blanks and then a more solidly based article can be written. I worked at Apple most of the last 10 years and we saw a lot of misinformation in the press regarding Steve’s medical history and treatment, and that includes your one source, the Forbes article. Where did you get information regarding Steve’s medical history, from corporate communications? As far as I know, this is the first time I hear claims that Mr Jobs relied on alternative therapies to treat his medical condition. It’s mentioned in several articles, but they all seem to cite the same CNN Money article from 2008 as their reference. If anyone can dig up where that article got its information, then we might be on to something. Knowing how secretive and tyrannical Jobs was, this was off-the-record from company insiders.

It may be insensitive to some, but what are we going to do, wait ten years so that it’s OK to make comments about the dead guy?
Ita€™s mentioned in several articles, but they all seem to cite the same CNN Money article from 2008 as their reference. I think your post is largely legit, but given the lack of reliable, confirmed info, your headline is overly sensationalistic. Also, either he was relying on a treatment over that 9 months which did not work, or he was doing nothing while cancer killed him.
I was thinking the same thing when I read that he treated it with diet for 9 months before doing something different. In fact, the statistics show that people who skip the N+1th round of chemo and switch to hospice care have better outcomes.
In the last 3 years my father in law and mother in law (different times) died from lung cancer, got chemo and eventually got hospice. The kind of tuMour he had, neuroendocrine, is entirely treatable by surgery alone provided its caught early with probably no need of chemo. As far as hospices are concerned Country girl is absolutely right, they literally starve them to death. Steve Jobs and everyone else on this planet has a right to make their own medical decisions. The current economic climate and job uncertainty is forcing many people to consider the types of legitimate work at home jobs that are available. The reality is that there have never been more opportunities to create alternative residual income streams while working at home. Not only is there information overload when it comes to legitimate work at home jobs, there is also a flurry of opinionated charlatans preying on those still uneducated in the world of making money online. With around 12 years as a strategy consultant at KPMG and EY globally as well as being a technology startups mentor for almost 20 years, I mentor businesses wanting to grow into new markets all the time. What always surprises me though is that so many of these people approach such a venture with significantly less planning or respect than it deserves. Do your homework, speak to people in the know, take some classes if you do not have the skills required. 2) If people tell you that you can make a quick significant passive income without any capital – they are lying!! I am building this side to create additional resources for people like you who are truly looking for legitimate work at home jobs and opportunities and need some guidance. Pop-punk band Call To Start have teamed up with AP to release their first-ever music video. In "Somewhere Else," singer Madison McFarland starts with a voiceover about being lost and following your dreams. Alternative transportation is what we do around here at Gas2, whether it’s fuel sipping hybrids, full blown EVs, bikes, or public transit. Newly-formed Hybrid Electric Bicycle Company is launching a grassroots marketing program and we’re looking for a Full-Time Field Demo Brand Evangelist to introduce consumers to the brand and products.
We currently seek a highly committed, self-directed person to join our Fuels team as a researcher or a senior researcher (level based on past work experience).
Derek Markham lives in southwestern New Mexico and digs bicycles, simple living, organic gardening, sustainable lifestyle design, slacklining, bouldering, and permaculture. Gas 2 is a Technorati Top 10 blog, and part of the Important Media network of blogs working to make the world a better, greener place. Regular bloggers include: Brian Dunning, Daniel Loxton, Donald Prothero, Mark Edward, Michael Shermer, and Steven Novella. The median survival is about a decade, but it depends on how soon ita€™s removed surgically. On behalf of every dreamer sitting in his or her garage who is crazy enough to try to change the world, you will be missed. Looking at facts and figures instead of conjecture, Steve BEAT the odds, apparently through some of the alternative therapies he was using. When the cancer was first detected, it was early enough he had a high survival rate with traditional surgery.
It should be perfectly possible to sympathise and lament the death of someone without having to pretend it wasn’t suicide.
The use of the praise takes the edge off what could be a condemming and cruel post, and lets the reader be able to see that the aim is not to criticise a respected man, but to show in a topical manner, the harm that can be caused by CAM. We found it early and I went to the best surgeon in the country, Dr John Cameron at Johns Hopkins hospital. It says that he did both, and that he started with the diet and after 9 months of cancer he switched to real medicine. That’s a bit harsh, especially since this article is at least respectful, and is not in any way about criticising the deceased. It’s a shame that misinformation can hurt people, only to line the pockets of liars and cheats. Maybe the liver he got was itself cancerous and it wasn’t picked up until afterwards? Although, just by doing the maths (Just from the times stated on the CNN link, the dates of Diagnosis and surgery) he waited 9 months before having surgery, after diagnosis. However such tumours are not diagnosed early unless they are functional (symptomatic due to the large amounts of hormones they produce) If the fact that he might have waited for nine months for a surgery is true than that was really an unwise step from a man such as Jobs, unless he had other compeling reasons (like already metastasised). Only thing is that they won’t know because they are constantly being pumped with morphine and the works.

By this I mean that when entering into the online legitimate work at home jobs & opportunities arena, they should treat it as if they are about to apply for a new role and new employer. These are basic concepts that people forget when it comes to anything online and fall very short when they get excited about the idea of getting into some sort of legitimate work at home jobs.
You can make money with little to no money, but it will not be overnight like some people try sell. As an industry, it’s a great place to work, and a great way to make a living while making a difference.
You’ll engage people of all ages, genders and fitness levels encouraging the fun of cycling at every stop. The Fuels team works mainly on issues around bioenergy for transport and the carbon intensity of the fossil fuel supply.
The role of the System Engineer is to assist the System design team in evaluating, designing and creating a world class low voltage architecture in the EV vehicle space. Opinions and comments published on this site may not be sanctioned by, and do not necessarily represent the views of Sustainable Enterprises Media, Inc., its owners, sponsors, affiliates, or subsidiaries. The only delay that really mattered was that Steve, it turned out, had been treating his pancreatic cancer with a special diet [UPDATE] prescribed by the alternative medicine promoter Dr. Steve caught his very early, and should have expected to survive much longer than a decade. To fantasize that he would have been cured if only he had done the surgery ignores his statistical chance for longer survival.
Besides, in the blogosphere there is already nonsense going around that Steve Jobs’ kind of cancer has a particularly low survival rate. If you can honestly compare the lies, the evil (Yes, I’m going to use the term evil to describe scum sucking snake oil salespeople), to an article intending in the kindest possible way to use the death of a well known and influential figure to help inform people of the dangers of forgoing the treatment of illness with SBM, but instead with CAM, then you are an idiot. Or maybe he did indeed wait to long before having the original cancer surgery and it then recurred.
Which means that either he was relying on CAM, some hitherto unspecified treatment, or nothing. Jobs’ pancreaticoduodenectomy allowed the tumor to spread, lowering his time of survival.
You have no right to demand that anyone submit themselves to the cold, alienated approach of aggressive medical treatment. Just search for the term legitimate work from home jobs and you will probably be flooded with opportunities promising you the earth.
Bringing our situations together, and creating a single song out of them speaks volumes about the message of the song," says drummer Kevin Donahue.
To sign up for a newsletter entirely devoted to our blog posts on alt transport jobs, simply sign up here. This individual will be the foundation of a test engineering team with a large range of test skills. This role is essential and fundamental throughout the entire development stage of the program, ensuring that the system is well designed and will operate as expected. Catch up with Derek on Twitter, RebelMouse, Google+, or at his natural parenting site, Natural Papa!
From personal experience, when my father was diagnosed with a brain tumour (GBM) he opted for radiation therapy which completely floored him, andhe died 8 months later: retrospectively, i know that he wouldnt have had treatment if he could have seen the outcome. At one year and two and three and four years all was well at five years 50+ tumors in my liver.
And then our points about the dangers of CAM-only treatment would be as unproven as CAM themselves.
And yes, he may be link baiting (Skepticism is about spreading the truth about things, in my view, and indeed many, it is about science education and critical thinking), but if looking to be noticed whilst giving a good message is a bad thing, then you must reconsider all advertism and evangelism. The role will also be critical to ensuring the low voltage system is manufacturable, you’ll be working with the manufacturing team to identify improvements and propose resolution of production issues. There is no evidence that diet has any effect on islet cell carcinoma.A As he dieted for nine months, the tumor progressed, and took him from the high end to the low end of the survival rate. Or if at least people KNEW that the CAM were useless in the treating of illness, then they would be making an informed decision, which is what medical treatment is all about, letting the patient making informed choices.
Bottom line, it was Steve Jobs choice, he was an intelligent man, and there is no use trying to second guess his motives. And unless you somehow have illegal access to his medical records, you also don’t know all of the treatment that he may or may not have had.
The individual will work with many different people and departments to define test needs and deliverables including, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, powertrain engineering, as well as outside test services. The System Design team will design, prototype and create features, functionality and behaviours using the most inspiring and effective methods.
You chose the death of a celebrity to make a self-serving point (from the perspective of your blog), and to ride the tide of interest in coverage of Jobs in the hours after his passing.
Working closely with the entire organization, you will be responsible for the execution, implementation and delivery of many of the vehicles initial functions and controls.

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